Watch: How ‘Anti-Sissy’ Therapy Destroyed a Man and His Family

Tonight, an AC360 special report looks at the "experimental therapy" designed to make effeminate boys more masculine, a treatment that was promoted by Dr. George Alan Rekers, the "ex-gay" proponent who was caught last year returning from a vacation in Florida with a male hustler. Rekers built a career out of this therapy, ruining lives in the process.

Kirk One of those lives was Kirk Murphy. Murphy who committed suicide at the age of 38 after years of therapy basically stole his soul.

Rekers documented his therapy using the pseudonym 'Kraig' for Kirk. Jim Burroway of the blog Box Turtle Bulletin did a major investigation on what happened to Kraig/Kirk:

"In this original BTB investigation, we speak with his family and friend who knew the real “Kraig” to uncover the truth behind Reker’s greatest success story. Their stories reveals the tragedy of a terrible experiment on a very young boy which would haunt him for the rest of his life. It is not only an indictment of a man who built his anti-gay career on Kirk’s suffering, but a rebuke to others — those in the mental health profession then and in the contemporary ex-gay movement today — who would place their careers and agendas ahead of the well-being of this young boy and countless others like him."

Watch the preview of tonight's AC360, at 10 pm EDT on CNN, AFTER THE JUMP...