1. HadenoughBS says

    And the LGBT community is supposed to look to the younger generation to more fully support our equal rights fights? If so, I hope this bunch is in the minority.

  2. Chris says

    I don’t know what is more revolting, this guy or the concept of “reality” television. If people would not watch this drivel then people like this loser would not be heard.

  3. JimmyD says

    So… he did this before… and the producers brought him back? Gee… I wonder why.
    “Let’s bring back Jeff. He’s controversial.”
    At least everyone knows he’s a hateful creature.

  4. Ricco says

    I’ll admit it . . .a guilty pleasure, drivel, just as Chris says. But if it only was drivel.

    That homophobic rant is a lot more than drivel! I never heard this before, about Jeff. And there is no way in hell I will indulge the guilty pleasure of Big Brother with that a**hole on the set.

    It really pisses me off that he did this before and CBS brought him back. I e-mailed CBS with my anger over that decision. I hope this comes to the attention of GLAAD, and I hope people will boycott CBS.

  5. Paul says

    Just like baseball’s disciplining their players for homophobic remarks, it’s time for CBS to make an example of the asshat Jeff. Boot him off the show. He’s a cocky, SOB anyway and it would be no great loss.

  6. Francis says

    Jeff Schroeder isn’t apart of the “younger community.” He’s 33, from a small Illinois town and he’s a self-professed Christian.

    Let’s be honest with what he is insinuating. He’s saying gay people are pedophiles. I’m disappointed no-one stepped in and said something to defend Kalia, but am I surprised? No, because obviously, it’s an uncomfortable position to be in, so I don’t necessarily blame them for just saying nothing.

    Jeff is a homophobe, but the worst part is that he’s a fan favorite of the show. His homophobia needs to be highlighted so people can see the true Jeff Schroeder.

  7. duane says

    Jeff is more than just a reality show contestant. He’s a CBS employee. Last year CBS hired him to host a web series that ran as a tie-in for last season’s Big Brother. They also put him on The Amazing Race. If CBS covers for him again like they did the last time I’m just going to assume CBS doesn’t have a problem with this kind of bigotry.

  8. Russell says

    The pain of the learning process is one thing: if characters would argue with each other and move toward tolerance, great. But this guy is a thug who advances the notion that gay=pedophile. The boot seems a mild remedy.

  9. StudioTodd says

    That’s the thing though–you never see this side of him on the actual show. When he appeared in a previous season, he and his tv-girlfriend were selectively edited to come across as all-american apple-pie sweetheart underdogs who fought for each other against all odds (ugh).

    His “controversial” remarks were never aired and never discussed. I am willing to bet that this conversation will never make it on-air either.

  10. says

    I’m a fan of the show. Kalia’s stock just rose in my mind and Jeff’s just plumeted. I’ve seen and been a part of these conversations where two people go at it and everyone else just sits uncomfortably by, all the while squirming and avoiding eye contact. Waiting for an oportunity to change the topic. I never know what to conclude from that. I get that people don’t like conflict and that’s a big part of it. I’m talking about what their silence means as far as where they stand on the issue.

    I want to believe that it means they mostly agree with Kalia but are two cowardly to speak up, as is often the case when ignorance raises its ugly head. I’m guessing if any of them had agreed with Jeff, they would have been more than willing to jump in and share their opinion. I’m guessing Jeff may have sensed he was on the wrong side by how quickly he resorted to profanity in his defense, and it was he who backed down allowing for that opening the rest were looking for to change the subject.

    Anyway, that’s what I think. :)

  11. MammaBear says

    This seems to be the kind of “drama” that attracts people to Big Brother, no?

    Hard to draw the line then, like trying to discipline hockey players only if someone’s neck gets broken rather than a run of the mill concussion.

    The flaw is in the show – not that it excuses this idiot.

  12. Kevin says

    I agree with MYTWOCENTS and STUDIOTODD. This is part of the live feed and I doubt it will be on the final show because the producers don’t step in to editorialize

  13. Michael says

    Idiots brought this bigot back no surprise…anything for RATINGS .What inspires me is how Talia stood up and said something what pissed me off was how that cocky jerk shut her down and acted like a pathetic little 2 year with his fingers in his ears going nah nah im not listening nah nah nah.Pathetic.Even more pathetic how some in the bg actually laughed or acted as if they did not care .

  14. TJ says

    Reality shows are dramas without context or purpose. They are a twisted view of the human condition without insight or commentary. Give me a show like “Six Feet Under” any day. Please, I beg of you.

  15. Francis says

    What really took me aback a little was just how hostile his tone was and his eyes, you could literally see the pure hatred in his eyes and demeanor. It sort of makes you just wonder exactly how and why people like him become that way.

  16. Nat says

    “it isn’t right to have it in a little kids book, and have the head master locked away in this magical land, be gay. That isn’t the right kind of writing to do.”

    That is one of the strangest construction of statements I’ve ever heard someone utter about fiction.

    And yes, in an ideal world, more people would call out reprehensible statements where they see them. But most people wouldn’t, even if they vehemently disagreed with someone. Not out of any notion of politeness, but simply because of risk avoidance.

  17. justme says

    I know a completely decent, reasonably intelligent person who is a fan for this show the way other people are fans of oxygen.

    If I didn’t know this one person, I would say it was utterly impossible for a completely decent, reasonably intelligent person to ever sit through one episode of this show, let alone be a fan of it.

    I still do not understand how this is possible, though.

  18. Nat says

    “I know a completely decent, reasonably intelligent person who is a fan for this show the way other people are fans of oxygen.”

    I greatly enjoyed earlier seasons of the show; there was greater diversity in age and intelligence. The show had elements of strategy worth tuning into, I think.

    Following the writer’s strike though, I tuned out because the contestants became dumber, the plot manipulations more absurd, and strategy was replaced by petty sex appeal.

    But even now, it doesn’t surprise me that anyone – no matter how intelligent – could find the show interesting to watch. Trashy TV can be a lot of fun, and it can help you decouple from the seriousness in your life.

  19. Bryan says

    Even here at Glenn’s Homophobia Newsletter, where anti-gay loons get 80% of the coverage, celebrities another 10%, and weird fun stuff, save the whales, and actual, positive content about LGBTQ people split the remaining 10%, this has to be some sort of all time all time low.

    We now care about what the bacterial specimens on reality TV think of us, and transcribe their every inanity in misspelled all caps? Egaads… This presumably ends with someone shoving a mic into the face of a paranoid schizophrenic with Tourette syndrome living in a bus stop, demanding “What is your opinion of same sex relationships?”

    We’ll let nothing distract us from how tragically wronged we are.

  20. Hollywood, CA says

    Calling people on their S&it is ALWAYS upsetting to the person who’s being called on their hatred, homophobia, and narrow mindedness. This guy is DISGUSTING.

  21. AJ says

    I am an on and off fan of the show. The reason that no one stood up and defended either of them is because they are smart. This is week ONE. If you want to stick around, you don’t get in shouting matches this early. No matter WHAT the reason. Don’t be disturbed by their inaction. This isn’t “What Would You Do?” this is “Big Brother” and it’s all about strategy.

    And there have been far worse things said on this show. In fact, the worst thing I have ever heard was from a GAY GUY. Pretty sure it was the season that aired in the winter because of the writer’s strike. He said something to a contestant whose father had killed himself “NO WONDER YOUR DAD HUNG HIMSELF!!” That was the end of that season for me. Never watched one minute more.

  22. Ricco says

    The reason some of the others did not get involved with this conversation, choosing to remain silent, is that they are always aware that they are playing a game for 500,000 dollars.

    If you put yourself out there too much, are too argumentative, allow yourself to be drawn into an argument then you risk getting unwanted attention that will bite you in the a** later.

    The only time people get drawn into these debates is because they get pissed, and because it affects them directly. I don’t imagine that anyone felt so deeply invested in the topic to take that risk.

    But here is the reason that Jeff and Jordan were fan favorites . . . and really had more to do with Jordan than Jeff.

    You get a pretty girl and a good looking guy in the BB house and they will soon be making out and humping beneath some blanket, talking about how much in love they are, acting like they dated that person for several years.

    But Jordan was the exception. She is a little what people might call a “dumb blonde,” but she proved that she was smarter that all the previous female BB contestants.

    She would not even allow Jeff kiss her, let alone making a fool of herself and humiliating her family by being played on national TV.

    It is because of that that Jeff looks good. Had Jordan been like all the women that came before her than Jeff would have looked as stupid as every other male contestant that had their BB summer romance.

    But all that aside. This is not a show that can be compared to “Six Feet Under;” but there is nothing currently on television that can be compared to “Six Feet Under.”

    You are talking apples and radishes. You can only really compare a reality show . . . and I use the term reality lightly . . . with another reality show.

    But just looking BB on its own merits, it can make for entertainment. I can’t explain it about myself. I LOVE “Six Feet Under,” am a prolific reader, and a less-than-prolific writer, and quite picky and critical when it comes to what I watch.

    I find most sitcoms formulaic and difficult to stomach, yet I have enjoyed watching BB and the idiots people make of themselves for a little cash . . . and I also like watching “Wipeout.”

    I know, it is embarrassing, but I detest that CBS would give this guy another chance after his first rant.

    Time to boycott CBS

  23. AJ says

    If you check out the Wikipedia page there are plenty of controversies like this. This is nothing new for BB There have been racist and sexist rants as well as homophobic ones that they choose to edit out. And the gay guy who said the thing about the girl’s father who died was on Big Brother 9 and his name was Joshuah. The girl was Chelsia.

  24. MKE says

    Ok I’m done. I’ve been watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime(which is not as perverted as it sounds, they just have stupid conversations) and I’ve been watching the shows. I’m all done, that’s my opinion.

  25. candideinnc says

    Formula for successful (cheap and tawdry) television series: concoct controversy. Don’t give it attention. It doesn’t deserve the hype.

  26. Ron says

    It would be so much simpler if the guy was spouting off against Jews or denying the holocaust happened on this “hip” reality show. Then they could unceremoniously fire him from the show. But gays are always fair game.

  27. BA says

    This is sad for me because I am a big Big Brother fan and have always liked Jeff and Jordan. I had no idea he had done this before and am glad I am hearing about it. No longer a fan.

    As for knocking on people who watch reality TV, stuff it. If you don’t like it, good for you. I don’t need your input on what I should or should not find entertaining.

    That said, there is no reason to keep him off the show. This is exactly the interaction Big Brother is all about. The only criticism I have of CBS is their failure to actually show it to everyone so maybe someone could learn a little from people like Kahlia (who I believe is partnered with Lawon, who seems like he might be a gay).

  28. says

    I tried out for this season of Big Brother. Needless to say, I didn’t make it, and frankly, I don’t know if I would have lasted long on the show. The only people that benefit from being on this show, IMHO, are the pretty white boys and pretty white girls.

  29. alexInBoston says

    Interesting in last weeks episode the “preview” for the next show (this eve’s) speaks about the “Sudden” and “Unexpected” departure of one of the contestants!! I wonder if CBS has in fact “let him depart”!!??? Let’s hope so!

  30. TJ says

    RICCO – Of course, “Six Feet Under” and “reality shows” are different. That was my point. Both have drama, but one of these is better that the other at helping us learn about ourselves and the human condition. It’s why going to see a play about, say, the breakdown of interpersonal relationships, is a qualitatively different experience than watching Judge Judy. Sadly, we get more reality/game shows these days and fewer dramas. They may not be as expensive as traditional TV dramas to produce but then, you get what you pay for.

  31. daws says

    I stopped watching BB a long time ago because of crap like this. I enjoy reality tv but when it starts to piss me off/offend me and get my blood boiling, it stops being entertainment. It’s also messed up that they’d bring him back for another season. Would they bring an outspoken racist back? Maybe they have, I don’t know. This crap just pisses me off.

  32. says

    WOW…A black woman going at white homophobe??? Who’da thunk? And the vicious culture race comments against Jeff will NOT begin in 5..4..3..2..1.

    Nice Kalia! and Thanks!

    Maybe folks now see that homophobia is shared by all races and cultures and maybe if some in our community would realize that it would make the fight against homophobia so much a better fight!

  33. D says

    Jeff did not unleash a homophobic rant. Let’s be real people. He gave his opinion. Since when are we not allowed to voice our opinions? Jeff is not homophobic. I have relatives who are gay and my best friend is gay and he was not offended by it. Can’t people have their own opinions without be calling homophobic or racist in this world.
    I can bet more than half of the people carrying on about it have said something in their life that could be considered homophobic or racist but that does not mean you are homophobic or racist!

    People have to stop making an issue out of everything someone says. If you don’t like what he said that is your right but it’s ridiculous to call him homophobic.

  34. Carla says

    I have watched Jeff since Day 1 of his being on television and even on every episode of the web series. While he did make a comment the first night he was on BB I did not like and I made an “assumption” aboout him as a person…I soon realized by day 2 that he spoke without thinking. Now I might offend some people but I am just going off of what I have witnessed. People from different parts of the world are more expressive in there conversations, use different words, and almost have there own language… for example east coast people vs. west coast people. I live on the west coast and met a girl from Chicago and the way she spoke was so different and almost harsh to me, I realized that this is the way it was and had been her whole life growing up. While I am not saying that I agree or think that Jeff’s comment was right, I think that he has been conditioned on SOME level to think that, as do I think A LOT of straight men. I have also seen Jeff numerous times on the 24/7 live feeds grinding up against Lawon for example (this season) a gay black male during games they play..and I am talking full frontal on Jeff’s part. This to me does not show the actions of a true homophobe.
    I also would like to point out that a lot of the comments are coming from people who know NOTHING about Jeff or who he is as a person. You are doing exactly what you feel he is doing to you..which is judging you..FOR WHATEVER REASON. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I do not believe for a second that Jeff would hate on gay people…but I do believe that as a man to some degree he might be uncomfortable with the situation, BUT as someone asked: Yes there is at least 1 or more gay people on each and every season of BB and Jeff has never attacked or done anything to them. The most he is guilty of is making a not nice comment. To which again I believe is just part of his upbringing, or people that he was influenced by.
    And YES I AM GOING HERE. Before any of you make the comment. I knew for years that one of my nephews was gay, but was scared to death to come out of the closet. My husband and I had taken in 2 of his younger sisters, and we all “knew” but no one said anything. One day I finally decided that I was going to give him the push that I thought he needed…or the acceptance that I thought he wanted. I told him that no matter what I would always love him, and that if there was EVER anything he needed to tell me that he could and I wouldnt judge him. It took a few days of proding, but he met me for dinner….and he finally was comfortable enough to let it out. He also told me it was o.k. to tell his sisters…at least the 2 who lived with us. His brothers he was not ready to tell..but when he finally did they were distant.
    Just this last month 2 of his brothers got married. One of his brothers ALLOWED him to be a groomsman in his wedding and invite his domestic partner, however our other gay friends were NOT invited. This 1 brother said that he believed GOD would still save him. Excuse me I just threw up in my mouth a little. The other brother only had 1 brother and 1 cousin in his wedding and accepts his brother, but makes comments all the time about flipping the channel when Ellen is on etc. The bottom line there is: They are family and they love each other, but they dont truly accept him, and that breaks my heart. So please dont try and say that I am anti-gay…it is funny because their oldest sister is bi and with a woman for 4 years, but now with a man and just had a baby…they dont have a problem with that. Just that there brother is gay.
    I dont know. Society has conditioned people for years to think that it isnt right, and people will think what they want, but honestly people. Judging Jeff over a COUPLE of comments rather than his actions, or who he is as a person…or the fact that you dont even know a thing about him. You are no better so why should we empathize.
    If he was a true gay basher I would jump on board, but I think you have him all wrong. Maybe there is no black or white. Why don’t you ask the gay men and women who were actually stuck in this house 24/7 with him what they think of him?

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