1. Bryan says

    Cute, bouncy adolescent hormone track. Robyn’s fun. But the dancing? A clumsy assemblage of clichĂ©s executed with such excruciating, energy-free self consciousness that you just want to pull the plug on the cameras, give her a big hug, take her out for a round of drinks, and try again, maybe someday, maybe never. (And – most of all- burn the damned shoes.)

    God, what the industry does to these kids… It’s like they’ve literally sucked the blood out of her, leaving behind a staggering, desperate, anemic husk incapable of feeling much of anything but tired.

  2. Paul R says

    I can’t believe it was done in a single shot given all the lights and such. I thought the song and the dancing were cute.

    Those pants, on the other hand, need to be burned.

  3. starquisha says

    That top!!! Belongs next to the tub, on the floor, w/ the matching seat cover in my auntie’s throne room w/ the shellshaped soaps wrapped in a cellophane shade VERY close to the color of that thing that she seems to have put on backwards…Nonetheless this is sheer pop genius, from beginning to end, yet all we hear is radio ga ga, radio goo goo. Robyn I Love You.

  4. Allan says

    Ahhhh shaddap y’all!! This is pure pop perfection and an amazing dance video!! It’s all Robyn – right down to the pants and shoes!! Her signature is very rosie perez circa Do The Right Thing 😀

  5. Dylancat says

    Bryan, if you knew anthing about Robyn you would know that she is anything but the washed out puppet you describe… Sure everyone has to please the bosses, but Robyn’s artisitc direction is always self-driven and conceived with her team. Yes herdancing is quirky and cute, but it’s a million times more expressie than the tired old ‘dead-eyed stripper’ routine that we get every five minutes from the likes of Britney, Rihanna and other artisits who only offer their flesh in an attempt to express themselves… I know who I’d rather my daughter aspire to be….

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