1. says

    Thou shalt not lie* (* except as pertains to making your point over that of the lowly homosexuals, duh)=the full text of that part of the 10 commandies.

  2. b9 says

    To be fair it sounds like he was saying that our children, not homosexuals, are barbarians…

  3. Pete n SFO says

    They are already playing the victim, and with that religious conservative crowd, that position carries water.

    It’s outrageous to them that increasingly society is telling them directly, your religious fervor does not justify your mistreatment & prejudice toward others.

    But will media call them out? Or give them a pass, afraid to anger religious people???

  4. ohplease says

    There’s a difference between being fair and being inaccurate. His reference to disciplining barbarians was in reference to homosexuality.

    Let’s say your misinterpretation is right. Then he’s a saint for saying — with seething disgust in his voice — that children are barbarians that need to be disciplined? Being “fair” is saying that he’s promoting hatred and abuse of children?

    You might want to go back to being accurate. At least what he’s really saying only makes him a self-hating gay man, as opposed to the child abusing freak you want people to think he is.

  5. Mr. Mambo says

    Going after Marcus Bachman because he has a gay sounding voice is gay bullying. There’s a perception that his voice “sounds gay” therefore he must be gay. That’s wrong.

    Denouncing Marcus Bachman for his homophobia, however, is appropriate.

    As for Michelle Bachman, she may be ‘nutty’ but she is a hella ruthless politician. She is a true believer and will destroy anyone, including her own sister, to get what she wants. Michelle Bachman wants the presidency. She will bend all this criticism into proof that she and her fellow extremists are being persecuted. Her followers will eat it up.

    Over the last few years, conservatives have tried painting liberals as “fascists.” Fascism liest at the intersection of religion, government, and business. This is were you’ll find Michelle Bachman. Her goal is a theocratic fascist state. There are many people who support this. Look at the fanaticism on display within the Tea Party GOP.

    People should stop making fun of the Bachmans and recognize them for the true threat that they are.

    Obama may not be the great progressive or fierce advocate people wanted, but he sure as hell is a better choice than any of the GOP scary candidates.

  6. Ib4e says

    Marcus Bachmann reminds me of (and in large part looks and sounds like) Heimlich from “A Bug’s Life”

  7. says

    We’re not denouncing Marcus for having a “gay sounding voice” – we’re going after him for being an Uncle Tom self-loathing closeted homosexual.

    Family can spot Family.

    We dont’ think he’s gay “because of his voice” but because he’s a homosexual. We can tell he’s a homosexual because he’s a homosexual. The “blue streak of recognition” that family sees in each other.

    The man is not Gay. The man is a homosexual. He doesnt’ have the orbs to be gay.

  8. says

    Land is correct that this will make Bachmann popular with people like him, who believe that God had commanded the execution of gay people (Leviticus). But what Land forgets is that fundamentalists are a dwindling percentage of the population and a minority. Bachmann’s hateful views do not win her support outside the revivalist backwaters where fundies congregate. The more she wears her religion on her sleeve the less electable she becomes. So, while this may get the deluded evangelicals on her side the more people know about her fanaticism the less the average voter will find her appealing.

  9. walter says

    the bachmanns are total liars. why aren’t her followers pushing solutions to the budget crisis rather her total focus on social issues. also why aren’t people pushing her and her husband for taking those horrible government payouts. time to hit her on the real deep issue and stop letting her skate on total oblivion to the country’s issues.

  10. robert chapman says

    the trivial news items concerning Michele Bachman are very tedious reading.

    Unfortunately, they are necessary as Bachman’s record of public service accomplishment reads like the Atlantis phone-book.

    There is simply nothing there.

  11. Dale says

    In order for Marcus to treat people successfully, you need clinical trials to back the effectiveness of the treatment. If you are going to call foul on someone else, you need proof that indeed a misdeed had been done against you.

    He lacks in both areas. I wonder if he lacks in bed just as bad.

  12. matt says

    Maggie and NOM support Michelle Bachman!?!? what a surprise, NOT!! Bigotted birds of a feather flock together. Maybe they can console each other after Michelle loses the nomination.

  13. jaragon says

    The hardcore religious gay hating conservative might give Bachman a win in Iowa- but can this extreme message appeal to a national audience?