Obama’s LGBT Fundraiser and NY Marriage Equality Dominate Nightly Cable News Shows: VIDEOS

The nightly news talk shows were lit up with the issues of Obama's LGBT fundraiser and marriage equality in New York. Check out coverage on five of the major shows, below.

CENK UYGUR: Lt. Dan Choi and Brian Ellner from the Human Rights Campaign face off on Obama's accomplishments.

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson talks about the OBama LGBT fundraiser.

RACHEL MADDOW: Obama's LGBT fundraiser discussion with former New Paltz Mayor Jason West, who illegally married couples in his town in 2004.

ANDERSON COOPER: Obama's LGBT fundraiser and progress with Wolfson and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

Finally, HRC's Fred Sainz and blogger John Aravosis talk with Ron Reagan on Hardball.

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  1. Daya says

    Like Mr. Obama or not… he is our best ally in the White House in many years. Let’s put him back in the White House.
    He might not be moving the agenda along as fast as we want, whether for policital or “personal comfort” reasons. Things have “gotten better” durring his term, even if with shaky starts and fits.

    And yes, Danny is sometimes annoying… but we need both the politically connected and those who openly and actively push.

  2. sparks says

    Wow.. I had forgotten about Jason West (on Rachel Maddow’s show) but he’s just awesome!! I love how he phrases his stance on equality for gays, and especially loved what he said when Rachel asked what advice he would give to republicans voting on marriage equality.

    Hopefully Mr. West has aspirations way beyond mayor of New Paltz.

  3. RTG says

    According to Cenk, Obama “calling for a repeal of DOMA” is an “accomplishment” on behalf of GLBT people. So, I officially call for world peace. Where’s my Nobel Prize?

  4. FunMe says

    HRC = Human Rights Cowards

    You can put in that same bunch the OFAs, DLCs, DNCs and the rest of the paid trolls who come to these boards to try to put down others like Choi who are successfully fighting for GLBT equality.

    We know these trolls aren’t really truly GLBT as why fight those who are doing something for your equality?

    These trolls are actually like cockroaches that are so transparent, all you can really do is laugh AT them!

  5. chris says

    Dan Choi is the male version of Elizabeth Hasselbeck…please shut up….take a vacation already. Come back with a new attitude in September or something….enough.

  6. justme says

    Ron Reagan is my new hero for REFUSING to use the language of bigots and ONLY refer to marriage equality as marriage equality, even when quoting from another source.

    When he said there’s no such thing as gay marriage — which there, of course, isn’t — I honestly couldn’t believe it. I’d never heard anyone talking into a TV camera say that before, even though I’ve been saying it for almost 20 years.

    Thank you, Mr. Reagan, for being a voice of sanity and REFUSING to use the language of bigots. No one should let the bigots define OUR lives. We demand marriage through marriage equality — PERIOD.

  7. Q says

    We need people like Choi in the streets, and we need people like Ellner in the legislatures. We wouldn’t have accomplished everything we have in the last few years without both. Personally, I think Choi would be more effective if he had a positive message and a vision to inspire people instead of just sounding angry at Obama and others all the time. THAT is the lesson we need to learn from MLK and the civil rights movement.

  8. MichaelJ says

    I’d always admired Jason West for having the courage of his convictions when he went beyond th law to marry same-sex couples back in 2004. But I’d never heard him speak and didn’t know how intelligent and articulate his is. If only more elected officials were as smart, strong and decent as him.
    I want to get married in New Paltz, by Jason West.

  9. wtf says

    oh Fred. As someone who has known you for years I have to say: you’re a f*cking sell-out. Yes Obama has helped LGBT people. But COME ON. He is only saying what he’s saying because it’s centrist and non-confrontational. Just because you don’t want to call your own dad a bigot (which, let’s face it…) doesn’t mean that people who discriminate against us are “fair-minded americans”. what puerile vomit.

  10. Jay says

    I agree. Dan Choi is becoming very annoying. Every time I see him lately he is orating at the top of his lungs. Is he rehearsing campaign speeches for an eventual run for office political office? Can’t he just talk instead of lecturing?

    Another thing that gripes me.I keep reading the DADT has been repealed. If so, why is it still in effect?

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