1. Michael says

    Brother-Uncle-Daddy Phelps and Sister-Auntie-Mommy Phelps are always protesting getting the truth out. This is no difference.

  2. Smartypants says

    My only reservation about this movie is that it will give the crazies new ideas.

  3. RONTEX says

    @smartypants, the fundamentalists are already on the crazy train full throttle with the tea baggers stoking the fire. Unfortunately I don’t think their train will be stopped until they have a “Waco” stand off event or some other tragedy.

  4. justme says

    Wow, could Kevin have found a new niche? This is the last thing I would ever have expected from him. Looks amazing and good for him for reinventing himself.

  5. Paul R says

    I don’t think you can discuss this movie without mentioning the Waco cult/incident. Smith tied together two strings of crazy here; Waco is at least as prominent, at least based on this trailer. It looks exactly like it.

  6. Nat says

    “Wow, could Kevin have found a new niche? This is the last thing I would ever have expected from him. Looks amazing and good for him for reinventing himself.”

    Officially, he’s retiring after his next film, Hit Somebody.

    I was less impressed with this trailer than I was with the last – the last trailer made Red State seem akin to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre; this one pushes it into the more straight-up Grindhouse niche. I still can’t wait to see it though – and help make the case for an alternative to normal film marketing.

  7. Rick S. says

    I just want to thank Kevin Smith for portraying America’s religious whackjobs exactly as they really are. Melissa Leo looks chillingly well-cast.

    Ah, Michael Parks, who, generations ago was the first American actor to go naked in a big-budget Hollywood movie, as Adam, in 1966’s “The Bible.” Quite a hottie back then, too.

  8. justme says

    I’d heard about the retiring but didn’t know it was so soon. He’s had a very problematic career in many ways, while still being very successful and much admired. I’ll miss his movie-making, but I’ve always said I’ve never understood people in entertainment who no longer had to work for a living who keep at it when it was obviously no longer fun for them.

    Hopefully, he’ll keep churning out pop cultural innovations in some way that makes him happy. If not, he’s earned his retirement. What a ride he’s had.

  9. Jim says

    You just gotta LOVE something that Fred Phelps PROTESTS! I like to call him Freddie “Kruger” Phelps!

  10. AJ says

    I don’t know about this. I haven’t really liked a Kevin Smith film since “Dogma”. In fact, I vehemently HATED a few of his since “Dogma”. “Clerks 2″ was just okay. This looks too much like something Rob Zombie would do. I can only take so many crazy rednecks in one movie before I have more than my fill. And I can’t stand long, drawn-out, sadistic torture scenes. I will wait for the reviews.

  11. Dback says

    I love–adore–Kevin Smith, but I can’t watch torture porn, it’s just too much like the sorts of awful things you hear about on the news. If I knew that the 3 guys don’t get offed by the family before the SWAT team et all show up, I might consider seeing this. Can’t argue with that cast and Smith’s fearlessness about debunking the myth of the “pious heartland conservative” though.

  12. romeo says

    Westboro is objecting to this? If they can’t take it, then they shouldn’t dish it out.

  13. Drew says

    This sums up my reaction: “Alrighty then.” It’s like Hostel for cult fetishists.

  14. Codswallop says


    I know what you mean but there’s a line where one one of the female “church” characters says to a hostage “They’re gonna kill you too” (or something like that) so at least one of the boys is there when the FBI shows up.

    Definitely a different direction for Kevin Smith. I kind of get why he might retire though. Getting financing was always tough for him and no matter what (and sometimes he deserved it) he was always the director mainstream reviewers love to hate.

  15. Cheryl says

    I guess I’m getting more squeamish as I get older, but after seeing that gunshot to the head I cannot bring myself to see this. I’m still recovering from that human centipede nightmare movie…

  16. jaragon says

    The first part of the trailer looks promising- “Porky’s Goes To Hell” but the swat action movie looks like another film entirely.

  17. Laura says

    I’m one of the few folks that paid the money to see this film when Kevin Smith toured it around the country (Atlanta at the Cobb Center, to be exact).

    Sure I’m a Kevin Smith fan, but I must say I loved this movie. It IS very different from any of his previous works. It’s not torture porn; I’m actually surprised how much the trailer shows. Every actor gives a fantastic performance, especially Michael Parks. If you didn’t like Smith’s previous films, try this one. It ain’t no Clerks.

  18. ZigZagBoom says

    Fred Phelps proves what a diva he is for thinking this is about him. Looks more inspired by Waco.