Towleroad Guide to the Tube #912

VANCOUVER RIOTS: Another jaw-dropping film. How embarrassing for Vancouver.

LOVE THY GAYBOR: Blogger Top to Bottom has some thoughts on commenters.

WILLIAM TAPLEY: Anderson Cooper takes on the 'Third Eagle of the Apocalypse' obsessed with man parts at the Denver airport, again.

YOU'RE A WHORE: Sherry Vine does J Lo (warning: language).

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  1. Derek Pearce says

    Heh, Van is supposed to be so mellow. Oops, looks like douchery can occur anywhere. The best thing I’ve heard so far though, is that one 17 year-old vandal was turned in to the police by his own parents after they recognized him smashing up a car! Good for them.

  2. Hue-Man says

    Thanks for blaming the victim. Someone “keys” all the cars for an entire block: “How embarrassing for the car owners.” I’ll hold judgment until a few hundred of these punks have been arrested, charged, and jailed.

  3. jaragon says

    The Vancouver video was a disturbing illustration on how quickly our civilized culture can turn into savagery…Love thy Gaybor makes a lot of sense.

  4. anon says

    Can toptobottom even vote yet? Drink? He needs some more brush control to stop painting so broadly.

    Andy needs to stop picking fights with apparently closeted crazies. What’s the point?

  5. tropicbill says

    That happened in Vancouver? Vancouver? I always thought of it as one of the most civilized cities I ever visited. The post about those turning out the next morning for a voluntary clean-up is more like it.

  6. chris says

    check the facts…Vancouver was over run by anarchists not hockey fans…what city has had its citizens come and volunteer to put the city back togethewr the next day??…think maybe some of these peeps came over the border from Seattle and Portland??..

  7. Jesus says

    Am I just supposed to be eternally thankful for people using their privilege to give me the equality I deserve on my own merits as a human being? You know, I thought it was going to hear something intelligent about the pervasive self-deprecation, racism, and misogyny that lurks in the comments and people get cut down for calling out, but no. No, no. You just did the same thing and effectively shut the conversation down, for some reason you don’t explicitly state but I can probably guess and totally empathize with. Leaving negative comments doesn’t negate the good things that other people do with their privilege on behalf of those who cannot create these changes, and no one is going to tell me I cannot be annoyed with the continuous sensationalizing of Adam Lambert’s sexuality in the context of his role with Fox, or how Lady Gaga relentlessly appropriates from and fetishizes people of color and the disabled. What makes these people exempt from criticism?

  8. Chris says

    There is a lot of selective video being shown internationally about what happened in Vancouver, my neighbours across the water. What isn’t being shown is the group of people who linked arms and blocked the thugs from attacking one business. They don’ don’t showthe lone woman who stood between a bunch of young thugs and a luxury car which wasn’t hers or anyone she knew. They don’t show the 15 000 volunteers who showed up unbidden the next day for cleanup. That is the real Vancouver.

  9. epic says

    Dear Rodney Wollam …stop …just stop you’re not helping, at all. We’ve got it from here if your only interest is trying to make your self feel batter for your sad, ugly little life just go we’ll cover your contribution with something of substance. someone take this bitter queen to a bar she needs to get out more and log off

  10. Acronym JIm says

    I agree with Anderson and think Third Eagle of the Apocalypse missed the boat by linking Shady Grove Drive to a place where “the sun don’t shine.”

    It’s clearly shaped like an S. You know what an S is shaped like? A serpent. You know what a serpent is shaped like?

    The devil is in the details.


  11. DN says

    In our society, it’s perfectly acceptable to stoop to any level of stupid behaviour in the name of being a sports fan. Standing mostly naked in head-to-toe body paint in February? Well it’s OK becuase he’s a *sports* fan.

    And when a team wins their championship, we’ve come to just expect their fans to go crazy. It took two seconds to google “chicago bulls riots.” Of course, people condemned it at the time, but there was always an element of society grudgingly acquiesing and saying, “hey it’s not what we prefer, but we understand.”

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