News: Oslo Explosion, Ryan Kwanten, Soyuz, Philadelphia Phillies

 road Massive blast hits government building in Oslo, Norway: "Several people have been injured in a large explosion which has damaged government buildings in central Oslo, including the office of the Norwegian prime minister." Live coveragePhotos (warning: graphic)…

Soyuz  roadRussia declares new space era now that Shuttle is finished: "'From today, the era of the Soyuz has started in manned space flight, the era of reliability,' the Russian space agency Roskosmos said in a statement.

 roadRobert Pattinson debuts lop-mop haircut.

 roadMichele Bachmann's favorite food: celery.

 roadSome Provincetown locals not happy with "Fag Bash" party. “There’s definitely a bad connotation, if you let it, but we are trying to take back the meaning, to turn a negative to a positive. Do we want to be controversial? Sure, why not?”

 roadKate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding dress goes on display in London.

 roadPhiladelphia Phillies to make "It Gets Better" video: “We are getting on board with the project and we’ve had some discussions with the project manager,” says Bonnie Clark, Vice President of Communications for the Phillies. “Based on the conversations we had with him, the time frame we’re looking at is probably going to be in conjunction with ‘Back to School.’ Based on what he told us, the ‘Back to School’ time-frame is most effective in getting the word out.”

 roadLongtime NY gay bar Pieces is saved.

 road VIDEO: Bear Grylls tries to survive under Jimmy Kimmel's desk.

Skarskwant  roadAlexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten hang out at Comic Con.

 roadHugh Jackman hits up Comic Con too.

 road Don't call a dust storm a 'Haboob' in Arizona: “I am insulted that local TV news crews are now calling this kind of storm a haboob,” Don Yonts, a resident of Gilbert, Ariz., wrote to The Arizona Republic after a particularly fierce, mile-high dust storm swept through the state on July 5. “How do they think our soldiers feel coming back to Arizona and hearing some Middle Eastern term?”

 roadMatt Rettenmund meets lots o' old celebs.

 roadDurham, NC passes resolution opposing amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

 roadRetired Major General Dennis Laich abandons support for American Legion over its opposition to 'DADT' repeal: "Unfortunately, policy positions that the American Legion and several of its senior leaders have taken regarding gay and lesbian service in our military are repugnant to me and represent a bigotry and discrimination that demeans the service and sacrifice of gays and lesbians to our nation’s defense. I further believe that these positions on gay and lesbian service place the good programs supported by the American Legion in jeopardy as more current or potential American Legion members may choose to not be Legionnaires."

Darkknight  roadCan't unsee: The Dark Knight poster is ruined.

 roadWill Apple buy Hulu?

 roadGrowing evidence suggests Hepatitis C can be transmitted sexually: "The most recent evidence was reported Thursday by New York City researchers who documented an outbreak of the virus, commonly known as HCV, among gay men."

 roadAdvocates cleared to begin collecting signatures for ballot measure that would repeal Colorado's ban on same-sex marriage: "A state board charged with approving proposed ballot measures voted 3-0 to allow a measure to repeal the ban, which voters placed in the state constitution in 2006. The measure would strike the ban and say marriage is allowed regardless of the participants' gender. Gay-marriage activists would need to collect about 86,000 valid signatures to make the 2012 ballot."


  1. says

    I hope Colorado knows what they are doing. Opponents would argue that marriage is already allowed regardless of gender. They better specifically be mentioning same sex marriage or a lot of people will be wasting a lot of time.

  2. gaylib says

    Hey, cool! that Durham resolution was my idea. I proposed a draft resolution to my local neighborhood list serv. It kind of mushroomed from there, eventually leading to the City Council resolution. If I can be an activist, anyone can, so get out there and DO SOMETHING!

  3. prophet says

    Re: “fag bash” – perhaps some terms shouldn’t be taken back

    re: Arizona haboob – I guess god doesn’t approve of hate legislation.

  4. Max says

    Oslo explosion – Islam strikes again.

    Let’s see how many other things the media can blame it on in the next week (i.e. Danish cartoonists, Jews, Crusaders, soldiers in Afghanistan, Bush, right-wing parties in Europe, etc.). You know they will.

  5. FernLaPlante says

    I agree with Prophet about “Fag Bash”. I don’t want to “take back this term”. Get rid of it.

    And for the AZ guy, get a life. It’s called a borrowed word. Does he also complain that WWII vets came back from France only to be assaulted by “croissants”?

  6. Yuki says

    I’m in Arizona and the idea that anyone would be offended that it’s called a haboob is ridiculous; I don’t think I know anybody that dumb. We usually call it a simple “dust storm”, but if the term is haboob, that’s fine too.

  7. Morgan says

    Does the jackass in AZ say “tidal wave” instead of tsunami too?

    Batman poster = mind blown (it’s a bat!)


  8. joe says

    Fag Bash stinks, literally and figuratively. Literally = the basement of the Governor Bradford smells like decades of old vomit and tequila. You’ll seriously go blind of you stay there more than 30 minutes. Figuratively = it’s so loud and dark and murky, you can’t possibly socialize in any way.

  9. says

    @Max : remember the Oklahoma City Bombing? When everyone was running around going “Islamic Terrorists!”and it turned out to be Timothy McVeigh?

    “The killings, it now seems clear, were carried out by a 32-year old Norwegian, named by local media as Anders Behring Breivik, who had expressed far-right views”

  10. Max says


    Remember that there was more than one attack, and an Islamic group already claimed responsibility for the blasts. You might have forgotten that by now. (The media have.)

    Pay close attention to the aftermath.

    Regarding the Muslim bomb spree, the reaction will be to ignore it and attack “Islamophobia” instead. There will be calls for more mosques in Norway, of course.

    Regarding the right-wing lunatic, the reaction will be that the entire right-wing must obviously be a terrorist because Sarah Palin owns a gun (or something like that).

    It’s all too predictable. It’s *almost* as if the media is reading from the same script.

  11. Max says

    I stand corrected. The psycho apparently set off the bombs and then went to the island to kill more people.

    So then why did a Muslim terrorist group initially claim responsibility? Questions the media won’t ask…

  12. Chance says


    I’m glad you corrected your position because as you can see, the guy was very right-wing and he called himself a conservative Christian.

  13. says

    “Oslo explosion – Islam strikes again.”

    Not so fast, Max. Don’t be pulling out your anti-Islamic pom-poms just yet.

    He was an extremist, but apparently not the type you prefer to vilify. If the news stories are correct, Mr. Blond and Blue Eyes would be right at home among his white far-right anti-Muslim brothers at the World Net Daily etc. Which only shows that extremism of any variety is the enemy, not just one particular type of extremism.

  14. Max says

    Ernie, a Muslim terrorist group claimed responsibility before the news got hold of a non-Muslim suspect. I corrected my error.

    I’ll bet you are so excited that you can say something like, “See? Christians kill too.”

    So what’s the score now, Ernie? A handful of Christian lunatics going crazy with a gun in the last 15 years vs. almost daily occurrences of Muslim bombs, riots, honor killings, assassinations, stonings, beheadings, etc.

    All these murderers are vile trash, but let’s not pretend that Christianity is anywhere near as lethal as Islam.

  15. says

    I’m not keeping score, Max, you are. That’s your raison d’être here. I’m no more supportive of Muslim extremism than I am of Christian extremism. And I don’t get excited by any kinds of violence or zealotry.

    And I would never make the claim that Muslim extremism isn’t an enormous problem or that Muslim extremists aren’t responsible for vile acts. But when people ALWAYS jump to the conclusion that Muslims are responsible for any terroristic act, before the facts are in (claims of responsibility aren’t facts), that in itself becomes a non-violent form of extremism and narrow-mindedness.

    In this case, the apparent terrorist shares views with an alarming number of people (including some blog commentators), most of whom are fortunately sane enough not to take those views to his extreme. Extremism is irrational and should be opposed in every form. Scorekeeping doesn’t address the root problem, it contributes to it.