1. ohplease says

    I am amazed that Dan Savage has managed to turn even something as well-meaning as this project into something ugly.

    Since when did making a video for this thing become mandatory? Since when is this the litmus test for determining whether or not one cares about one’s fellow human beings?

    I am in no way defending the disgusting Scott Brown. I’m just asking why we’ve elevated a bunch of videos spearheaded by an idiotic, racist, genocide-loving attention whore to this level. Videos the sole goal of which is to tell LGBT teens to simply wait out any hell they’re going through with the promise that it will get better, regardless of the fact that it very often does not.

    And yet again Dan Savage assures his employment by increasing his notoriety at our expense and this time by exploiting LGBT youth.

  2. will says

    Why are the “It Gets Better” videos being used as a tool to beat down political opponents? The entire IDEA of “It Gets Better” is centered on the voluntary, reaching out to somebody else from genuine empathy, from your heart.

    We should NOT be penalizing or trashing politicians who do not join in (like Social Christians do by forcing others to sign a “Marriage Pledge”).

    The idea of “It Gets Better” is cheapened and demeaned once we use it as a political football.

  3. jason says

    I think Savage has a point about the Republicans being notable for their complete absence from the It Gets Better campaign. It’s as if the Republican Party has become a party based on opposition to homosexuality. It’s become hostage to the Religious Right.

  4. says

    Brown’s absence is not as surprising as it is disappointing; esp when you consider he now sits in the seat previously held by Sen. Kennedy – maybe the best advocate the GLBT community has ever had in the US Senate.

    Sen. Brown has yet to meet with any GLBT media since taking office. I didn’t vote for him in the special election and for a variety of reasons will not be voting for him in his upcoming election either.

    Boston, MA

  5. prophet says

    hmm, there were those of us who warned that Savage would become a target of the repuglicans, and his lurid activities would backfire on the gay community.

  6. says

    Dan Savage must feel overjoyed at being drawn into a meaningless controversy like this. Everyone involved in it is a glutton for media attention. Let them snipe back and forth until the cows come home . . . Just like most other Americans, I’m too busy looking for a job to pay attention. I ain’t got time for the foolishness!

  7. RyanInSacto says

    @AG: Maybe they should participate because they care more about the lives of LGBT youth than about Dan Savage? Just a thought.

    It’s amazing how Dan Savage has become the best comment-bait that a blog could ever hope for. So much vitriol, so many page views. If I was Dan, I would be proud. If no one talks about you, you probably aren’t doing anything of note.

    PROPHET is my number one favorite worry-wart. Oh how he worries that people who hate gay people might continue not to like us if we aren’t polite enough to them. He worries and worries. We really should all just sit with our hands folded and hope for the best, shouldn’t we? That always gets things done.

  8. Kanga says

    Dan Savage deserves to be attacked. His longheld stances [read his column, people] make things worse for us, not better. Having him become our go-to representative is one of the biggest mistakes our movement has made to date.

  9. says

    Wow, what’s all this bitterness towards Dan Savage ? He’s been a great advocate and supporter of gay issues… may not like his colourful imagery but get over it.
    And the question why Republicans have not supported the IGB project is a perfectly legitimate question.
    Why is Scott Brown the only one ??

  10. antisaint says

    @OH PLEASE — Dan Savage was pulled into this argument by Republicans. He wasn’t the one who raised the absence of Scott Brown as a talking point, and at this point I don’t think it’s worth the energy of LGBT groups to get their panties in a bunch if one person out of the lot chose not to participate. IGB doesn’t have anything to do with laws, it has to do with kids, and if this was 10-15 years ago, I really think teenage me wouldn’t really care about Mass. Congressional Delegation’s video, or the videos of sports teams, or businesses or random celebrities. I’d wager the one-on-one videos from REAL people are having the most impact.

    We shouldn’t be attacking people just because they don’t agree with us. The people that need calling out are the ones who are actively trying to deny us rights or take them away.

    Some of those pro-gay rights Christians out there do believe we will go to hell when we die, but they understand that their beliefs should have no bearing on our lives. Some people choose not to participate rather than condone something they don’t agree with. As long as they’re not trying to stop us from being free, let them have that.

  11. will says

    Let’s go to Nancy Reagan’s house next and ask her to do an “It Gets Better” video. If she refuses, we’ll throw a huge amount of glitter at her because we gays are vengeful people at heart if you speak against us (or abstain).

    How did we become Joseph McCarthy? This website we’re on loves to pillory any public person who says “That’s so gay” — even when it’s said in a completely non-homophobic innocuous fashion.

    We need to step back, look at what’s really important to us in our activism and stop bullying people out of revenge. It’s ugly.

  12. palisc says

    Really people? You’re attacking Dan Savage? Dan Savage’s project blew up into something much larger than he is. He just planted the seed. He doesn’t hate bisexuals, lesbians, black people, etc…he’s not the enemy or the boogeyman. Hateful, spiteful, jealous queens all y’all.

  13. walter says

    the boston area LGBT groups are the ones questioning brown’s absence not dan savage. yet in typical right wing fashion they haul out the victim card like they always do. if the igb project makes one teen stop from committing suicide it was worth it. too bad the repuks like bullying so much. look how the tea party is acting.

  14. says

    If you think the IGB project is pointless, take a look at yesterday’s poll on the wingnutdaily and the comments there. They’re appalled the government is giving $1.5 million to GLSEN for safe spaces in schools. They’d rather encourage gay kids to kill themselves. They do not get the connection between their own virulent homophobia and the high suicide rate in places like Anoka-Hennepin. It’s disgusting, and there are a lot of them.

    They and anyone who is opposed to IGB and to safe spaces are the problem. Not Dan.

  15. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ OhPlease,

    As usual, you prove that you can’t read the post itself before you comment. Here’s the info from the Andy’s post:

    “Today, Brown was blasted by state LGBT groups on a conference call with press”

    And here’s your idiotic comment:

    “I am amazed that Dan Savage has managed to turn even something as well-meaning as this project into something ugly. Since when did making a video for this thing become mandatory?”

    Yes, OhPlease, we understand that you resent the good that Dan Savage has done, but if you can read, you’ll realize that LGBT groups in Massachusetts, not Dan Savage, were criticizing Scott Brown.

    OhPlease, why do you insist on making a jackass of yourself over and over again? State LGBT groups in Massachusetts have freedom of speech like anyone else, and Dan Savage does not exercise mind control over them. Think before you post a comment.

  16. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ Marty,

    Regarding your comment: “Dan Savage really believes he, and his It Gets Better Crap is really more important than it is.”

    Crap is it? These videos have been saving kids’ lives and you know it. You’re peddling poison. Looking for an appreciative audience that will laugh along with you while gay kids kill themselves? How about Free Republic?

  17. says

    Dan Savage isn’t the enemy. Anyone who rails against him while giving Republicans a pass has skewed priorities.

    It’s not surprising that Scott Brown and his Republican colleagues aren’t participating in the It Gets Better project, never mind that everyone else, from sports teams to major corporations is–it would be disadvantageous for right-wingers politically, and there’s no reason to believe they care about gay bullying since they typically oppose any measures to address it.

    But, it should also be noted, they could participate in another anti-bullying project if they don’t want to associate themselves with Dan’s, and they haven’t. So this really isn’t about Dan Savage. It’s about their refusal (with a few notable exceptions, like the NY Repub’s who voted for marriage equality) to be involved with anything gay unless it’s in opposition to our rights and humanity.

  18. Artie Rimbaud says

    @ Ernie,

    Thank you for mentioning the obvious fact that Republicans have many other options to help prevent suicide among gay kids if they think that Dan Savage is too vulgar or tasteless. And they ignore all of those opportunities. I think we can connect the dots, no?

  19. Javier says

    While the core message of stopping harassment against children is admirable, Dan Savage is not. He spews forth some of the most vile, vulgar, crude, anti-Christian hate in the public sphere. I would not want to be associated with someone who acts so vile and imprudently. Savage is a harasser himself.

  20. CPT_Doom says

    So, according to the Republicans, doing an ‘It Gets Better’ video means you are “lying down” with Dan Savage. What exactly does it say about the GOP that their chosen Senator from Massachusetts is a former porn model?

  21. says

    @Javier: What is the source of much of the anti-gay bullying and hatred in the US? People who call themselves Republicans and Christians. Dan Savage’s remarks haven’t happened in a vacuum, and I’m sure not everyone who’s participated in the It Gets Better Project supports everything Dan has said and done. (I know I don’t.) But there is good reason to speak out against how right-wing religious zealotry damages our young people. He isn’t trying to prevent schools from protecting Christian children.

    But, let’s set Dan aside for a moment and ask how many Republicans would participate in a pro-gay-children anti-gay-bullying project that had nothing to do with Dan Savage? The answer would most likely be the same: None. No one’s stopping them from speaking out in other ways, and yet the Republicans and the so-called Christians who back them are silent except to speak out against gay youths and families.

  22. Russell says

    May I politely add that Scott Brown has got to be one of the top three most vulnerable Senators in the 2012 election. And I don’t know who the other two are.

    I’d bet that the RNC and party fathers will end up giving him only a perfunctory amount of election money. You don’t get away with something like that twice in Massachusetts.

  23. Jan says

    As a guy from the Netherlands it never ceases me to be surprised/shocked about the whole equal rights issue in the US. Here in my (little) country, lgbt folks have been able to get married for a decade now. It`s a total non-issue, even the Christian-Democrats (slightly on the right, politically speaking) are ok with it.
    Paradoxacilly, the extreme right wing party here, is defending gay rights, since they perceive muslim immigrants to be a mayor threat. In reality they don`t give sh… about lgbt rights, it s just an excuse to attack muslim immigrants.
    Nonetheless, it is a very different climate, right wing nutters here, shouting that all things muslim should be prohibited, in defence of liberty (and with that, rights and respect for the lgbt com. included.) Here in western europe, many countries have become truly equal, I wish you folks on the other side of the pond the same!!! Keep fighting for your rights, it will happen!

  24. breckroy says

    Dan Savage kind of does hate (or at the very least, REGULARLY hate on) bisexuals, which is my biggest problem with him, despite the fact that he has done some really great things in terms of advocacy for our community. I can forgive that he has the one flaw of many a brilliant and highly intelligent person–believing that he is right in all things and that his personal experience combined with his intelligence gives him a corner on the truth for all or at least most–but in a world where we’re all fighting to keep gay kids from feeling like they are outcasts with no futures, he freely criticizes and attacks bisexuals, warns gay people to never date them, spouts completely untrue crap about how they’re pretty much guaranteed to cheat on you, and questions whether people really even are bi, it’s hurtful to bisexual teens–stuff like that when I was a teen, realizing that I would never be fully accepted in the gay community or the straight community kept me in the closet with friends and families longer than I should have been. It also made me so depressed feeling like no gay man or woman would ever want to be with me. When I hear one of the leaders of our movement say the kinds of things he’s said about bisexuals and bisexuality, I think of the teens–and how he’s telling them that if they’re bisexual, it does not get better, it just gets lonely and more complicated. So I don’t hate him, but I don’t support him. I do support IGB, however, because some of those spots have been more inspiring and open-minded than Savage himself.

  25. Rocket J. Squirrel says

    @ Mike: more than a few contributors have been sent tonight. Actually, they are all over the net, hissing at Dan. It’s quite interesting to see what happens as the Dorian Gray paint flakes away on mean spirited, selfish thinking. To consider as the old order crumbles and flails about: “What a smell of sulphur! You have no power here, be gone.”

  26. says

    Anyone who says, Oh no, I’m not going to participate in telling young people that they matter and they deserve happiness, is simply hateful and disgusting.

    Who are these self loathing gays posting on this site? Or perhaps they are not gay at all, just hateful and disgusting.

  27. john leddy says

    dan savage’s often vulgar and immature comments and behavior give ammunition to the enemy. i am a lifelong democrat and a gay man and i sometimes think with friends like dan savage, we don’t need enemies.

  28. ralph petrucci says

    There is nothing more evil than a gau person defending the Republican Party and demeaning Dan Savage.

    Remember his is famous for his Santorum redifinition — which was inspired by Straight Supremacist bigotry.

    Lets hope the pro-Repbulican comments are not really from gay people — and if they take that as a lesson that within the pretensious elitist gay playgrounds right wing elitism is spreading as acceptable. Which it is not – gay or straight.

  29. truth says

    FYI … just a little inside politics here … one of BAGLY’s BIGGEST FINANCIAL “ANGELS” is a Republican.

    These Gay Elitists REALLY NEED the status quo elitist to accept them as equal. So he hands out lots of cash to BAGLY and Republican politicians —- including Brown.

    Seems Brown is not playing well. I know that the BAGLY Board Chairperson REALLY thought BROWN was going to be supportive of Gay Rights during the election and even voted for him. HA !

  30. walter says

    to those of you are unhappy with dan savage look to the suicide rate of teenagers in michelle bachmann’s home district and she doesn’t see it as problem. i for one am glad somebody has the balls to start the project to save kids instead of funding, with federal funds, pray away the gay. who is doing more for youth. as result if savage pisses off the repuks all the better.

  31. Oliver says

    I agree 100% with Dan Savage. I don’t believe you’re ever going to win your enemy over by sending them a box of Whitman Samplers. Fight fire with fire.

  32. FunMe says

    You ALWAYS know someone is doing the right thing when you have the GOP upset and you start seeing A LOT OF COCKROACHES come to this blog. I laugh at all the names that pop up when “they” try to bring someone like Dan Savage down


    Dan Savage has created a great project that is helping a lot of people who need. I salute him for his work and congratulate him for not being sidetrack by any of the “noise” around him. He should actually be happy as it is a sign that he is doing the right thing.

    GO DAN!

  33. brenda says

    Who let the conservative trolls out?

    Also, since when is Dan Savage “racist, genocide-loving” (as OhPlease ludicrously said).

    Please back up such a ridiculous assertion with evidence.


    Dan Savage?

    Oh PLEASE!

  34. robert in nyc says

    Isn’t it revealing why not one republican participated?

    Scott Brown was molested by an adult male when he was a young boy so I would suspect this has a lot to do with his absence. He probably thinks all gay people are molesters just as many in the right wing of the GOP believe including the christo-fascists in their party. Yet the Log Cabiners and GOProuders continue voting for a party that votes against them.

  35. Shelly says

    Here’s a case where cloning yourself so you can have a “good version” and an “evil genius version” would come in handy. As much as I enjoy Savage’s darker antics, I have to agree that they often seem likely to undermine our progress in winning hearts and minds, and it makes me sad to see them tainting something as wonderful as the It Gets Better project, which I think does so much good for kids and which I wish was around when I was young.

  36. Oliver says

    “and it makes me sad to see them tainting something as wonderful as the It Gets Better project”…
    Posted by: Shelly | Jul 29, 2011 8:31:07 AM

    You seem to be blaming Mr Savage for the “tainting” that is being done by the Repubs.

  37. Rick says

    Asking the GOP to make an IGB video today would be like asking the Confederate government 150 years ago to make a video encouraging their slaves that it gets better. They can’t. A single step in that direction undermines the GOPs entire structure.

  38. Pete says

    To all you folks who trash Dan Savage, I say this: Put up or shut up. He is smart, VERY articulate, and willing to put himself out there for gay rights. I’m sorry that he’s a sex advice columnist and I’m sorry that he’s lewd. But in this rich, wide, beautiful, smart and effective community of ours – he’s the one who has risen to this role. So if any of you can do better – step up!

  39. ant says

    amazing to me that somebody who has done as much good as Dan is the subject of so much vitriol here – it’s pathetic.

    thanks Artie R for taking out the troll trash on this one.

  40. gorde709 says

    Wasn’t Brown a hustler at one time, he knows cock better than anybody. Repubs are at best closet cases as it has been proven time and time again. Savage is trying to make the world a better place and all you queens can do is stomp on him for it get our yourselves, I came out in the 60’s and always feared getting arrested and Jailed. And believe you me it is getting better some of you young ones really don’t understand how hard the struggle has been. YES IT DOES AND IS GETTIBG BETTER, thanks Dan someone has to do it.

  41. says

    It’s sad to see that so much of the energy here in the comment section is going toward a discussion of Dan Savage. The real point is lost: Senator Scott Brown refused to stand up for teens, refused to stand up against bullying, and continues to be out of touch with what is important to voters in his state.

    I’ve written an open letter to Senator Brown asking him to stand up and do the right thing. It would be productive–and transformative–if we all directed our energies toward asking the Senator to do the right thing.

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