1. says

    kinda looks like one of those movies that you don’t see until you’ve had the worst hangover of your life, can’t get out of bed and it’s the only thing on TV

  2. Trey says

    ohmygod, my heart almost jumped out of my chest, at first i thought that said R.I.P. …lol whoa

  3. Steve says

    OK… as a LARPer (Vampire the Masquerade not Midevil) I have to say this looks hilarious. MUST SEE.

  4. justme says

    Peter Dinklage and Ryan Kwanten in one movie is guaranteed to induce much swooning in this fan who can’t get enough of either of these two heart-throbs.

  5. Bruce Wayne says

    Can’t wait….for it to be in the Red Box, for a buck.

    Ryan is worth a buck.