1. says

    Thanks for covering the book, Andrew B!
    We’ve got a great distribution partner with Diamond Comic Distributors, so the book will be available in comics shops all over the place. I urge readers to ask for it at their local shops!

  2. Bill Michael says

    You know, most of the gay kids I know are remarkably intelligent. If the panels above are any indication of the intellectual level of the book, I don’t think it will be a success.

  3. says

    Sorry you feel that way, Bill. I think Shannon *is* a smart kid, but he’s overwhelmed by what he’s being put through and maybe doesn’t make all the best choices or always accept the help that’s out there. If gay teens reading this see his struggles and say, “I can do better than that,” then Mark and I will be happy as clams. Because we want them to do great.

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