1. Robert in SF says

    @nonesuch: thanks for the link….what a mess, realvideo. I was checking for VLC to see if it would stream it, when I saw your comment/link.

  2. daftpunkydavid says

    o’donnell made a very articulate point on the question of “forcing individuals” to marry same-sex couples: the state gives people the authority to marry two individuals. how can the state give that authority to someone who does not want to have that authority? it’s just not logical. the only exception is in nyc where clerks can do it for “shotgun” marriages; and as he points out, there’s always more than one person. this is the most convincing answer i’ve heard this far.

  3. nonesuch says

    It looks like that’s a link to a different govt channel. I don’t think there are any other video or audio feeds of the Assembly. Oh well.

  4. Chan says

    The NY Senate link above is nice (and the realplayer one doesn’t seem to work for me), but isn’t that the Senate, whereas we’re looking to view a debate in the

  5. Scott says

    The people speaking against the bill are all just using their personal religious beliefs to justify their vote (complete with “tolerate my intolerance” whining). It’s maddening, and I want to juddDAASjudaAHAH all over their asses!

  6. Mad says

    Too bad it’s reached capacity!! I just got home and wanted to watch the video. Oh well, glad to know so many people are interested to watch the proceedings! Those of you watching, keep up the comments :)

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