Oakland A’s Pitching Prospect Ian Krol Suspended for Anti-Gay Tweet

Top Oakland A's pitching prospect Ian Krol has been suspended indefinitely by the franchise for a tweet containing an anti-gay slur which has since been deleted, NBC Sports Hardball Talk reports:

Krol Krol had all of 90 twitter followers prior to the announcement, but the A’s were obviously keeping tabs on him.

According to Larry Brown Sports, "Krol, a left-handed pitcher from Illinois, wrote 'ASU is a bunch of fake a** f***, get on one knee a **** **, I’m better than you’ll ever be…''"

Larry Brown Sports adds: "Krol was suspended from his baseball team as a high school senior for an alcohol-related incident but he was still drafted in the seventh round by the A’s in 2009. About the only smart move he seems to have made recently is deleting his twitter account. Krol, who has been on a rehab assignment with Oakland’s rookie ball team, enjoyed plenty of success last season. The southpaw went 10-4 with a 2.80 ERA, spending most of his time pitching for the Double-A Midland RockHounds of the Texas League."

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Krol joins White Sox player Gordon Beckham and Philadelphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson on the homophobic bench this week.


  1. Tim NC says

    I think a lot of this can be blamed on these twenty-somethings who grew up in their tween / teen years in school using the phrase “that’s so gay” and being allowed to get away with the excuse that it just means lame and has nothing to do with gay as a sexual orientation.

    Of course, it always had everything to do with making the statement that being gay is lame. And, times have changed rapidly. People who used to be able to get away with these kinds of statements are going to be allowed to any more.

    What should have been taken care of years ago by parents and in the schools by not allowing “that’s so gay” to become common language is being handled now.

    That’s why the common excuse being used as an apology now of … I meant no disrespect to the LGBT community …. rings so hollow. Of course disrespect is EXACTLY what you mean. When you use the term gay or fa@@ot to show your lack of respect for an individual you are saying that the worst thing you can think of to say about an individual is that they are gay. That is the definition of disrespecting the LGBT community.

  2. Clay says

    How far up his own ass is this guy’s head that he doesn’t know his own team GM, Billy Beane, is openly gay? The culture is changing in sport, gradually, but this is for sure one team in baseball where anti-gay bull is hardly likely to be tolerated. Giants and Cubs are good eggs too.

  3. Tim NC says

    oops…. This:

    “People who used to be able to get away with these kinds of statements are going to be allowed to any more.”

    should have said:

    “People who used to be able to get away with these kinds of statements ARE NOT going to be allowed to any more.”

  4. frank says

    When will professional athletes learn that they are employees, and that their behavior reflects on their employers? It’s one thing to be a star player, but just a prospect – not a good idea to cause problems.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Don’t these jocks read or listen to the news or even listen to the sports grapevine? How can they not know their homophobic statements probably are going to cause this type of reaction from their club’s management/ownership? Are they really as stupid as they act??

  6. jason says

    Sigh, why is it that the good-looking ones always seem to make the most homophobic comments? Sometimes I think that it’s got something to do with the fact that a good-looking male is often put in the position of object, not unlike the position many women are put in when objectified by men.

    This turns the objectified man into a seller. Since masculinity is defined by buying, not selling, such a reversal of perceptions can rattle one’s psyche.

  7. jomicur says

    Can we please lay to rest the incessant claims that “sports builds character”? Unless they mean BAD character, nobody with a brain is buying it anymore.

  8. AllBeefPatty says


    Similar to Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds NOT using steroids.

    One of these days the pathetic idolization of garbage like this is going to stop and humanity will be the better for it.

    Tell me. Exactly what function in society do these punks perform that justifies their salaries?

  9. ratbastard says

    VERY STUPID for him or anyone else in a similar position to tweet or post anything on the internet or say in public that could cause themselves or their employee trouble.

    We homosexuals have a big issue with the F word, the same way blacks have issues with the N word. Reality: I know MANY gays who always use the F word, and using the N word [blatantly, non-chalantly, in public] by black people is commonplace.

    The F word IS NOT going to disappear. It’s here to stay. You can’t disinvent a word.

  10. St. Theresa of Avila says

    “Sigh, why is it that the good-looking ones always seem to make the most homophobic comments?”

    I don’t think that’s always true. Ben Cohen is hotter than this chowderhead.

    But…srsly? Every time some dumb jock somewhere sez f***** does it have to be a towleroad post? Yawn.

  11. TonyJ says

    I’m glad that Towelroad posts these items. I want to see this bigotry illuminated, not shelved….

    And it keeps the pressure on sports organizations to reduce homophobia in ALL workplaces, includes sports….

    What a shame that this guy is such a jerk….. I guess he’s still got time to grow up, and I hope that we can see that happen….

  12. Francis says

    All we’re seeing is the homophobic culture in sports boiling to the surface.

    These athletes are going to get the message eventually…………they’re going to have to. Homophobia has been so ingrained in their psyches that it’s second nature to them to just use gay slurs or say off the cuff homophobic remarks. And I truly believe some of them when they don’t realize or understand the offensiveness of anti-gay speech. It’s basically just normal, every day speech in their vocabulary. That’s what the problem is, and that’s why we keep seeing these incidents occurring.

    That’s why it’s of complete importance to CONTINUE to call out these athletes every single time they slip up. It’s the only way the message will be sent that gay isn’t a pejorative, and it’s not OK to use anti-gay hate speech. A complete and stern shunning of these actions will make people think twice, for fear of their jobs, a fine, and societal and media condemnation.

  13. Thomas Cardellino says

    I’m still counting the asterisks trying to get beyond the self-censorship to figure out what the f**k he actually said. Are we too sensitive and infantile to even be allowed to read what one immature athletic monomaniac typed into a social media site? I promise I won’t cry or take it personally and stay in my room without dinner all night, Andy.

  14. Gregv says

    I don’t know, either, Thomas. “Get on one knee a **** **”?? I have no idea what fits in the blanks, of whether I have any reason to be offended.

  15. Bob says

    First off The one person has it wrong. The gm for the A’s Billy BEAN is not gay There was a player who played professionally named Billy BeanE who was openly gay. So get your facts right. Second, I don’t see any anti gay slur here. I see people trying to be Alpha Male in the area they are at. There was no “I hate Fags” or anything like that.

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