Towleroad Guide to the Tube #914

GALLAVIN: Mad about the boy.

JUJITSU DUMMY PRANK: With the easy-on-the-eyes Rener Gracie.

NYERS FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY: HRC's big compilation reel.

DYLAN RATIGAN: Washington Examiner reporter Tim Carney doesn't see anything wrong with landlords discriminating against gay people.

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  1. justme says

    Rener Gracie’s video is now my absoulte favorite Internet video OF ALL TIME. Rener Gracie 4-EVER! Seriously, that’s one hell of a guy right there.

  2. jaragon says

    I love the see a video in which Gracie and Saffaie ( the hunky guy who grabs the “dummy” from behind) do some serious grappling

  3. Leroy Laflamme says

    I know how lucky I am to live in a country where my gay marriage is legal & binding, so I hope Americans won’t always have to be putting out videos like this. Having said that, it gives me such a kick to see the terrific support coming from so many prominant heterosexuals. And OMG! I’m suddenly feeling very warm & fuzzy towards Anna Wintour!

  4. Michael in Toronto says

    The more I learn about my favourite actress, the more I’d like the world to know — what an outstanding human being Julianne Moore is.