Tracy Morgan to Apologize in Nashville Today

Following his meeting with LGBT homeless youth late last week, 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan is in Nashville, Tennessee today, where his now infamous stand-up routine in which he said he would stab his son if he were gay, took place.

Morgan The AP:

Morgan was scheduled to address reporters Tuesday morning at the Nashville Convention Center after meeting with members of the audience who were offended by his comedy routine and representatives from gay advocacy groups.

The AP also reports that Morgan is not expected to take questions. It's the next-to-last step in a series of amends Morgan promised to make following outrage over his routine. The next will be an anti-bullying PSA.


  1. Mimi says

    This Nashvillian to tell Morgan to wrap apology around knife he would use to stab son and cram said apology up ass.

  2. Jeff says

    Poor dude. He was just (very poorly and ignorantly) trying to be funny and failed miserably at it. Now he gets to do a national apology tour.

  3. jomicur says

    @Jeff: You obviously didn’t read the accounts of the performance. Morgan reportedly interrupted his lame-ass comedy shtick and went on what was described as an “angry rant” against gay people, including the notorious comment about killing his son. His tone was not that of a hapless comedian; it was the tone of a bigot, pure and simple.

    The “poor dude” will be just fine, thank you, as long as there are simpletons willing to defend him.

  4. Reader says

    Good for him. He and GLAAD turned this around from an unfortunate incident into an opportunity to get a positive message out in the mainstream media — that message matters a lot more than whatever was going on in Morgan’s head that night.

  5. says

    GLAAD is where homophobic entertainers run to for help when they’ve shown their true colors. They can be sure that GLAAD staff will always oblige and devise a way for them to cover their sorry asses. We need a new media watchdog organization!

    Tracy Morgan is a great big fraud. His refusal to take questions underscores the fact that he’s not sincere and wants to get this stage-managed contrition out of the way as soon as possible.

  6. Uffda says

    Stuffed Animal:
    Unfortunately I think you have nailed it perfectly. GLAAD is almost as culpable as Morgan.

  7. Reader says

    Stuffed Animal/UFFDA: Morgan and GLAAD got a very positive message out into the mainstream media that will be seen by tens of thousands of people. How is that not the best possible result of this situation?