1. says

    “It doesn’t have anything to do with who the people are or what their belief system is or with anything other than the fact that we try to prevent as best as we can upon entry of the park one of our [nice white] guests being offended by something someone else is wearing,”

    Confederate Fag? Hell no.
    Confederate Flag? Hell yes!

  2. Disgusted American says

    Id love to go to Dollywood – but I refuse to spend my tourism money in a Hate state Like TN.

  3. Beef and Fur says

    The dress code in part says: “Clothing with offensive words and/or pictures will not be permitted inside the park.”

    So, that appears to be left up to the employee at the gate. So what was offensive about the shirt?

    The dress code also states: “Female guests must wear t-shirts, tank tops, halter-tops, opaque shirts, blouses, or dresses that are buttoned at least 2/3 of the way up from the waist…”

    So Dolly herself shouldn’t be able to get into her own park with her ginormous tatas hanging out like they usually are.

  4. Peter Friend says

    Saw Dolly last night at the Hollywood Bowl. After singing “Coat of Many Colors” with lyrics about being picked on for wearing it, she talked about how those feelings of being bullied for being different (poor) inspired her to write it and (I don’t remember her exact words) she has been told it’s a healing song for others who felt the same way and that everyone should be able to be proud of who they are.

    I’m guessing she most definitely would not be pleased.

  5. Lee says

    Truthfully, Ms. Parton won’t get involved in this. She is NOT supportive of gays or gay rights. She DOES know who her fans are and will say just enough, and very vaguely, to sound as though she is with us, but she is not.

    She loves to throw out how she “loves everybody” and such nice little buzzwords, but she has NEVER come out as a full-on supporter for our community, and the sooner we realize that she isn’t on our side, the better.

  6. Roger says

    Been to Dollywood many times with a boyfriend and never had a single issue including when we were holding hands in the park.

  7. Francis says

    Just another story of homophobes wanting to closet any and all indications of anything relating to “gay”. Gay=offensive, so gay needs to be hidden. I’ll be very interested to hear what Dolly P. has to say.

  8. Justin says


    believe it or not there are gay people in tennessee! we are tryin!

  9. Wait... says

    I thought the offensive part was saying “[x] is so gay”. Or are we over that now?

  10. Gregoire says

    LOL, I love that this is a single incident about a tee-shirt, and all of a sudden, people are avoiding Tennessee and calling Dolly Parton anti-gay.

  11. NaughtyLola says

    Hang on a second, aren’t we not allowed to say “[x] is so gay” anymore because its a mortal insult? Maybe the employees have also been given those instructions, and carried them out to the letter.

  12. Rin says


    how can you say this? Have you heard Dolly speaking out about gay marriage??? For years she’s been an advocate. Google Dolly and Melissa Etheridge interview. She is incredibly supportive and has been actually quote outspoken.

    She’s not just a drag queen like SOME women who cater only to their gay male fans, but she routinely performs with out lesbians and …argh, nevermind.

    Don’t pick on Dolly!

  13. Throwslikeagirl says

    I’m with you, Naughtylola. Waiting now for Dolly to chime in. And she will for sure!

  14. ProfessorVP says

    Dolly Parton being gay-friendly is like Bullwinkle being moose-friendly. There, I said it. But I can imagine the reaction:

    (Sarcasm Alert)

    Oh, but it can’t be! Get me my smelling salts! Dolly, a luhhh-, a luhhhhs- oh, I can’t say it! But she has big boob jobs, lip implants, gigantic hair… everything to attract men! She doesn’t wear Birkenstocks or short, spiky hair, so she can’t be a… a you-know-what! Don’t tell me she’s a lesbian, because if she were, she would surely take a hit on her billion dollar enterprises and come out. Dolly is just supportive of us, an advocate, a totally straight ally. Like Oprah Winfrey or Hillary Clinton.

  15. bobbyjoe says

    I grew up in the area, and trust me, I’d say at least a third of Dollywood’s employees are GLBT.

    I suspect NaughtyLola is on to something, above: saying something “…is so gay” can also be read as insulting to gays as it uses “gay” in the way its often used as a pejorative. Note this woman wasn’t wearing a shirt that just said something like “Support Marriage Equality.”

    You had a whole media campaign of gays and gay allies like Wanda Sykes trying to put an end to using the phrase “that’s so gay,” so I’d have to wonder if we should immediately assume that Dollywood nixed the shirt for anti-gay reasons. In this case, it could also have been the reverse.

  16. J says

    I’m sorry, but why is it that gay people feel like they have to rub everyone elses nose in the fact that they are gay??!!

    We can’t even have a damn parade with out a bunch of half naked people running around exposing themselves!

    What does that have to do with being gay?! Oh I’m gay, so now I get to run around in my underwear in the streets in front of everyone.
    Have some pride and be respectful to those around you.
    Why would you wear a tee shirt with something like that on it if you didn’t want to get attention. Well they got attention and then got mad because they got the attention they wanted….shock value. And then they want to run around crying about how they are being discriminated against.
    Be out, be proud, be respectful and climb down off the cross Dorothy!

  17. truthteller says

    The question to ask is, did the employees know the women were lesbians? How could he tell?

    Maybe they thought it was two heterosexual women condemning gays getting married. Or two anti marriage women using the word gay as a pejorative.

    “Marriage is So Gay” could be interpreted as using gay as a slur.

  18. wimsy says

    This is the state that founded the Ku Klux Klan. This is the state that tried a school teacher for teaching evolution. Further questions?

  19. myself says

    I am for rights for all but I see how the shirt can offend some people and the employees did what they should of not everyone thinks being gay is alright and everyone needs to respect that just as I wouldn’t want someone around my kids wearing a anti gay shirt or whatever the case maybe.

  20. ActiveOne says

    These gay idiots are stupid and trying to get their 5 minutes of fame. This is just like one of the many cases of a Negro trying to pull the racist card…just because they can.
    For the two gay-baits involved…get over it. You are different. You are GAY! Even the bible says it’s wrong. You are ignorant. I think these two should of been shot on sight. End of story.