1. Jeff says

    Choi’s 15 minutes are UP! Nobody likes how complicated the issue was to move forward but the reality is, it has moved forward and the law’s been changed. It makes no sense to now cast stones. Where were all of Choi’s Republican friends 3 years ago? This guy is just an angry individual who enjoys being victimized. He’ll never be happy.

  2. Jon says

    Dan Choi is clearly starting to lose it. What more does he want? DADT is over. It seems to me that he does not want to give up the limelight.

  3. say what says

    like nobody knew choi was always a republican

    it was obvious way back

    His 15 minutes can sink with the tea party

  4. says

    Choi has had a very obvious “snap” of sorts in the last two years. I understand the pressure he’s been under, the personal duress….but it’s becoming harder and harder to stand by him when his comments are now reflection emotional opinions rather than factual realities and logical arguments.

    I’ve championed him for years, but his anti-Obama stance is getting more and more baseless.

    I hope he finds some peace, I want him to be better.

  5. says

    i don’t know whether to blame his “snap” on the pressures of his military life, the spotlight, being gay, being used as a political pawn, using himself as a political pawn, or the fact that he’s a born-again Christian.

    either way, i defended Choi for years. Now he just keeps making it harder for me to do that, and I really want to.

  6. J.P. says

    It still amazes me that so many people continue to criticize Obama for not doing enough when in reality, he has advanced gay rights enormously in only a short 2.5 year period.

  7. Bob R says

    I don’t really agree with Dan Choi, but I can understand where he’s coming from. A lot of his wounds are self inflicted, but I can share much of his disappointment with Obama and the entire way DADT repeal was handled.

    As for searching for a Republican to support? I’m much older than Dan and I have watched the deterioration of the GOP into an organized mob of right wing ideologues and lunatics. Myself, an old school FDR “New Deal” Democrat see no Republicans I could support, and that includes our current, last moderate Republican, Obama.

    So, Dan, if I had your youth and knowing what I know now, I would recommend you find a new home in western Europe or Scandinavia. There are many more progressive countries than the US, and the way things are going, our slide into a theo-fascist state may be our future fate.

  8. octobercountry says

    I’m sorry, but given the current political climate, any gay person who is looking for a Republican to support is an idiot. It’s been overwhelmingly apparent, over the past few years, that the Republican party has officially and consistently been resoundingly anti-gay on every level and in every conceivable way. And I don’t see that changing any time soon.

  9. say what says

    Little kiwi

    I had to check on your saying he is a born-again christian and you are right


    asian american christians overwhelmingly conservative

    Can anyone say he is overcompensating for his family’s hate of his gayness and he most likely will have a nervous break down eventually and or a suicide attempt if he hasn’t already. if people have forgotten he has already been hospitalized at least once for a nervous break down

  10. Mike8787 says

    At this point, Dan Choi is not longer the voice of anyone but Dan Choi himself. The absurdity or what his says, the outbursts he makes, and the logic he fails to employ have removed all credibility from his commentary.

    Honestly, any gay who suggest we vote Republican loses his clout almost immediately. To suggest we ally and support a party that has consistently ignored or intentionally limited our rights because Democrats are moving “too slowly” is the epitome of clueless.

  11. Pete n SFO says

    It’s always difficult to compromise your core principles in any way… but as we see here, using only 1 litmus test issue, precludes consideration of any kind of balance.

    Surely, there is an in-between step from Obama to voting Republican?

    It’s a very angry world when a person can see only in black & white.

    Media seeks the most provocative position, always. Choi understands this but has lost sight of the fact that he alone is not the issue.

  12. says

    I’m really beginning to dislike this guy.

    Does he really think voting for a Republican is the answer? REALLY?

    Dan, come down off your sanctimonious high horse and think this out rationally.

  13. AdamA says

    Look, I’ve voted for a Republican or two in the past. I voted for Arlen Specter in 2006, and I voted for a Republican in a Pittsburgh mayoral race once, because I hate Luke Ravenstahl THAT MUCH.

    But anybody who can look at today’s Republican Party–who are basically a bunch of anarchists holding the country’s economy hostage, stripping essential programs of their funding before they even consider raising a single tax or shrinking the Defense budget–and say that they’ll give them the keys to the White House is CRAZY.

    Does Choi think Romney or Perry or Pawlenty or, for goodness sake, BACHMANN is going to be some kind of way forward for the gay community–or for any American who isn’t filthy rich?

  14. Rowan says

    Attention junkie!

    The fact some people are STILL complaining after Obama when EVERY GOP candidate has gone on record to say how much they despise you, is frankly insane.

    Bob R

    Dan wouldn’t last one MINUTE in Europe. We are reasonable and deal with reasonable people instead of histrionics.

    Do you think all the gay fights in the UK-where I am based-was passed because of mentalists like Dan? Or people who kept on bitching about Tony Blair? NO. We had a strategy, we lobbied, used our brain cells and slowly but surely advanced rights in the country but this was NEVER gonna happen without a left wing government for two terms.

    Funny thing is, there a lot gay right wingers in the UK but you won’t see em vote for the right! They know which side their bread is buttered!

    Now that the Tories are in, common sense again prevailed in the country where we knew we could NOT have a pure right wing government so we voted for a coalition with the liberals.

    Dan has no place in Europe. He is American to the bone. In fact,even mainland Europe could not take his attention seeking ways.

  15. Danny says

    Oh dear. Poor Dan. I’ve always liked him but I’m afraid he’s going off the deep end. Maybe PTSD is in the soup. He’s definitely getting more and more “out there.” I’m sorry for it.

  16. djork says

    Again, where was this strident twit’s righteous anger during the EIGHT F*CKING YEARS of Bush/Cheney? He’s born-again? That says it all. Self-hatred is not pretty.

  17. Bart says

    Mr. Choi…good luck finding a Republican as sympathetic to you as Obama. And I hope like hell you never want to marry someone you love and expect to get federal rights. Let’s see how any Republicans will work for your benefit there.

    I understand Choi but it’s time he stop thinking these issues are about him and glance at the bigger picture. We all (well maybe not all but many of us…) have issues with Obama. And yes, he’s made mistakes. But the comparison to any Republican candidate is patently absurd and out-and-out stupid. They Republican Presidental candidates are a slate of the regressive, the ignorant, the bigotted, and the embarrassing.

    Mr. Choi, you may not be happy but you’re being ridiculous. Figuratively, I think you’ll swiftly find out what it’s like to be a man without a country.

  18. macmantoo says

    I’m sure Sarah Palin or Buchann would be more his style. While it took Obama 3 years to repeal DADT, he got it done. And now he’s working on DOMA.

    Fighting the Right Wingers on these subjects is not the easiest thing in the world and with an election coming up we do NOT want the right wingers taking control and undoing what Obama has done.

  19. Vince says

    While I certainly don’t agree with Dan Choi’s idea of supporting a Republican for President, I can fully understand his disenchantment with Obama. Many of us on this blog have shared that same disenchantment. While DADT seems to be finally ending in September (God knows what glitches there might be), many forget that it practically took dragging Obama, kicking and screaming, to get to this point. It has been a disappointing and frustrating 2.5 years waiting for the “fierce advocate” to do the right thing. He virtually took the joy out of what should have been a scintillating victory. And we should not forget that.

    I don’t know Dan Choi’s background, whether he’s born again, conservative, Republican or whatever. But I do know, in the matter of DADT, he’s been the true “fierce advocate.”

  20. ohplease says

    I’m no fan of Barack Obama, either, nor do I intend to vote for him or any candidate for any office that will not acknowledge that I am their equal, but it amazes me how much I can agree with Dan Choi and yet intensely dislike him at the same time.

    Though I think he is just fundamentally un-likeable, it’s also been clear for some time that he is in some way or ways mentally and/or emotionally ill. At this point, it’s simply abuse of a disabled person to put him in front of a camera, and I mean that in all sincerity.

  21. erick says

    hmmm who in the republican party can he support… oh yeah Michelle Bachmann. Good luck with that…

  22. Jay says

    Sounds vindictive and vengeful to me.

    I hope he finds a Republican who will listen to him as much as President Obama has, even if the result he was hoping for didn’t happen the way he wanted.

  23. Mykelb says

    Sorry Dan. When the Texas Republican platform explicity wants to re-criminalize by sexual identity and orientation, they can all suck whale farts.

  24. Derek Pearce says

    Most drama queens are never satisfied, they always crave more drama. Sister Choi here needs to get over herself. And I never talk/write in this manner, but it applies to her!

  25. Married in MA says

    OhPlease – Sit home and not vote at all? Oh, that should work well for us. It’s simply a shame that McCain/Palin lost. Just think where we might be today!

  26. SteveC says

    If the Obama administration is STILL trying to get Choi to pay for his own DADT discharge then I regard Obama’s behaviour as monstrous, vicious and cruel. Why on EARTH would Choi support Obama, when Obama behaves in such a disgusting, shameful, vengeful way?

  27. Christopher says

    Baby needs his blankey. Choi went on national television and announced he was gay. DADT–as wrong as it is–was military policy at the time. His discharge was inevitable. As is his second discharge if he returns to active duty. This man’s incapable of following policy.

  28. Asher says

    Our community needs leaders, role models, and heros. Dan Choi is none of these. As soon as we stop paying attention to him, he will disappear.

  29. jjasonham says


    Please reference how, exactly, Obama was dragged kicking and screaming to get to this point. This is a false perception of what has actually happened, and I view that perspective as out of whack as Choi’s. He didn’t just magically decide to repeal last year because he’s been getting pressure! Any vote that has passed in congress has had tons of work behind the scenes before we even see it break the light of day. This is why your argument that Obama was unwilling to do anything doesn’t make any sense. I understand frustration as well, but disappointment comes from YOUR perception, not necessarily what is actually happening. I’m not disappointed in the slightest. I wanted it to happen faster, but I also know that in the 235 year history of this country, this is the fastest and only action ever taken by a president in favor of gay rights, ever. EVER.

  30. Jonathan says

    Dan Choi has never been in this for anybody but himself. Last summer I spoke to Mike Almy of the Servicemen’s Defense League (he was the one who escorted Gaga at the MTV award) and he told me that they HATE Dan Choi, that he gets in the way of everything they’re trying to do because he’s a media wh*re. They were relieved when he was hospitalized because then his public image suffered and nobody took him seriously anymore.

  31. anon says

    Obama could pardon Dan and the others arrested for chaining themselves to the White House fence. Otherwise, DADT will be a non-issue by Nov 2012.

  32. dms says

    This guy is making a career out of media attention.

    Obama is repealing don’t ask don’t tell. Is the process messy? yes. Have there been compromises? Sure. But at the end of the day, dadt is repealed.

    And the idiot thinks a republican is going to help him? Why not look for a nazi to hold a seder. Sheesh.

  33. JoshG says

    Dan is patently mentally ill.

    He needs help and those who encouraged him in his quest for poster boy status have a moral obligation to help him.

    He is going over the edge.

    Cut him off from paid speaking engagements. Stop giving him the bully pulpit (I see him more on Towleroad than anywhere else).

  34. Mr. Magoo says

    Didn’t they just REPEAL DADT? Didn’t OBAMA just push it through? What the heck is this dude’s damage? EPIC FAIL

  35. NY2.0 says

    I always knew Dan Choi was a Republican. His irrational attacks on Obama during the legislative vote to repeal DADT while completely ignoring the overwhelming bigotry from the GOP spoke volumes.

    Dan Choi refused to criticize any GOP senator, the main reason for the delay in passage of a repeal bill.

    Now that DADT is history (only because Obama is president) Choi still has to find a microphone to whine and moan about the process to extend his 15 minutes. The guy is deluded!

  36. Mike says

    Dan Choi is so 6 months ago. I used to have so much respect for this guy, but now he is just getting on my nerves. He comes off as thinking he’s smarter than everyone else. Obama has been the most supportive politician Gqay America has ever had. Get over it already! We now need full equality in every corner of this country, not just the progressive states!

  37. Gary says

    Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson are the only two Republican candidates who seem to me to have the gravitas and intelligence to be presidential material. How they stand on LGBT rights I don’t know because I would never consider voting Repug. Point being these two are polling low and their competition is an amazing crew of grifters and tin-hatters.
    Some people can’t get past their upbringing–never deal with the cognitive dissonance thingie. I think that’s Choi–Fundamentalist, and choosing to make his career (impressively) in the military. I do stereotype these groups of people. I’m an ex-Episcopalian atheist and anti-militarist. Frankly I wonder if Choi or those GOProud folks could stand Gays if they weren’t gay themselves, or had a gay daughter like Cheney.
    I think Obama has done well, but not well enough on LBGT issues, but miserably on those other issues that a leftist Dem like me is concerned about. If I voted on his LGBT record I would vote for Obama. But that’s not enough. I guess I’m writing in Bernie Sandeers or Kucinich. Voting pragmatically for the most likely to win just allows the party to drift further to the right and into the hands of the oligarchs.
    Whew. Time for my nap.

  38. Vince says


    You are obviously a loyal supporter Obama. You and others on this site seem to have a short memory as to how we finally arrived at this point. There was more than a little anecdotal evidence that Obama had to be coerced into finally getting on board with the agreement that was worked out at the eleventh hour. But even if this were not so, why would he wait until the very last minute? Do you realize that the repeal of DADT could’ve been lost indefinitely if it wasn’t passed at the very last minute of the last Congress? That with the Republicans in charge in the House, we would have had a long wait for another chance? Why did Obama wait so long? Why did he take such a chance. Even the military survey that he insisted was necessary before the repeal of the law – why did he wait until he was in office a year before instituting it? Because it wasn’t a priority with him!

    But this isn’t the only issue many of us have had an argument with Obama on. He has simply not been the progressive leader we were promised during the campaign. On almost every issue he has compromised, sold out or reversed course. The continued war in Afghanistan, the failure to prosecute the Bush administration for its many crimes, the half-hearted approach to policing Wall Street – speaking of which, the desertion of Elizabeth Warren as Consumer Advocate. And I don’t have a good feeling about how this debt crisis is going to end!

    He’s just not a fighter. Especially not in the face of reelection. And no amount of apologists will convince me otherwise.

    But aside from that, I still don’t understand the hostility toward Dan Choi. If he had kept silent as so many gay leaders were, we might still have DADT. I’ve just looked at the full interview with Dan Choi. There is not evidence that this man is insane or mentally ill. And yet, many of you would like to portray as him as such. Bitter, defensive, disillusioned, yes, but why shouldn’t he be? He was kicked out of the military despite his impeccable record, for bravely coming forward and challenging the military establishment. The government is following through on prosectuting him for doing what Martin Luther King did on a regular basis. And on top of that they’re trying to get money out of him. This all strikes me as a campaign by the Obama administration to discredit a brave civil rights advocate who had no stomach for the slow-walking routine of the establishment.

    Let’s face it, Dan Choi kept Obama honest. And he deserves credit for that!

  39. Thomasina says

    Saying “Obama hasn’t moved fast enough on gay rights, so I’m going to vote for a Republican” is like saying, “hmm, I have a hangnail, so I’m going to chop off my finger.”

  40. Bruno says

    Sounds like Dan has a bit of a personal beef at this point with the Obama administration regarding his political action at the WH and discharge. OK, that’s understandable, but voting for a Republican? Well, there is Fred Karger I suppose…one doesn’t have to vote for one of the top candidates. But it’s obviously said more to shock people against Obama than anything else.

  41. Hollywood, CA says

    “He’d Look for a Republican to Support” – Are you stupid? You sound like a child that’s mad at your parents “well, then I’m going to run away! Humpf!” Running away is a far worse choice than working with your parents to get to a happy medium… just like dealing with the current administration vs Republicnts. If Senator McCain was our president do you believe we would have gotten this far with our rights? Give me AFB.

  42. Andy Panda says

    Just for the record, when people say “I’m not vindictive….I’m not vengeful,” they’re vindictive and vengeful.

  43. ohplease says

    Having the first president to be born to parents whose own marriage was illegal in several states at the time of his birth acknowledge that all human beings are equal is NOT too much to ask.

    As long as “god is in the mix” and Rick Warren is kicking off his administration and Donnie whathisname is preaching the anti-gay gospel at his fundraisers and Obama is thinking that our humanity is a political football that he can lie about one way or another for two decades depending upon his percieved needs at the moment, I’m not supporting this lying corporate tool who had to be dragged kicking and screaming into repealing DADT — and then has successfully dragged it out for almost a year after it was “repealed”!

    I’ll consider supporting any candidate who doesn’t think I’m on an evolutionary rung or two beneath them, which, right now, rules out supporting Barack Hussein Obama.

    But Dan Choi is still an un-likeable nutjob.

  44. MammaBear says

    I love Dan Choi, but he needs help bad and now.

    Read his twitter feed – he’s lost the ability to engage in actual argument, and found the ability to call people stupid without thinking twice.

    So disappointing.

  45. just_a_guy says

    @Jay: u sure got tripped on the prompt; did u watch the video.

    @Christopher: Choi here is not “following policy”; he is LEADING.

    @those who think he’s following the limelight or crazy: No, the man has a mission…he’s earning my respect. & listen, I pay my basic HRC dues too…however much I’m not made of money… BUT NO HRC OR GLAAD CAN REPLACE A leader like Choi.

    @those confused why he isn’t acting like Obama: Obama is the POTUS. A good POTUS HAS to be kind of a middleman, sorry. JFK did not pass the Civil Rights Act.

    @those upset with Obama, but confused about Choi maybe backing a Republican:

    A. It’s not about Obama really as much as it’s about the Democratic party taking gays for granted.

    B. Imagine (and I know, right now you can only really just IMAGINE) some gay-rights supporting politicians in the Republican party. Imagine the monkey wrench that gay-rights-Republicans would throw in the Republican get-nothing-done mindset, maybe? And how it could HELP Obama oddly if Obama is otherwise proving himself…

    And btw…imagine less of an impasse in Congress, that would be good for EVERYONE.
    It’s funny, cuz the Republican’s USED to say that, but now are determined to get the black man in office holding the hot potato no matter how low they need to go to do it.)

    Nevertheless, I just don’t think Choi’s tactical calculation is all that far off the mark hre:

    The far right-wing anti-gay Republican party can only stand for so long. We can already see the cracks. But the crumbling of the far right will not mean lack of a two-party system…with confines and platform outlines that we cannot even ANTICIPATE.

    Granted, Dan Choi may well be ahead of his time. But that exactly what a good leader is sometimes.

    Above all, Dan Choi is speaking the truth, staying on his mission. As I see it, he’s way too principled to be about the momentary news cylcle: Choi is going to do his darnedest to change history.

    And well he should. Bravo.

    Thank you again, Mr. Choi. Keep the faith, stay strong.

  46. just_a_guy says

    Dan Choi is a strong man. We don’t all have the mission he does. But, god bless ‘im, he has it.

    I like his voice, his bravery, his style.

    And I think he has some charm in him, too. I mean, I am an Obama supporter…but I had to LAUGH goodnaturedly (at Choi’s accuracy) in the comments Andy pasted out above:

    “If I was vindictive, then I would say, President Obama if you want my endorsement, then I’ll just have a study about that. We’ll have a comprehensive review working group. And then we’ll get you fired. And then we’ll start to talk to other people and I’ll have a platform for everybody else to hate on you.”

  47. just_not_choi says

    There’s so much to be said here, but I’ve said it all so many times before. So here’s all I will say.

    Are you really Just_A_Guy when you’re also Dan Choi, the subject of this post? Just asking.

    Try a little subtlety, instead of going past defense to diefication, Just_A_Choi. According to you, Dan Choi isn’t just right about everything, he’s teh kind of visionary leader gays, if not the miltary, if not the COUNTRY, need in our troubled times. Ugh.

  48. just_not_choi says

    And is brave and has style, too! I disagree, but also think that if you aren’t Choi himself, you’re hardly impartial enough to be able to evaluate a man you clearly venerate beyond, imo, all reason. Even if I was a supporter, I’d recognize his quite obvious flaws.

  49. BobN says

    “He virtually took the joy out of what should have been a scintillating victory.”

    No, folks like you did. This was a long, hard fight and the constant complaints that it wasn’t a short, easy fight did nothing but drag it out longer, weaken our position, and embitter people.

  50. says

    I am prior service USMC. I am waiting for my opportunity to reenlist and each day is critical with age requirements and fitness that is set forth for us to get back in. Waiting for this policy my age to get backin the Corps as an OCS candidate have passed. Our lively-hood is at stake and it seems like they are playing games.
    When you call the recruiting stations they have no idea what is going on, they have not even been briefed on what to say. I was applying for an ROTC program and it STILL has the homosexual briefing policy on it. This is ridiculous and it seems like this law is off the books in the press and on the books at the Pentagon.

  51. says

    Guys I understand too where you all are coming from but the other part to this is the LGBT community forgets about us and our rights as service members. We don’t have anyone but ourselves while most of you guys go and surf the net at starbucks while our lives are being lost. :( It seems the LGBT community just does not give a damn.

  52. says

    Dan could be all the negative things people above say, and it wouldn’t change these facts:

    1. Some 700 were disharged under Obama when he could have legally prevented it without Congressional approval. WHY?

    2. He promised to personally fight for the original version of the repeal bill then backed Pentagon homohaters’ demand that it be gutted because it would have mandated not just an end to DADT but also no future discrimination against gays IN the military. WHY? [Claims by the Bots that it originated IN Congress, was “necessary” to get enough votes is an outright lie. It was the Pentagon threatening to manipulate votes. “Pelosi said the House WEAKENED ITS REPEAL LANGUAGE TO MOLLIFY THE WHITE HOUSE. Military leaders REFUSED TO ACCEPT LANGUAGE THAT WOULD BAR DISCRIMINATION, so the clause was dropped.” – Huffington Post, June 3, 2010.]

    3. Our repeal allies in Congress repeatedly complained that Obama was NOT helping them: from Pelosi to Reid to Barney Frank to Carl Levin. Frank said in the Spring of last year that he thought Obama was actually signaling to Congress he did NOT want it voted on last year, and the White House DID release a statement also backing Gates’ demand that NO vote be taking until after midterms even tho they KNEW that the votes on repeal would be in danger both because of the shift in power and how little time would be left in that session of Congress. ONE WEEK BEFORE the final vote, Carl Levin was quoted on Towleroad saying Obama wasn’t doing enough to help them. WHY?

    4. While he COULD have certified immediately after he signed the bill, which would have meant DADT would have been gone by the end of Feb, he refused to until 7 months later. The expert Palm Center said: “Any claim that [implementation cannot happen] until after the completion of exhaustive training is inconsistent with DoD history and not based on military necessity. The foot-dragging is not about some sincere or legitimate sense that the troops need to be trained on how to deal with gays; it’s because [homophobic senior military brass in the process of retiring] don’t want to be around when the policy happens.” The Army’s homohating Casey left in April, and, wait for it, ONLY 22 DAYS after Gates went out the door saying certification wasn’t ready—his successor certified it.

    5. During those seven months AT LEAST 100 gay troops WHO WANT TO STAY IN have been needlessly subjected to the terror of investigations and threat of discharge. It’s only been stopped by the 9th Circuit NOT Obama. WHY?

    6. Because he backed Gates’ demand to gut the nondiscriminatiion clause, the Pentagon is free to do exactly what they are: refusing to give gays the same procedural protections against discrimination in, e.g., assignments and evaluations, and against harassment that NONgays get in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and political affiliation. A Mormon commander denying an outstanding gay soldier a promotion because he thinks he’s evil by choice has more protections than that soldier. WHY is Obama letting this happen?

    7. It also means that they are free to deny a gay soldier and his married-in-New-York yesterday partner access to even those benefits the Pentagon ADMITS ARE NOT BANNED BY DOMA such as “military family housing.” WHY is Obama letting this happen?

    8. The Obama DOJ is STILL trying to kill the court ruling that the ban is unconstitutional even tho it is now the ONLY thing that could prevent a future administration from bringing back the ban. WHY? And why did they fight it in the first place when it could have ended DADT even without legislation.

    9. Even tho the practice is NOT mandated by DADT, the ODOJ is defending the Pentagon’s refusal to pay discharged eligible gays 100% of a separation payment they were entitled to. Just those the ACLU class action suit has identfied so far were cheated out of a total of over $2 MILLION. WHY is Obama defending it?

    10. And, yes, even if Dan IS all the horrible things some above say, does that justify Obama, Inc., hounding him for repayment of money he couldn’t “earn” because THEY kicked him out of the Army, threatening to withhold his monthly disability payment for damage to his lungs that occured during his service in Iraq? What about the others they’re hounding for “recoupment,” too, simply because they were booted simply for being gay then sent a bill?

    Bottom line: Actual DADT repeal no longer means actual gay equality in the military. And all of Dan’s alleged sins could be real—and Obama’s overall alleged good, too—and it still wouldn’t make all of the above right.

  53. Mike8787 says

    I get so tired of gays saying we had to drag Obama into taking action on any gay rights issue.

    FACT: The LGBT community is not a large or economically powerful minority. We do not have the power to force any politician to do something he does not want to do.

    Obama did not have to do anything for gay rights during his tenure as president, let alone his first term. He was not “forced” or “dragged” into doing anything. He did what he did because he believed it right.

    I swear to god, he either hasn’t done enough, or he didn’t WANT to do it, so it doesn’t count. You guys just want to be able to keep complaining. It’s getting old.

  54. NY2.0 says

    @MICHAEL@LEONARDMATLOVICH, Why did we even have DADT to begin with? Oh right, your beloved Bill Clinton signed it into law. And Hillary will never be president, get used to it!

  55. Donald says

    President Obama has forgotten ALL of the people that brought him to the dance. I don’t agree with Choi on a lot of his issues, but Obama as a progressive is a failure and as a “supporter” of LGBT equality leaves a lot to be desired. His desperate attempts to keep from being a one term president are guaranteeing the he will be one. The way he’s headed it won’t matter if he’s reelected or we get Romney, we’ve already been thrown under the bus by his inability (unwillingness?) to take a stand and stick to it. Am I looking at Republicans? You bet. I don’t see a Democrat anywhere in sight.

  56. Vince says


    Thanks for supplying the facts and specifics to what I had heard and read in the past about Obama’s participation in getting DADT repealed. You have obviously been keeping score.

    And isn’t it interesting that so many on this site are willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt when his actions in the matter have been contradictory to even those non-gay commentators and observers in the media? And yet, Dan Choi is vilified for being – what, rude? For not being classy enough to stay quiet and let those nice heteros work for us when they feel like getting around to it? I can only attribute it those starry-eyed Obama apologists who are so used to making excuses for him that it comes out robotically. Their intolerance of anyone who has a problem with Obama is palpable.

    BOBN and others on this site suggest that those of us who are impatient don’t realize that it takes time to change laws and society. Perhaps they don’t realize that this fight didn’t start with Obama or even Bill Clinton. But goes as far back as Leonard Matlovich’s courageous stand against the Air Force in the 70s. How many gays in the military have suffered since then. The length of time to get this done was already intolerable by the time Obama took office.

    As I’ve stated before, I do not agree with Choi’s possible endorsement of a Republican for President. I can only imagine he said it out of bitterness after what the Obama administration has put him through. For, even if he were a Republican, he would be sensible enough to realize that none of the present candidates will give us the time of day – let alone our rights.

    We have no choice, many of us, but to hold our noses and vote for Obama. But that is quite different from accepting everything he does and says as manna from heaven. The most disappointing thing about Barak Obama is that he’s not the courageous statesman we were expecting, but a garden-variety politician who consistently goes along to get along.

  57. jjasonham says


    Loyalty has absolutely nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with looking at a situation objectively. I don’t have a short memory about how we got to this point; in fact, just the opposite. Anecdotal evidence is not enough for one to justify a complete re-envisioning of what happened here. If you look over everything Obama has ever done publicly, any reasonable person would conclude two things: 1. Everything he does is deliberate. 2. He strategizes to win without being hasty…and that includes looking at ALL options. You may not like those conclusions or his reasoning for those actions, but they work. Speaking of short memories….you must have forgotten that a year into Obama’s first term we were dealing with, what was it…THE WORST RECESSION SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION! I wanted him to act as quickly as possible, too, but I understood his priorities!

    Quit perpetuating this false line about him failing to be the progressive leader we were promised! If you truly believed he was going to be this progressive superman so early on while magically getting it all done as if the GOP didn’t exist, you absolutely convinced yourself of what YOU wanted to believe. Period. Disappointment happens based on your on perception. Obama told you exactly what he planned to do in Iraq AND Afghanistan DURING the campaign. He never promised wild prosecutions of the Bush Admin, and the fact that we have the Consumer Agency is miraculous. Elizabeth Warren, has done wonders and will continue to do so (hopefully as a senator), but she is not the be-all-end-all.

    Obama is a fighter. The fact that he is POTUS, despite the Clinton machine is convincing enough. People have this image in their head of what a fighter should look like while they’re fighting….like Bush, or Dan Choi, or anyone reactionary. Those may be fighters, but they have their own style, and anyone that doesn’t act like them isn’t any less of a fighter. Congress fights all the time, yet Obama polls way above them in the eyes of the public….but he still gets what he fights for. You couldn’t convince me that he doesn’t get results.

    I never declared Choi insane. I simply stated that I never liked his reactionary style. He is nothing like MLK. He’s actually more like Malcom X, style wise. Malcom X was very reactionary, but so divisive there was really no incentive from the other side to work with him. Why do you think MLK was so successful? Because more than anything he appealed powerfully without being abrasive, and he was moderate in reaction (but not in passion) compared to Malcom X. That should tell you everything about how to be successful at appealing for your rights. It should also tell you about the power and maturity of speaking softly and carrying a big stick, a virtue that many people think never works in such a partisan age, but kindly refer to the previous paragraph.

    Choi did play a role in all of this, but keeping Obama honest wasn’t necessarily one of them. There dozens of other MLK-like advocates working on behalf of the LGBT community, not just him. It’s like you’re saying that ancient miracle workers caused the sun to come up.

  58. oneway says

    Dear Dan:

    You were a hero when you stood up. You were a hero when you chained yourself to the fence outside the White House.

    Now is the time to declare victory. Hell, go ahead and claim some of the credit!

    Whining about *how* we won doesn’t wear well. Gear up for the next fight: Ensuring that gays in the military are afforded respect and protection.

  59. say what says

    just_A_Guy either is Dan Choi or some guy with a crazy shrine to Dan Choi, the kind stalkers have

  60. say what says

    Donald LOL

    Obama isn’t progressive enough so your going to go even farther right and look at a repub

    Your logic doesn’t stand the sniff test

  61. Jeremy says

    I believe Mr. Choi should find something productive to do. Create a support group for current and veteran LGBT soldiers is a possibility. Maybe a shelter when they are shunned by family because of their sexuality or an education resource center. He could do it stand alone or see if he add on to an established organization.
    Also, just as the tea partiers replaced Republicans during the primaries, voters can do the same for Democrats. If we just sit back and do nothing, then we can’t blame them for not doing enough.
    Just a thought.

  62. Vince says


    From your opening paragraph I can see you’re not just loyal to Obama, you’re smitten with him and there is probably no hope of reaching you. So I’m not going too much time trying. But I would like to make a couple of points.

    If Obama has been so great a President with his deliberateness and strategizing why is he registering less than 50% in the polls? Obviously not everyone thinks what he’s doing is hunky dory. If he gets reelected next year (and that’s not a certainty at this point) it will be because the Republican candidates are such a disaster.

    As for “disappointment happens on your own perception,” you will notice there are others on this site who agree with me and more to the point this is not the first time or the first issue in which Obama has been accused of failing to be progressive. If he was such a “fighter” why did we get healthcare reform without a public option? During the campaign he said he would pull us out of Iraq and transfer the troops so that we could finish the job in Afghanistan. We still have nearly 50,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan now looks like a Vietnam-like sinkhole. And it’s costing us billions a year. And although he never promised “wild prosecutions” of the Bush administration I do remember distinctly his saying that his administration would investigate and if he found laws broken he would bring the guilty to justice. Instead, he and his Justice Department neither investigated, prosecuted nor brought anyone to justice. He allowed Bush’s people to get away with, almost literally, murder.

    As for Obama getting results, this is the problem. They’re half-measures that give the illusion of success but come nowhere near to solving the problems. He declares victory on his terms and then calls everyone else “whiners” if they don’t agree. Obama’s contempt for the progressives in his party is more than obvious. He has more respect for the conservative Republicans who virtually spit on him, calling him “liar” and “Fascist” and getting away with it.

    As for Dan Choi being as much a “reactionary” as Malcolm X, do you really mean reactionary? In my dictionary a reactionary is an ultraconservative who wants to turn the clock back. That doesn’t sound like Dan Choi or Malcolm X. Maybe you meant a “radical.” I’d prefer to see Dan Choi as a revolutionary. And to compare Obama to Martin Luther King – PLEASE! King may have been anti-violent, but he was no pushover. He was aggressive and persistent much to the annoyance of LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover. And wasn’t it King who made famous the line “If not now, when?” Obama’s equivalent would be “If not now – MAYBE – tomorrow.”

    Your passing remark about the “Clinton machine” is telling. I have no fondness for either of the Clintons. But it does suggest that you’re an anti-Clintonite and that you’ll defend Obama to the death. Even at the cost of what is good for the gay community. A word of advice – you’re not going to convince people to support, campaign or vote for Obama with your attitude and rhetoric. Telling people that they’re dead wrong in their discontentment or somehow not intelligent or slightly off the beam will only drive people away. As I’ve said before I would never vote for a Republican. I consider them scoundrels. But that doesn’t mean I’ll take anything that Obama and the wimpy Democratic Party will dish out because they’re the only other game in town. I don’t like being taken for granted. And I can quite easily stay at home on Election Day.

  63. jjasonham says


    You only see things in black in white. You are like a child who screams you’re either for us or against us! “You like him so, I can’t like you!” I’m not the only one on this thread sees you for what you are: Someone who thinks he’s the only one smart enough to see past what is “really” happening; someone who thinks that everyone else is doomed for not being able to see it, either; looking past every piece of logic in order to convince yourself that you’re 100% right. I’ve never been on record here saying Obama does everything right, but I can conclude you think he does everything wrong….even when you’ve gotten the results that you desire!

    No one will ever think a president is always honky dory. Obama’s numbers are under 50% but you might want to read this article:

    It goes on to discuss how high his approval ratings compared to where experts say they should be based on the economic climate, and higher than Reagan’s in the same position. Obama will get re-elected, because of what’s he’s done just as much for what the GOP has and hasn’t done.

    You keep spitting out the usual arguments about the public option and what hasn’t happened in Iraq or Afghanistan, and prosecutions in order to justify your hatred. I get it. Frankly, I think it’s a very lazy position. It doesn’t require you to think about the complexities of governing. Removing Obama from the context of the most partisan government we’ve had in the history of this country makes it very black and white for someone like you. Meanwhile, Obama has to actually govern and figure it out, outside of your utopic reality. People were screaming those talking points two years ago, and at one point it included DADT, Osama bin Laden’s capture, Health Care, Wall St reform, etc…all of which have been dealt with in a tangible, progressive way. But, like Dan Choi, there is absolutely no satisfaction because you don’t want to be satisfied. And before you even go there, I mean satisfaction in the PROGRESS being made, because most of these are ongoing sagas. There have never ever been clear cut victories in many policy issues in America.

    I have never seen Obama be disrespectful in the way he treats anyone. He coddles the right, but you coddle children to get them to work with you. They’re children. So what you’re saying is that you want to be coddled? Grow up.

    I wasn’t even thinking of the politically infused definition for “reactionary”. I was thinking about some who is stridently reactive to anything taking place. But, I’ll use “radical” instead. Actually, I was comparing other LGBT activists that get just as much done without being radical as being like MLK, not Obama. MLK’s “if not now, when?” doesn’t translate to “give me everything exactly as I want it, right now!” So do not use that quote to justify being a radical. MLK was not asking for rights, but he wasn’t throwing up ultimatums, because he knew that they weren’t in the bargaining position to do so as a disenfranchised minority. In the meantime, Obama is still getting results that even other left wingers can be proud of.

    I said “Clinton machine” because it was a term that the media created to describe the immense amount of influence and power Obama was running against! That doesn’t mean I’m an anti-Clintonite! What are you talking about?! I don’t defend Obama to the death. That’s just what people believe is happening when they’re unreasonable, contextless statements are challenged. You are no different than the Tea Party if you’re willing to discount the needs of all society in a time of crisis if it means it takes a year more to get to your priorities. I’m not trying to use any rhetoric or talking points to convince anyone to vote for Obama. All anyone can do is present the facts and judge them within CONTEXT, and generally, that’s what most adults do. Which would explain the link I provided earlier in this comment. Your last three sentences reveal scores about what you believe. It seems anyone that doesn’t put your pet priorities first and foremost are either out to get you or taking you for granted. Please feel free to stay home on Election Day. I’m curious if you’ve ever seen a perfect candidate that you were able to vote FOR instead of AGAINST?

  64. Toto says

    Hooray! More mindless homos against questioning their current leader or keeping him honest and accountable for his decisions! Thats the spirit! I may loath the republican party with all my being, but simply “being a democrat” doesn’t make Obama some untouchable deity. You can’t start to compare the type of disapproval that Choi is voicing with the subversive bile that FOX puts out. You may continue with the royal rimming!

  65. Chitown Kev says


    “He’s just not a fighter with the exception of his relelection. And no amount of apologists will convince me otherwise.”


    Which makes President Obama just like any other politician (and don’t bring up health care; after Scott Brown was elected, yes, making sure something called health care reform WAS Obama fighting for his reelection.

  66. Paul R says

    Umm, as though Choi’s endorsement will influence anyone? Talk about self-aggrandizement.

  67. says

    Choi’s disenchantment is disingenuous because he is not a progressive, he is GOProud material. He is concern-trolling this entire issue. Why else would he be friendly with the side that PROMISES to be anti-gay and be vitriolic and bordering on unhinged toward the side that he feels has not been supportive enough? Done with him. Hope he sticks around, he is a good posterboy for “never satisfied.”

    I agree with EJ Graff, who praised Obama’s deliberate and harder-to-shake repeal tactics.

  68. Keepitreal says

    I’m sick of this attention queen. Go ahead and support Bachmann and see where that lands you.

  69. says

    From Bob R
    “Myself, an old school FDR “New Deal” Democrat see no Republicans I could support, and that includes our current, last moderate Republican, Obama.”

    Posted by: Bob R | Jul 25, 2011 11:38:51 AM

    Sounds like to me…..You’re already supportuig Romney and hard to believe you voted Obama…..EVER!

  70. sean says

    Dan Choi is nothing more than a media whoring fierce advocate for…dan Choi. Obama put a deliberate process together to repeal DADT with no backlash. It worked. Bitches can’t get your ice creams as soon as you hear the truck.

  71. truthteller says

    I didn’t know so many of you were psychiatrist with the ability to diagnose someone you’ve never met, and online, from a TV interview to boot!

    I understand his frustration perfectly. Obama has continued the Bush policies and as much as some of you want to give Obama credit for the repeal of DADT, he had very little to do with it. He was forced into supporting that position by people like, Choi.

    Why is there no anti-discrimination clause?

    As far as Choi looking for a Republican candidate to support, it is clear he is LOOKING! That means that if a Republican was supportive of equality for gays he might support them-do you honestly think otherwise, with all the work he has put into advancing gay rights in America? Get a clue, think critically and stop being haters!

    We need to realize that the Democratic and Republican parties have merged. Look at the way Obama has ruled. The wars he expanded, trying to put SS on the chopping block and trying to raise the retirement age by two years are just some of the latest issues he is for.

    Some of you are just Choi haters, period.