Virginia Senate Candidate E.W. Jackson: Same-Sex Marriage a ‘Sledge Hammer’ Destroying Christian Culture

Bishop of E. W. Jackson, a U.S. Senate candidate from Virginia and fringe religious right activist who has accused Obama of loving Islam more than he loves America, released a statement on the passage of New York's marriage equality act, accusing the government of taking a "sledge hammer" to Judeo-Christian culture and blasting LGBT activists for comparing their civil rights to those of African-Americans.

Jackson Said Jackson:

"We are witnessing the precipitous decline of our traditional value system in America. Upholding the sanctity of marriage as God intended, 'between one man and one woman' is one of the bedrock principles of our Nation. While I have compassion and pray for those who choose to lead a homosexual lifestyle, New York's decision to allow same sex people to marry is another government sledge hammer used to shatter our Judeo-Christian culture. As a black American, proud of our Civil Rights progress, I speak for most black citizens when I say it is offensive that sexual preference has been elevated to the equivalent of a racial characteristic such as skin color. The two could not be more dissimilar. One is an outward characteristic. The other is sexual behavior. It denigrates the illustrious struggle for equality for Americans of African descent to associate us with the homosexual demand that society accept and approve their behavior.

Churches, faith based institutions and organizations, the public school system, private businesses and most importantly, individual citizens will be forced to accept the new amoral and anti-Christian order or pay the consequences. Marriage counselors and adoption agencies will be pressured to condone a corrupt and degenerate belief system or close their doors to the many people they help. Marriage should be between 'one man and one woman' and children should be adopted by parents that consist of 'one man and one woman.' I am proud to have supported the Constitutional amendment in Virginia and it is clear that until there is a federal constitutional amendment, the effort to sully marriage will march forward with the help of radical homosexual activists and corrupt politicians."

Way to lobby for that NOM cash.


  1. ESA says

    Another uneducated, self-righteous boob running for public office to make laws for people he knows nothing about based on lies and false assertions about his own so-called religion.

    “Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

  2. DB says

    Obviously this man isn’t a real Christian. It seems particularly odd that he denigrates gay people given that, according to survey data, 71% of gay Americans are Christian. Also, 10% of Christians are gay so it just does not make sense to try to criticize gay individuals and families from an ostensibly Christian perspective.

  3. says

    Ah yes, I see. Judeo-Christian culture has existed for thousands of years. It has never done anything but expand, through holy wars, inquisitions, missionary work, and other means of force. Yet somehow now it’s suddenly so fragile that it can be completely destroyed by Bill and Steve registering at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Yeah, that rings true.

  4. robert in nyc says

    Last time I checked, god had no say in civil marriage, didn’t exist at the time that book of fairytales was written by men.

    Paul, the Tea Party scum bags and many in the GOP think otherwise. That’s what wins them elections unfortunately.

  5. Bart says

    Wow, where do you begin to discuss comments so blatantly stupid they come off as uneducated and ignorant.

    Gay is not sexual behavior or a lifestyle or a lunch meat. If he can’t grasp a person’s sexuality he needs to give back his home schooling GED. A gay person can no more change their sexuality than he can his skin color. They can deny it (calling, Dr. Bachmann…) but they can’t chance it anymore than they can being left handed, one’s eye color, baldness.

    I despise ignorance, but most especially religious ignorance. But the truth is, this is just some sad, weak, ignorant little man whose lack of understanding makes him a puny joke rather than a force to be rekoned with.

  6. Russell says

    One point he makes brings up a sensitive area. A lot of otherwise tolerant African Americans bristle when we analogize our civil rights struggle to theirs. Others embrace us and acknowledge our struggle. Does this deserve more public discussion? We long endured a form of slavery, partly cultural and partly legislated. Discrimination against us is still rampant. We are still being brutalized and murdered. Surely our struggle for equality is also an “illustrious” one.

  7. says

    Maybe it’s the circle of people I associate with, but every single one of my friends in the black communities, who do indeed support LGBT EQuality, have no problem whatsoever with the comparison of racism and homophobia. they’re both bigotry. they’re both destructive to society.

    are they “the same”? No. But one is neither better nor worse than the other. True, gay people were not kept as slaves. True, no teens get kicked out of their homes when their parents find out that they’re black.

    Again, it must be the integrity and compassion of my collection of friends. None of my black friends feel “insulted” when LGBT Equality is considered a part of the ongoing Civil Rights Movement.

    Coretta Scott King herself insists that it’s part of the same struggle.

  8. Brian says

    As an African American, he should focus his efforts on marriage in his own community. The % of black kids born out of wedlock is astounding. Try finding a black kid who grew up in a 2 parent household. These days, it’s not easy.

  9. Mike says

    I thought it was the African Anglicans who want polygamy that is more damaging to “Christian culture”.

    BTW Christian culture includes slave-owning.

  10. April from Austin says

    Silly little man. He clearly doesn’t truly have a clear grasp of the Civil Rights Amendment. I know I’ll get flak for this. I’m of color and I’m bright enough to know the law wasn’t passed just for blacks. It was for Civil Rights – equality under the law – for people of all color and women. Perhaps he should get over himself. Even MLK and Malcolm X had evolving views on homosexuality. People should always beware that you become what you hate, if you’re not careful.

  11. JJ says

    “It denigrates the illustrious struggle for equality for Americans of African descent to associate us with the homosexual demand that society accept and approve their behavior.”

    The analogy to the Black Civil Rights movement is not that being gay is like being black. It’s that straight supremacists and white supremacists are the same ilk. Their values and their tactics are the same. The only difference is their choice of victim.

  12. Steven P. says

    The irony of this statement is that he lambastes the LGBTQ community for comparing our struggle to that of African-Americans, while in the same breath co-opting a faith that isn’t his: Judaism. He can speak for Christian culture all he wants, but should leave the “Judeo” out since last time I checked – as an out, observant Jew – we are doing just fine in our synagogues.

  13. jimsur212 says

    As if Christian culture doesn’t desperately need a sledgehammer taken to it. If it was that easy to destroy Christianity, I’d get married tomorrow.

  14. Brains says

    I think the African-American community needs to focus its efforts on “Education” and not delve into areas that conflict with the civil rights struggles of the their experience.

    When I see African-American scholastic test scores rise to the level of “Asian Americans”; then maybe, and only maybe, would I waste my time and efforts debating this issue with individuals such as Mr. Jackson!

    Many of you might think this is a racist comment, but in your personal moments you think the same way. And you know it!

    So till I feel safe walking the streets amongst African-American youth and I see African-American youth winning scholastic prizes and national and Iinternational academic programs, such as their less advantaged African cousins do. I beg African-American leaders that have nothing good to say about our LGBT community, to just zip-up!

  15. says

    Brains, you’re an idi0t and maybe you should drum statistics about the Caucasian community doing something about those child predators that seem to be a HIGH PERCENTAGE of Caucasian Men! You know MSNBC profiled hundreds of them in “To Catch a Predator Series”

    Many of you might think this is a racist comment, but in your personal moments you think the same way. And you know it!

    So until I feel safe letting my neieces and nephews play outside without some pervert trying to pry them into a car.I beg Caucasian leaders that have nothing good to say about our LGBT community, to just zip-up!

    You know like Marcus Bachmann, The entire GOP in the house and Senate.

    This goes both way…gurlfreend. He’s one individual And why you had to compare African American youth to Asians in regards to education???

    you dumb f@g…yeah I said it! It goes both ways! With a name like Brains you sure don’t have much there to work with.

  16. Jerry6 says

    How many Wars in the past 1,500 years have NOT been waged, or supported by, Religious leaders of some “Faith” trying to suppress, kill, or “Convert” people of a different “Faith”?

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