1. Bobeau says

    the Glee stars move on to new projects and new comedy-musical talent gets a turn. What’s the problem?

    Colfer’s written a movie, shooting now, has a deal for two kids books and has written a TV pilot to be produced by Disney. Love Kurt, but it would be a tiresome waste for Colfer to spend six years in high school.

  2. justme says

    Has there ever been a show that’s gotten rid of three of their popular stars at once — including one that’s gotten an Emmy nomination for every season he’s been on the show?

    I’m no expert, but that doesn’t sound like a good idea. If Glee tanks in Season 4, it won’t be a big mystery as to why.

  3. sal says

    anderson cooper works for cnn…that joke of a news station,america creeps me out now thanks to stations like cnn that insist on putting that trial with that Miami lady like its the biggest thing happening,cnn is just sick…and anderson cooper is the bitchy queen that plays for cheap laughter,real journalist there huh

  4. The Iron Orchard says

    I think someone should come up with something titled, The Ridickolicious List, and put Andy on it every day. The man is a total turd.

  5. Mikey says

    Haha, well, ol’ Anderson’s got a point. But I fully support any plans that result in Lea Michelle leaving the show.

  6. Rowan says

    As usual the brains have left the room.

    Here’s another thought fella’s.

    This show has MADE these nobodies into stars,so much now that they think they are BIGGER then the show. So this means like every other show-look at history this isn’t ground breaking-that THEY wanted more MULLAH to stay in the show. More this,more that, more $$$$$

    Your beloved Chris is with Ari Emmanuel’s agency-William Morris Endeavour-and those guys don’t f*ck around because they get 20% from every deal they make with their client.

    Colfer’s publicist has made sure he has been everywhere from Pier Morgan shows, getting another Emmy nomination to being a TIME nominee.

    Do you know how much this would bring up his rate of pay?

    Come on ladies. Think! It’s Show-BUSINESS!

  7. Craig says

    Anderson actually missed the most ridiculist part of this whole thing: the fact that Ryan Murphy apparently didn’t even talk to Lea, Chris or Cory about this — they seem to have found out that they were “graduating” out of the show through the media, the same way as the rest of us.

    Whether you like “Glee” or not, you have to admit that’s not very good showrunning.

  8. Charlie says

    This is probably a good way to keep show costs down. If you graduate your highest paid stars you can keep salary demands in check. The airwaves are dominated by trashy reality shows because they are cheap to make. And keeping production costs down means the show can last longer. But why aren’t they all leaving? Are some of them being held back because they are too dumb to go on to the next grade?

    My favorite sub-theme of the show was Kurt’s relationship with his dad. I guess that he is gone now.