1. Javier says

    OMG Seriously! LMAO… I am crying, from laughing so hard, I think I peed myself a little.

    This remarkable Salahi single is so competitive when compared to Rebecca Black’s Friday.

    I am looking forward to the plethora of parodies that this single will spawn.

    I have to give it to her though… for a real housewife of D.C. she definitely has nailed the late night 14th street walker look down brilliantly.

    This type of humor is intoxicating and refreshing… reminiscent of the Ab Fab of the 90’s.

    Thank you Salahi for such a good hard laugh I truly appreciate it.

    Kind Regards,


  2. mstrozfckslv says

    NO, I will not listen

    But I will comment on the fact I will never listen to her sing


  3. Paul R says

    I will concur with her sentiment that she’s an “animal.” Based on her outfit, I would have guessed a skank, I mean skunk, but she’s always struck me as more of a wildebeest.

    Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that such things are real. Despite its “quality,” this has to involve production, promotion, and myriad other costs. How could anyone involved in this “project” not be embarrassed? Obviously she has no shame, but does no one else? And who would think that this will be played more than once?

  4. redball says

    RAGGEDY. Plus she is 46 trying to sing a song fit for 16-year-olds: HOE SIT DOWN.


    Where is the stage presence? The dancing ability? GOOD LORD!

  5. gr8guyca says

    Because I am from Washington, I have made the Salahis a pet project of mine. Conclusion: they are totally delusional and compulsive liars. They have no income and live by scamming others. They have multiple law suits against them from almost anyone that they have ever dealt with – including lawyers and charities. Everything you saw on the show was a fake; he doesn’t run or own a winery. They don’t own a house anywhere. She was never a Redskins cheerleader.

    The White House was simply the first time that they got caught. And they almost pulled it off, except for the Washington Post society writer who knew that they had not been invited. That’s where the story started.

    As for the song, she can’t sing – and that’s the studio track you hear. She is lip-synching. So, even with studio help, she still sucks. And, once again, delusional that this could ever be a hit. As other have pointed out, the whole thing is laughable.

    A prediction: the Salahis will get sued by the songwriter, music producer, and the dancers for lack of payment. They will then blame someone else and countersue, in an effort to make it go away.

  6. Bryan says

    I could finish watching that.

    Of course I could also suck the yeast out of Michelle Bachmann’s luscious love fountain until the rancid cavity of her big spongey head collapses like the sodden balloon of pus it is, leaving me to spend the rest of my life powerfully scented with her magnificently aged Jesus Cheese.

    Let’s just say no to both, shall we?

  7. says

    When will the fascination with these talentless self-absorbed hoo-hoos end?

    There’s a reason why she’s on a “reality” show‚Äď it’s not because she’s talented, or interesting, or (god forbid) inspiring. It’s because she’s an embarrassment to the human race.

    And how dare she utter the word ‘techno’ as if she knows what techno is. FOR ABSOLUTE SHAME. How very dare her.

  8. qjersey says

    Isn’t being rich good enough? Why do they insist on being “celebrities” too?

  9. Colin says

    OMG…I am at the office and can’t stop laughing at what I just witnessed on the video. And then when I read the comments, I laughed a little bit harder. These Salahi’s are the most shameless publicity whores I’ve seen in my 30 years of living.

  10. Robert says

    Really, Towleroad. What is the point of all this? How relevant is this video to LGBT issues? People think this is great? She certainly has NO talent and can’t even sing.

  11. Stephen says

    She’s way too old to be acting like that. We’re just going to have to let her go.

  12. Johnny says

    ahhaaaaaa…lol…ahahaaaa..”like I’m so hot and like you’re so not”…ahahaa….I can’t stop laughing, you can’t make this crap up…lol