1. chris says

    what is terribly sad is his mistaken position which is based in fear. People make wrong decisions when they are afraid. He cannot stop equality…no matter how much he fears gays.

  2. Paul says

    How sad. He can’t take credit for his own catch. That was no miracle. You did that. Be proud.

    The dangers of imaginary friends and miracles are far and wide.

  3. K in VA says

    Sad. It’s just so sad how biased religious groups can con not-very-bright people. And it’s also sad how NOM is exploiting his fame and ignorance.

  4. mike/ says

    can someone explain why we should listen to the rants of a former crackhead and whose first two children were born out of wedlock?

    oh, yeah! he found Jesus…

  5. cf511 says

    Perhaps he is a closeted gay or thinking of pursuing a run in Republican politics…quite possibly both. He will fit in well with those D-bags!

  6. Mike says

    Interesting – I wonder what his teammates and Team management would have to say about that. In any event, the train has left the station, it’s just a matter of time.

  7. alexInBoston says

    Keep this crap up and you may well have played in your last NFL Team let alone Super Bowl! One thing about the Gay Community is that we can exert tremendous power when forced to. Remember the Coach recently who was not allowed to be in the Next Olympics?

  8. just_a_guy says

    Sell-out hatchet man. Sold-out to hate.

    Bet his kids will be proud (well…embarrased/ashamed…if they have any sense and don’t kill themselves like he’d prefer if they are lgbt.)

    His attempted “anarchy” argument is raw stupid facsism.

    This guy talks about “love” but shows none. He seems just desparate for a Mormon-fed dime through NOM. Poor, sold-out sap.

    And not even articulate. Do what ur good at already, guy. Or at least do good, not this evil sh**.

  9. says

    So he hates gays more than he likes….anything else?

    what a loser.

    here’s what really infuriates me: almost 70% of black children born in the USA are born to single mothers, and yet rather than acknowledging and doing something about the socioeconomic circumstances that result in that saddening statistic, Tyree chooses instead to just Hate On Gays.

    the man is a embarrassment.

  10. Jonathan says

    Watching things like this is so unpleasant. It’s horrible to realize that the entire other side has the collective IQ of a table. Not a big football fan but presumably he wasn’t so good and the catch was a miracle.

    But reading people say stuff like this could make me violent. I’m in NYC and if I saw any NOM people on the street passing things out I think I might hit them. It’s all I can do not to throw things at the people who walk into the Mormon church and meeting center at Lincoln Center which is near my house.

  11. Wayne says

    If we only get what God wanted, this idiot would still be in chains and digging ditches on my plantation. Has he ever read the bible? Have any people of color? How quickly they forget!

  12. Matt26 says

    Why does he care some much about this issue, which has nothing to do with him? Gay marriage won’t make him any less man, his statements…well.

  13. Blake says

    So that means he’ll be donating all of his Superbowl prize winning (auction off the ring, the prize money, and any salary bump he got from winning) and donating it all to NOM, right? Call me when that check clears.

    What a tool…

  14. Roman Bolliger says

    Some people go as far as to kill other people to please their “God”.
    Mr Tyree may be a(n ex-) NY Giant. He definitely is a dwarf in the field of ethics and human rights.

  15. says

    This is an excellent example of the myopia of christian supremacists. They simply cannot wrap their minds around the fact that the civil and religious marriage processes are separate (albeit often simultaneous) entities. “By the power vested in me BY THE STATE OF [insert state here]…” But of course that’s not what they really mean… what they really mean is “butbutbutbut… gays are gross… they can’t marry… that would mean that they have rights that only WE are supposed to have… marriage should be between a man and a woman… and the studio audience who votes on which woman marries said man… “

  16. Tom in long beach says

    I find it ironic how he talks about personal liberties making America great.

    Wonder what NOM is paying him? And on that subject how many kids could they put through college, or how many poor families could they feed with the money they are spending trying to prevent us from having our civil rights and equal protection under the law ?

  17. jamal49 says

    What a dumb-ass. Self-righteous evangelicals talking about laying it all down to honour “their god” makes me want to retch. Your “god”, Mr. Tyree, is therefore evil and you are pathetically deluded. And deluded. And willfully ignorant. I have a special place on your anatomy where you can shove your Super Bowl ring. By the way, son, you prove an old thesis of mine: evangelicals are losers. Tell your teammates (who worked so hard and sacrificed so much as a TEAM to get to the Super Bowl) that you wish you would have dropped the ball if that meant marriage equality would not happen. I’ll bet some of them might have a few unpleasant things to tell you to your face.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    My, my. How much attention for an ex-football player who is not that educated or articulate. Your real enemy (and far more powerful) is the Archbishop of New York, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in that state. He’s far more educated than this ex-football player and far more articulate in presenting his bigotry. His statement on television the other day was elequent in its evil–very effective in energizing those opposed to marriage equality. It’s the Archbishop who may influence the “faithful” in New York to contact their state senator to stop or stall the effort for marriage equality. But the attention is on an ex-football player turned fundamentalist Christian fanatic.

    But we know why the ex-football player is getting all this attention, don’t we, WAYNE?
    Well, lookahea’,WAYNE, I’d slit open your scrawny red neck before I’d work on your f.ckin’ planatation. And what makes you think that every piece of trash could afford to own a plantation?

  19. Ian says

    In 1878, in a judgement to invalidate a marriage between a black man and white woman, the Supreme Court of Virginia said:

    “The purity of public morals, the moral and physical development of both races….require that they should be kept distinct and separate… that connections and alliances so unnatural that God and nature seem to forbid them, should be prohibited by positive law, and be subject to no evasion.”

    How quickly we forget, David Tyree.

  20. JD in MA says

    Homophobia is akin to racism, IMO. How would he like for someone to say ‘Slavery was around for millenia – so let’s bring it back!”

    That would obviously be preposterous and awful. But good to know he thinks blacks are a worthy minority, and gay people are not.

  21. Justin N in OakLawn, Dallas, T X says

    Hey, Mr. Tyree;
    I’m eating LOBSTER tomorrow whilst also wearing my cotton/polyester blend leisure suit, whilst also on my period. FedEx me your Superbowl ring, and I’ll NEVER eat another lobster, NEVER wear another leisure suite (of ANY kind!), and NEVER have another period.

  22. AllBeefPatty says


    Yet another cringe-worthy statement from the NFL.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    You are losing audience day by day.

    No one like a HATER. Even your knuckle-dragging fans.

  23. vwdavy says

    So he’ll lay down and give up everything he has to stop full equal rights for us? Here’s a thought-let’s take away his equal rights and make him live like it’s 1937.

    Oh, and be sure to loosen your belt and pants before you lie down face-down please.

  24. JJ says

    If he is so opposed to changing the legal definition of marriage, why doesn’t he advocate overturning the Loving vs. Virginia case? The arguments against allowing interracial marriage are EXACTLY the same as the crap he is promoting. Just another case of “I got mine, now I’ll deny you yours ….”

  25. Bravo says

    What these people don’t understand is that the rules of christianity only apply to other christians. They’re not supposed to force or impose their ways on others, never mind that the idea of homosexuality as a sin is based on words that translators DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF! Adding homosexuality to the bible is complete arbitrary.

  26. StudioTodd says

    So since he can’t give up his SuperBowl win, he’s decided instead to give up a potential fortune in advertisements and endorsements in order to make sure everybody knows he hates him some gays. What kind of company wants a loudmouth divisive unrepentant religious zealot as their spokesman?

    I’m sure your kids will be very appreciative and grateful that you couldn’t keep your bigotry to yourself when their college tuitions need to be paid.

  27. james Brown says

    Here we go again… another African-American male using discriminatory and hateful language against gays! And comparing a stupid sports event to the equality of an entire group of people. This man is an idiot!

  28. says

    Here we go again… another African-American male using discriminatory and hateful language against gays! And comparing a stupid sports event to the equality of an entire group of people. This man is an idiot!

    Posted by: james Brown | Jun 21, 2011 12:13:09 AM

    Well James how do you feel when some Caucasians Gays lump the entire African American race as homophobic when 1 person states their opinion. Would’nt that also be a bit prejudice of them? Would it be fair if we said all Caucasians are racist?, Of course not…..Quit the crap! HOMOPHOBIA is wrong regardless of whom spurts it!

  29. Jeff says

    The same God that centuries ago belived black people had no soul. Good to know that God changed his mind about that, but aparently one of them still hasnt got his.

  30. Brian L says

    This is very Sad! I saw him on CNN and he could speak with intelligence about why he was against this. He is not too smart and his views are based on fear

  31. Tyron says

    Gee I wonder how long it took him to decide he’d “give up” something intangible that he couldn’t possibly give up – the only thing this statement did was remind people that he’s not much more than a washed up over the hill jock living on his past victories. And isn’t he the former ex-con heroin addict with an additional alcohol problem? Wonder if those drugs and alcohol another were more of the “gifts” he got from God?

    Ironic isn’t it that guys like him are always willing to credit God for the good things that happen to them but refuse to blame God for the bad things? Basically what he’s saying is that he really can’t play football, God did it!

    And by the way Tyree, if you happen to be reading this (unlikely). While you might have won a Super Bowl you’re going to lose this equal marriage battle and 10 years from now you’ll be completely forgotten and gay people all over the USA will be happily marriage and raising their families.

  32. says

    @littlekiwi,I would love to know where you got the 70% from. The man is a complete idiot that used to be a crack head.That should be enought to discredit him, so please refrain from %’s without a source.

  33. RT says

    Racists comments made by certain people on here especially “little kiwi” are no better than the comments and opinions expressed by this EX-NFL player. How can any of you expect or demand equal rights when you clearly have no respect for people who are part of your own community? I’m sitting here reading the comments referring to African Americans as “people of color” and so on and I find it utterly disgusting. How about YOU racist motherf**ckers learn to love and accept people from ALL backgrounds and from ALL walks of life FIRST before you start expressing your opinions about what others should do. Nothing angers me more than to see a gay racist trying to sound educated, articulate and eloquent but overtly racist on one hand and then having the nerve to demand equal rights on the other. Your time is worth no more than this dumbass ex-football player.

  34. Frank says

    But, he can’t really “give up” his previous Super Bowl win to stop gay marriage, can he? I mean, unless he has some way to do some time travel it is a silly thing for him to say.

    What is Mr. Tyree actually willing to give up for “his God”? By the way, I worship the same God as Mr. Tyree, and my church is fine with gays getting married.

    According to Wikipedia (I know, not always a reliable source, but I don’t doubt this entry), Mr. Tyree and his wife, Leilah, were on their SECOND child before they bothered to get married. Doesn’t sound like he is serious in his beliefs about the sanctity of marriage to me.

  35. Scott says

    The logic here would be equal to a statement declaring I would give up all my accomplishments to put an end to African-American athletes playing in the NFL. Stupid.

  36. steve ibarra says

    Ignorance is a shamfull thing. Not supporting equality is a double standard for anyone especially people of color. Its the same fight…stop speaking for God….theres nothing right about the religious right, but everything wrong!!! GET EDUCATED PEOPLE PLEASE…

  37. GRivera says



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  39. Dan CObbb says

    This man opposes equality for gays, but Im guessing he loves equality for himself and his race. Nice! Bigots are the same whether they are racists, sexists, homophobes, religionists, etc. Using a fake piety to express his hatred of gay people is about as low as a person can go. DISGUSTING!

  40. Bad Humor Boy says

    It is convenient that such a trade isn’t possible, but that isn’t what Tyree has put at stake on this issue. It is his integrity as a human being that he has put at risk. We expect champions to be outstanding in their fields of competence. When they step outside it, that expectation follows. Tyree isn’t the first to fail in that transition, but he’s a rare exception today. Most truly are outstanding and come out championing the cause of helping it get better!

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