1. equality now says

    Well, good for Mitt. Let’s see how some common sense and common decency goes over with the GOP primary voters.

    If McCain had picked Mitt for his running mate he would probably be sitting in the White House instead of Obama.

  2. says

    Romney was not the first GOP candidate to reject signing the vow. Gary Johnson rejected signing the vow, calling it “offensive to the principles of liberty and freedom on which this country was founded” back on July 9.

  3. Kevin Thor says

    Methinks The Republican Party is dead in The USA.
    I find Obama an appalling and almost cypher like leader. Even with him as President, i doubt any Republican buffoon can beat the leader of our leaderless country.

  4. Frankie says

    @Equality Now: Actually Sarah Palin was the best thing to happen to McCain. She excited the base and drove them to the polls. Mitt was boring then and is boring now.

  5. Tony says

    One history footnote.

    Slaves weren’t allowed to be married. It would have made things difficult if their owners didn’t want to sell them as a pair. The slaves created their own version of a wedding, hence the phrase “jumping the broom”. So their marriages weren’t legal.
    Anyone sense a pattern here?

  6. mstrozfckslv says

    Don’t think romney’s frefusal had anything to do with us gays or the previously in there slavery bit

    It had to do with the 1 wife to 1 man bit which basically would have Romney denouncing his own and all mormons’ familys’ pasts.

    Romney would have to repudiate/ denounce his own great grandfather and great great grandfather (who himself had 12 wives)

  7. PLAINTOM says

    In 1923 the German people did not take Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party seriously. In 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. I’m not saying this little group in Iowa is going to take over the country but their are many ideologically related groups around the US. If our government does not address the very real economic problems facing our country, I am frightened by the possibilities.

  8. bkmn says

    Bob Vander Plaats says: “Trust your anal virginity to me. Cause the homos will find a way to rape you.”

    And send me money.

    This is the definition of a whore and a pimp.

    Christianity should not be proud of Bob Vander Plaats.

    And stop sending him money fools.

  9. mstrozfckslv says


    NO he doesn’t

    Everyone , do not assign any commonsense or compassion to Romney over this

    It is purely selfish. Signing it publicly denounces his and all mormon families family trees due to the 1 man to 1 wife bit in the pledge

  10. finkles2000 says

    I feel sad for Republicans, and even sadder for gay Republicans. The choice for the GOP Presidential nomination would pretty much be an “Okay, who’s the least bigoted?” choice. I’m somewhat glad that Romney called this thing out, but I doubt he did it for the right reasons and any convictions of the heart.

    Besides, a vote for any Republican is still a vote for civil rights annihilation.

  11. Mark says

    It’s hard for me to feel sorry for any republican but Mitt Romney has a tough job these days, having to appeal to the dumbest part of the electorate. He very much reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger. These people may embrace some republican ideas but they’re not crazy. I feel they don’t really belong in the republican camp because they are capable of thinking.

    As for the “values pledge” that he refused to sign, my favorite part in it is the second bullet point, which pledges “Respect for the marital bonds of others.” Does that include the marital bonds of the 16 thousand same-sex couples who are legally married in the state of Massachusetts? I mean, a legal marital bond is a marital bond, right?

    The teabaggers only want what they want. What a bunch of hypocrites. This is the 21st century and these morons are turning us into the laughing stock of the world. Argentina has gay marriage at the national level, for crying out loud.

  12. Tim says

    If recent press coverage on the stupidity of this ultra-wing wing manifesto was not so negative, Romney would have signed it. He waited to see how the wind was blowing then came down on what is perceived to be “the correct side.” If coverage had gone the other way, Romney would have followed Santorum and Bachmann immediately and signed. He could have made this statement a week ago but waited…a calculated move by a man of ever-changing “convictions.”

  13. Chitown Kev says

    “Slaves weren’t allowed to be married. It would have made things difficult if their owners didn’t want to sell them as a pair. The slaves created their own version of a wedding, hence the phrase “jumping the broom”. So their marriages weren’t legal.
    Anyone sense a pattern here?”


  14. vwdavy says

    this just in: Iowa, July 12, 2011. Rope supplies are dwindling and becoming both increasingly scarce and in huge demand as the straw poll nears for the Republican candidates for President here in the corn state.

  15. walter says

    in nazis germany most people remained silent because it didn’t effect them. the nazis then moved to another group to hate then a third. in the end there was nobody left to oppose them. notice any similarities to modern repuks they are opposed to gays, blacks hispanics and anybody who doesn’t think just like them.

  16. Justin L Werner says

    The “Family Leader” can explain what was meant all he/they want. It still all boils down to self-righteousness, bigotry and intolerance.

  17. DN says

    I find it odd that Vander Plaats has such a thorough defense for the “black baby” statement. He obviously thinks he has a clear explanation for why that language should have stayed in the pledge, which begs the question, why take it out to begin with?

  18. Mark (different one) says

    Has anyone figured out Vander Plaat’s motivation yet? I don’t get a gay vibe from him, so I doubt it’s self loathing. Anyone know how much money he makes from running this Family Leader group?

  19. wimsy says

    Let’s not get too excited about this opportunist. When Mitt ran for US Senate, he told everyone he favored gay marriage – and was more liberal than Ted Kennedy on the issue. Seriously.

    He did a complete about-face right after the election, of course.

  20. Dback says

    Good for him for taking a stand, but it’s going to cost him dearly with evangelicals and “values voters.” God help us, he’ll then probably put Michelle Bachman or Rick Santorum on the ticket as his VP as a sop to the extreme right-wing, just like McCain did with Palin. Then if he’s elected, we could wind up with the biggest Christian fascist in the #2 slot since Dan Quayle.

  21. Eddie_schirm says

    I suggest EVERYONE visit the ‘YouTube’ sight, and “dislike” this video. And visit ‘TheFamilyLeader’s YouTube channel page and ‘dislike’ all of their hate-filled video’s. That’s what I do, when I see hate-filled videos like this.

  22. Rowan says

    Urgh Romney is a Mormon. The Mormons gave more money then any organization for prop8 to be defeated.

    Are you guys insane? Don’t you realize that as Mormon the point about one woman and one man goes against his religion??

    Oh dear. The gays are soo stupid. And desperate for acceptance!

    Romney-stick it where the sun don’t shine, these guys lay be gullible fools but I ain’t. Politics is a game of old and you sir are playing the typical GOP game against a bunch of evangelists.

  23. Mark the Mormon says

    To the folks who think all Mormons’ family trees are full of polygamy, let me set the record straight. First of all, it was only a very small percentage of Mormon men who had multiple wives, and this practice was officially denounced by the LDS Church in the late 19th century. Secondly, the majority of Mormons today are converts, or descended from converts who were never part of polygamy. In otherwords, of the 14 million members of the LDS Church alive today, only about 1% of them have any ties to polygamy. So, because this was a practice that was denounced, Romney, like all other LDS, have every right to speak out against marriages that are not within the “one man one woman” frame. That being said, Romney is not running as a Mormon candidate. He is running as an American who wants to help his country. His specific religion will have no bearing on his performance as the chief executive of the United States, anymore than JFK’s catholicism did.

  24. Iowan says

    I live in Iowa and am a lesbian and a journalist. I have had to put up with Vander Plaats for years, and let me tell you – he is total hippocracy. It is an affront to personally deal with this self-proclaimed Evangelical Christian who has the nerve to claim that gays or anyone who isn’t in a one man – one woman relationship CAN’T be Christian. He ruined Iowa’s impartial supreme court selection and justices are now being carefully watched to see how they vote. Vander Plaat’s efforts are un-Constitutional, inhumane and his recent ‘joking’ about “FAGS” in Iowa should be insulting not just to the LGBT community, but to Americans period! I find it amusing that Mitt Romney, a Mormon and very conservative in his religious views has refused to sign Vander Plaat’s mandate — see, even a Mormon has more sense than BOB does…I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last man on Earth – I’d rather run things myself.

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