LGBT Stories: A Man’s Journey Into–And Out Of–“Ex-Gay” Therapy

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  1. Rowan says

    Ahh, good for him. So sad when people are genuine conformist or should I say, actually like the status quo-it makes them so upset,angry and disillusioned when they are not part of that.

    My story was simple because I was always ‘different’ as creative, wild and non conformist.

    Great series and hope the party goes well! Would go if I lived in the states, it looks like a free or cheap bar! 😉

  2. UGH says

    I find it difficult to have sympathy for people like this. He starts off saying how wonderful the area was where he grew up, an area filled with southern Baptists who hates gays including a mom who rifles through his personal belongings in a complete invasion of his privacy while he was a college student! Then he talks about how he so wanted to be straight with a girlfriend with hopes of being a leader in his homophobic church. I don’t care how brainwashed a person is, have some self respect! Religion is just an evil and brainwashing cult. How many homophobic atheists or agnostics do you run across? Not many!

  3. Scott X says

    Lashawn…puh-lease. Can you post a pic of yourself so we can critique it? Besides, some of us love bigger noses on men. I find his very sexy.

  4. chris says

    this needs to go viral and/or somehow gay groups need to get this to national cable outlets…Cooper Thomas on MSNBC…whoever to get this exposed and to expose Bachman and her husband for the frauds they are.

  5. Dback says

    Watch your theaters, Logo, or Netflix for an outstanding doc called “This Is What Love In Action Looks Like,” about that kid Zack who “disappeared” into an ex-gay reparative therapy program in Tennessee back in 2005, and was blogging from “the inside” about his experiences, which prompted protests in front of the house and a nationwide online call to action. This sort of thing still happens, and people constantly need to be alert about it. (If there’s ever a way to form an “underground railroad” or safe haven for kids escaping from such places, it would be great to know about it.)

  6. anon says

    LaShawn: You’ll take that nose and like it!

    Also, if you’re ever passing through Arkansas, do stop at Hot Spring. They maintain one old fashioned spa there with hot baths. The baths are cunningly set up with a whirlpool jet blasting away RIGHT AT YOUR PROSTATE. There are curtains between the bath-tubs, but you can hear the guy in the next tub giggling.

    (They do scrub the tubs out between patrons, though!)

    Also, afterwards, you can get rubbed down by a guy who is a dead ringer for Bill Clinton, in looks and voice!

    Don’t miss it!!!!

  7. Vlad says

    Ugh: He’s not looking for sympathy, he’s just sharing. Lots of us who didn’t pick the circumstances we were born into have weird stories to tell. It’s life, it’s interesting, and it’s helpful to share.

  8. truthteller says

    @ UGH,
    You’re judgmental, narrow-minded and narcissistic. You obviously lack the empathy gene and the ability to listen to someone else’s story without demanding they respond to life’s circumstances the way you think you would if you were in their shoes.

    The fact is that you are not in his shoes so the best thing you can do is shut up and listen to how another human being dealt with the indoctrination of 5 days a week of church and the negative programing about who he is.

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  9. Truth says

    I’m with B-RAD. This pathetic grandstanding mess is just trying to grab his 15 minutes, talk about having some baggage. If you see this guy, run the other way!

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