1. Paul R says

    Well, the dear woman has a point. I walked in on my parents having sex once, and after that it was nothing but hetero sex for me, 24/7.

    Oh wait.

    I realize that she’s a horribly misspoken moron, but her sexualization of children is creepy. Kind of Catholic. Ugh.

  2. Michael W. says

    I love this line:

    “The more you put deviant sexual behavior in front of children, the more they engage in it.”

    Homophobes can’t decide if they want to attack homosexual sex by classifying it as disgusting/dirty/unnatural or by admitting it’s an alluring vice, such as smoking pot or downloading music illegally.

  3. AJ says

    Blatant SATC quote: “Did someone order a Victorian straight up?” One of the reasons that AIDS became such a raging epidemic was because of all the secrecy. Really, do we want to be back in the dark ages again? Loosen your corset strings and move on, lady!

  4. Mona says

    I love how heterosexuality is so “normal” and yet, it’s so fragile that it can be easily changed by the sight or discussion of an alternative.

  5. says

    I wish she wasn’t such a sexpot. Every time I see her beautiful, alluring body I want to have hot, heterosexual, missionary-style, lights-out, fully-clothed sex with her, for procreation purposes only.

  6. Matt26 says

    @James, but isn’t it strange she keeps forgetting it?
    Oh dear Sally, you cannot turn back time. We are out, proud and demanding lots of things. Get use to it.

  7. SFshawn says

    Please save us from your ignorant,brain- dead,ugly,preachy,sex obsessed,supposedly hetero followers.
    They are making the world a real mess!

  8. Bart says

    Dear Crazy Woman, please cite one example when gay people had sex in your face?

    Maybe you should understand that the “consequences” of gay sex are because it was in the closet. And those “consequence” also happen to straight people.

    And lastly, does the title of your book refer to your head?

  9. candideinnc says

    Hey Sally–

    Look at the article above. Now heteros have a life threatening SID that is REALLY scary. I guess that means no one should be permitted, ipso facto, to have sex.

  10. walter says

    she and diaz deserve each other both are bigoted hete mongers with the i.q. of an amoeba and the same personality. diaz better be careful i bet kern doesn’t like dark skinned hispanics either. they don’t meet her standard of a real american. stop with the bible already it allows for stoning polygamy concubines slavery. a real good book. those are all qualities of good marriage. kern”s husband should stone her because she doesn’t know her place is in the kitchen.

  11. mstrozfckslv says

    & I wish women like kern and bachman would go back to the kitchen barefoot and silent around men

    It would free up a ton of jobs cutting the unemployment rate overnight


  12. pete N SFO says

    Man, these people sure do spend A LOT of time thinkin’ about ‘the gays’!

    What’s up w/ that anyway?

    I try and think about them as little as possible, and you know what? My life is very, very rich.


  13. Hollywood, CA says

    “…I would rather it be back in the closet the way it used to be.”

    And the N’s back to Africa and the Jews back to their own country!



  14. MerlynHerne says

    This woman is sad. Too bad she can’t have it the way “it used to be”–NOT. Well, sweetie, we aren’t going back into the closet so you need to get over yourself.

    I feel sorry for any gay person close to her.

  15. Rayyblon44 says

    “The Stoning of Sally Kern,” by–Sally Kern herself! Truly this takes self-martyrdom to a fantastically more laughable level. “Poor me! Look how they’ve stoned me! Buy 100 copies of my book and help me out, will you?” How can people with any wattage in their brains at all give any credence to what this nut says?

  16. Tyron says

    Gee I wish we could go back to the days when women stayed at home and raised their children, couldn’t vote and certainly couldn’t ever hold elective office … that would at least rid the world of the bigoted hate filled rants of stupid women like Sally Kern.

  17. says

    she’s right, children do learn from deviant lifestyles being put in front of them. so let’s get rid of this horrific and destructive American Gun Culture and homophobia, since they’re killing people and harming society.

  18. Rick says

    Under our system of governance, Sally Kern is as entitled to her opinion as anyone. We are all much better off with people like is expressing their opnions. These people are advancing the argument for sitting in the back of the bus and not at the lunch counter. She is also in the process of showing the rest of the world what ignorance and sexual biggotry is all about. Its a good education….let it be.

  19. says

    This latest interview, one that SHE requested with a liberal host, clearly shows how sex negative and ill-adjusted she is with modern life. She wants a perfect society supposedly based on her version of biblical “truth”. This is a selective view of her own invention.

    When she’s unhappy with something she wants it put away out of sight.

    If her idea of a perfect theocratic society were put into play, she wouldn’t be in public life–she would be doing housework and having as many serial babies as possible.

    But we know there’s nothing rational about Sally Kern.

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