News: Amy Winehouse, Iowa City, Hilda Solis, Monstrose, Alan Ball

Road Man charged for faking anti-gay attack in Iowa City.

RoadNew theory: Seas of molten lava spanning 100,000 sq. miles killed off the dinosaurs.

RoadGay and lesbian coalition of Kenya launches campaign to aid African famine situation.

Obamacoin RoadTrillion dollar coins solution to debt ceiling impasse?

RoadMorrissey won't be happy with Lady Gaga.

RoadAmy Winehouse's father gives away her possessions: "Mitch showed up at Amy‘s house and started handing out articles of her clothing to some of the fans that were convened in front of her home."

RoadThe latest in British eye candy.

RoadSteelers linebacker James Harrison, who called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a "faggot" last month, says he could have used "a better vocabulary".

RoadSally Kern lashes out at gays: "We’re losing our freedom of conscience. And if the homosexuals get what they want, and as you said it’s not just homosexuality, its immorality or adultery, all of that, but in my opinion the homosexual movement is the tip of the spear. They’re the ones who right now are beating down the door, have their foot in the door, trying to tear down the moral fiber of America. We have to stand up to that. The reason it’s the tip of the spear you don’t see ‘Adulterers Victory Fund’ out there trying to promote adultery. God’s people got to stand up to this."

RoadMatt Bomer teases his six-pack.

Socialite RoadGay teen socialite Kevin Michael Barba seeks PR firm: "With millions of dollars at his disposal, this 18 year old personality is ready to move to the forefront of society and let his personality, style, and panache grab headlines."

RoadMontrose Remembrance Garden opens to remember victims of anti-gay violence in Houston LGBT community.

RoadMichele Bachmann headlining anti-gay group Florida Family Policy Council dinner in November.

RoadThe Lane Twins: From Hollywood to Dollywood.

RoadBeefcake jockeys.

RoadLabor Secretary Hilda Solis: "For the first time, in order to better understand the benefits available to an increasingly diverse American workforce, this year’s National Compensation Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics includes information on domestic partner benefits, providing a better, fuller picture of employee benefits in workplaces across our nation."

Prindle RoadWisconsin photographer Paul Baker Prindle  puts focus on sites where anti-LGBT violence has occurred. "Each site I visited was an unsettling disappointment, bearing few if any clues to the value of the life that ended there…"

RoadBloomberg's new Hamptons home, by helicopter.

RoadMemphis Grizzlies petitioned to make "It Gets Better" video.

RoadAlan Ball inks new True Blood deal, talks about Season 5: “I don’t have any desire to leave because I’m having more fun than I ever had in my life.”

RoadRyan Murphy talks about the Glee spin-offs and the cast firing misstep.

RoadChristian group strikes back at Apple for pulling iTunes from Christian Values Network: "If Apple is ready to pull out of something because they got 22,000 signatures… there won't be a church, faith-based person, Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, charismatic anything in the country that won't know…The entire Catholic and Evangelical communities in America will be made aware if Apple doesn't want to do business with Christian people. We can help them get that message out."


  1. Rowan says

    With this Apple thing, I wish the head, not Jobs, would come out loudly that he is gay. And then we will see what hypocrites these Christians are if they still want to work with Apple.

    They are such hypocrites.

  2. nodnarb says

    I don’t know Kevin Michael Barba, but something makes me want to hold him underwater until the bubbles stop coming up.

  3. alguien says

    kevin michael barba should know that in order to achieve celebutant status, he must pay his dues like his forebears, kim & paris.

    everyone knows that neither of them got anywhere near the coverage they go until there were sex tapes of them released.

    you’ve got to pay your dues kid.

  4. Max says

    Kevin Michael Barba is just a spoiled rich kid who happens to be gay. We don’t need anymore “celebrities” that are only rich and do nothing.

  5. Danny says

    Funny how these loud-mouth so-called christians can’t see the difference between religious freedom and freedom to cause suicides. What piece is missing for them?

  6. Dan says

    Umm, we’re talking about this barba idiot. So obviously he’s successful on some level.

  7. says

    Christians: martyred since 26 CE. So sad. How do they claim that the US, currently the strongest country in the world, is an xian nation, and then claim to be martyrs too? Ugh. Just go to “heaven” already.

  8. Rowan says

    Seriously David, don’t waste your breath. The biggest thing us liberals always do is think that people think like us-all they need is evidence and they will change their thinking-but they don’t. Many people, actually most of society have low intergerative complexity. It means quickly that the more you present evidence to an argument they have, the further they dig in their heels about that said argument, regardless of facts.

    It doesn’t matter what Obama does. They I’ll always hate him. It doesn’t matter who he employs or what he says, they will always hate him.

    Do most of these guys have a desperate need to join the army? Once Obama repealed DADT, they said ‘he bungled it, took his time, should’ve done it quicker’, he creates pride month, hospital rights for gays, says DOMA is uncontistutional ‘he is a homophobic bigot and he should say his support of gay marriage right now’ (first DADT was the most important thing, now it’s marriage….see a pattern here?

    He appoints the largest amount of gay people ever to work in the white house ‘ Obama is a bigot. I am not voting for him next year. He has really disappointed me’….

    All in a first term.

    I was too young and not interested in politics when Clinton came on the job David but I would love to hear if the gay community was as hard on him. He hasn’t done half the stuff Obama has but that’s not the point…is it?

  9. say what says



    50% of the haters now hated clinton because they are/were GOProud types who would rather lick a fascists boot than support the party that actually likes them and does stuff for them

    The other 50% of haters now can be summed up as those who were dems before a Black man won the presidency. Yes there are many white gays who are racist even though not repubs

  10. say what says

    add to that

    white, latino, and asian gays who hate black people

    The sad part is the asians and latino racists are hated by the white racist gays but they are too dense to realize that

  11. Lexxvs says

    Remember this: we will hear much more aggressive religious nuttery the closer we get to the next presidential campaign. Gays are useful to conceal inability to deliver, so they will start the “enemies of the western Christian civilization” and “apocalypse is nigh” all over again. There you have the votes of simpletons who can’t see clearly what’s good for them as only God provides.

  12. says

    @ ROWAN and SAY WHAT: I agree, but my goal is to, maybe, persuade those on the fence. We have many lost causes on this site who are towing the Republican line that facts (like science!) just don’t matter. I’m not really thinking they’ll wake up and see the light. But they don’t change elections anyway, it’s always the “moveable middle”—that’s whom I’m really addressing.

    Also important is to understand that the kind of rule that Solis instituted is where real change in the government happens, so these kinds of changes in the bureaucracy make real and positive changes for LGBT people.

    And I got to say “sassy”.

  13. walter says

    it is not christians apple doesn’t want to do business with. it is christian hate groups there is a big difference but these people don’t just seem to get it. they spew hate all around and when someone challenges them they become offended. too bad!!!

  14. alguien says

    doesn’t matter whether i’m interested in an 18 year old’s sex tape or not (i’m not) but the jist of my (snarky) comment was that so many of these people who are famous for nothing in particular got that way by having sex tapes released.

  15. Woodroad34 says

    There,s quite a chasm between ‘christian’ and bigotry (e.g. The old bible) . as I recall, Jesus said that everything that came before him was moot. People like to cite the old testament to please their anger gods. They apparently have no idea what real love is.

  16. TyInTenn says

    Hmm. That reminds me I haven’t been to the horse races in a long time. Hot damn jockeys! The best part is watching them walk back after their ride – all sweaty and there silks clinging to them. Bugger!

  17. Danny says

    @ Alguien: I was being a bit snarky too, man. I knew exactly what you were saying.

    As to the 18yo who can make himself famous, anybody who gets a color job like that when he’s only 18 has something bad wrong going on either in himself or in his handlers. That and the facial expression makes him look excruciatingly overproduced.

  18. Danny says

    As to the jockeys, Velasquez and Prado. And I’ll take ’em on one at a time or together.

  19. Paul R says

    @Danny: there’s also his teeth and makeup. I find his highlights rather subtle relative to the rest of the work he’s had done. The haircut is just a Justin Bieber ripoff. Probably a $700 ripoff.

  20. Rowan says


    Er, thanks for that really needed input.


    I still feel that you think you can change minds by pointing this stuff out. I mean, look at the comments? Dont get me wrong, I’m just as bad as in my spare time I work in activism but one of things I learnt that stopped me being so depressed was that you will never change certain minds.

    We have access to the Internet. Libraries. Ebooks. Twitter. Facebook etc

    People can educate themselves and analyze the research but they don’t. I don’t know. Maybe you are trying to reach a moderate crowd that have no university education?

    I just tweeted a guy a few minutes ago who posted some tweet about that Obama should stop blaming others and get in with the job.


    I tweeted back that ‘how can you understand the future if you dont understand the past?’ I mean I’m not American so don’t know what the last years of high school is BUT this is what you learn a school by the time you are 15 in order to write a good essay. Evidence. Facts. History. Quantative and qualitative research. Objectiveness….


    Humans are mad.

  21. Craig says

    Microsoft also pulled their products from CVN. Can these “christians” please boycott both Microsoft and Apple? Try to use any computer without one or the other. No more computers (or internet or twitter or email…) for them!

  22. Brian says

    Not a single mention that the twins who made from Hollywood to Dollywood are gay and that the movie’s main theme is their relationship with their mother who will not accept them!! WTF?!

  23. ratbastard says

    how many estates,,mansions, townhouses, does bloomberg own? privates jets and helicopters?

    yet money is tight for homeless shelters and there’s a severe lack of affordable housing.

  24. Paul R says

    @Craig: you can access the Internet, Twitter, and email using smartphones that have nothing to do with MS or Apple.

    @Ratbastard: So Bloomberg is supposed to fund city services? Real likely. Just like how Schwarzenegger solved California’s budget problems by giving the state a blank check.