1. JH says

    Both of these boys were failed by the parents and by their school. This situation that grew so out of control to reach a point of catastrophe could and should have been avoided had the adults behaved like adults.
    I hope Towleroad prints this after removing some of my comments last week that didn’t match the lemming chorus that is sometimes here. I was quite disappointed in the squashing of opinion. Rather hypocritical.

  2. Danny says

    @ JH – he does that a lot – quashing opinions that differ from the gay politically correct.

  3. Leo says

    What exactly is the “gay politically correct” Danny? And what were the opinions that were quashed?

    The former – sarcasm. The latter – genuinely curious.

  4. says

    Leo & David, what’s being “squashed” (according to these two wimps) are nothing more than Uncle Tom opinions where they blame King for being a ‘stereotype’.

    it has nothing to do with “gay politically correct”-ness, or any “lemming chorus”, but the usual b.s. from GOProud-style cowards who base their entire sense of identity on how “not like other gay people they are.”


    this is a sad case. Two boys from beyond-broken homes. McInerney growing up around abuse, violence and drugs. Taking a gun to school, a gun owned by a man with a history of domestic-violence.
    King going from adoptive home to foster home to children’s shelter, with his adoptive father still insisting that King “wasn’t gay.”

    This is what happens when we don’t teach children about respect, diversity, cause and effect, and the truth about LGBT people.

  5. says

    The whole “King was the real bully” thing is galling. A gay kid gets bullied. Gay kid defies bullying and throws it back. Gay kid gets shot. Gay kid gets blamed for fighting back.

  6. JC says

    The entire situation is a tragedy. That boy shouldn’t have died, and this boy shouldn’t have felt that his only option was to kill. One boy has already lost his life, and it seems that another boy is going to lose his as well. I’m not sure what the answer is.

  7. sickofBS says

    @ KIWI; “This is what happens when we don’t teach children about respect, diversity, cause and effect…” Yeah, EXACTLY! …ALL of which your little homosexual pal King ignored!
    And YES, King was the “bully” in this entire mess. The facts in the case clearly show that he verbally and physically sexually harassed several students on his own initiative… thanks to that lesbo admin Epstein who encouraged his private “gay pride parade” in an environment not meant for such displays. She helped set him up like a Judas Goat and hanging that kid on her own personal ‘fence’, just like that Shepherd kid, likely to advance her own sick idiology of gay agenda.
    This case carries all the appearances of suicide by classmate. People need to learn their place and limits when engaging in an unpredictable world… including self-hating intolerant homos.
    Get your head on straight, you hypocritically contradict yourself between your two comments!