1. MT says

    I love love love The Daily Show, and that was pretty funny. However, I seriously hope all those couples were let in on the joke upfront. At least one couple looked genuinely horrified. LOL!

  2. Paul R says

    Of course they knew who was interviewing them. Perhaps they looked horrified because they suddenly realized that marriage is a losing proposition. No reason to do it unless children are involved. Obviously I support marriage equality, but without kids I see no need for marriage, gay or straight.

  3. ohplease says

    “No reason to do it unless children are involved.”

    No, no reason at all. Not hospital visitation, not insurance, not survivor’s benefits, not a legal recognition in any way that you’re more than your spouse’s roommate. All those people who have lost their homes when they lost their loved one? They certainly had no reason to be married.

    Not an ease of creating a legal relationship that everyone instantly understands. Not being able to avoid possibly tens of thousands of dollars in attorney and other fees to draw up multiple contracts in order to still not come close to the legal relationship that a marriage provides.

    Certainly not wanting to make your bond not only symbolically but also legally binding, something that not only family (maybe) and friends (maybe) accept as a bonded relationship, but something the state must accept in every way that it deals with you and your spouse.

    This is why no old people marry, why no infertile people marry, why no people ever marry who simply choose not to have children. Because everybody knows that that children are the only reason you get married.

    Not because of tradition, or religion, or just because you’re a person like everyone else.

    And certainly not love. No, nobody ever got married because they loved someone. No, certainly not that.

    Seriously? You’re an adult, you’ve grown up with and around marriage literally your entire life and you’d make such a statement? Have you actually not been paying any attention whatsoever to one of the most common experiences on this planet?

  4. JeffNYC says

    “No reason to do it unless children are involved.”

    Except, of course, for those 1,400 pesky rights and privileges that are afforded by the federal and state governments to married couples.

  5. topsyturvy says

    Bee always pushes too hard for my taste in all her DS bits. Never as funny as she seems to think she’s going to be. Less is more, Sam. Jones is one nice slab of man beef. I felt this bit was one-note … and that note was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  6. Harrison says

    @Jeff, I interpreted that comment to mean more like “These two are actually married” (like in real life, not as “characters”) as opposed to “Their marriage is legitimate and the new ones aren’t.” But that could just be me.

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