1. Francis says

    Colorado Springs=Homophobic cesspool.

    Expect hate crimes to continue to increase as homophobes like Bach are getting increasingly emboldened and more defiant as gay acceptance and visibility has increased. This is what we’re up against, people. More than ever, this is the time to stand strong and come together as a community.

  2. Jonathan says

    Colorado Springs is a cesspool of rotten “Christians”. They use their bible to justify hatred, preach against us in their pulpits and would prefer to ignore us to death. This is yet another example.

  3. jakeinlove says

    Excuse me while I put on my shocked face. It is Colorado Springs after all. Home base for Focus on the Family.
    So glad I don’t live there anymore.

  4. The Milkman says

    While I agree that there appears to be a wont of sympathy between Bach and his GLBT constituents, I don’t quite understand how some toothless resolution condemning a terrible attack would have a measurable impact on the problem. Does the city council have a history of producing similar resolutions for other issues? If so, then the prejudicial treatment is pretty clear. If not, then one wonders how puffed up we need to get about this particular issue. What seem to be more important here are the efforts by the police and prosecutors to find the people involved and prosecute them appropriately. As long as the mayor and city council use their influence to facilitate that, then I think I’d probably not worry too much about the resolution.

    That said, I agree wholeheartedly that Colorado Springs is the very vortex of christian supremacist activity. One wonders what will happen to that community as the influence of right-wing religious bigotry continues to wane among the younger generations.

  5. RONTEX says

    @ Francis, I agree that just as Sally Kern has said, these bigots just want to bully us back into the closet. F*ck you if bigots if your uncomfortable, we’re not going anywhere.

  6. T says

    I live in Colorado Springs. You tend to get used to the crazy people here, because, unfortunately it’s over populated by them. I am not in any way surprised by any of this.

  7. Wayne says

    Why is a resolution needed here? Are you fighting for equality or special rights? Does the council make resolutions against every other crime? There’s no doubt that Colorado has issues in the equality realm, but I don’t see how this is one of them. Choose your battles wisely.

  8. petrof says

    Make no mistake, every time a politician makes an anti-gay pronouncement or action, there are repercussions ten-fold in acts of violence carried out by their “silent partners” in the street.

  9. Harry Stewart says

    Welcome to Colorado Springs, the hate capital of Colorado. Why not plan your next vacation here and witness violence, bigotry, and hate crimes.

  10. Bill Perdue says

    Widespread bigotry in Colorado Springs has lots of sources, not just christians.

    It’s also home of several major military bases including the USAF Academy, home of anti-GLBT and anti-Semitic proselytizing by far right christer officers and teachers. NORAD is nearby and so is Ft. Carson, named for Kit Carson who was directly, according to Virginia Hopkins “directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Indians”.

    Whether it’s in Iraq, Colorado or Afghanistan the combination of the US military and militant christers always produces the same outcome – violence and murder.

  11. Dave says

    The “executive director” of the Gay community center (two tattered books and a mouse eaten couch) is trying to make a name for himself with this cheap ploy to trap mayor and council in a no-win proclamation pissing match. He couldn’t get the new mayor (who beat out a gay friendly candidate) to swing at the gay pride proclamation so he threw the recent gay bashing attack into the mix. While this place is certainly a backward berg, you can’t fault the local pols for not swinging at this one.

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