1. AJ says

    can’t even watch it. too much chatter in the audience. i will wait for the studio version.

  2. Mikey B. says

    Am I the only one who can’t understand going to a concert and chatting as if you were in a coffee shop? Concert tix are like 40x the price of a cup of coffee, and the music isn’t so loud it disturbs your conversation.

  3. gallant says

    there are better recordings of this. No bro chat in the background. still screaming tweens every now and then though. check youtube. i bet the studio version will be a bit different.

  4. Henry Holland says

    Mikey B., no, you’re not alone. What cracks me up is when you “shh” them or ask them to be quiet, *they* act offended.

  5. IAN F says

    Here’s a cleaner copy.

    The lyric could be for the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack or the way gay people are legally discriminated against. It makes me think of the generations of gay men who were and in some counties still are unable to grow old together in peace.

    Everywhere we go
    We’re lookin’ for the sun.
    Nowhere to grow old.
    And always on the run.
    They say we’ll rot in hell
    But I don’t think we will
    They’ve branded us enough
    Outlaws of love.

  6. nodnarb says

    I like Adam and I like his voice… but his songs are just bleh. These power pop ballads are a stark contrast to the alternative rocker who sang “Mad World” and Led Zeppelin on American Idol.

    Fun fact: His guitarist is Madonna’s guitar instructor.

  7. Jennifer says

    Beautiful song. Beautiful Adam. Can’t wait for the album and to be able to hear this beautiful piece sung WITHOUT THE FREAKING CHATTER BOXES IN THE AUDIENCE!!!!! WTF????

  8. javo says

    Amazingly heartfelt and honest! Love Adam and his voice! I can’t wait for his next album. This man is so worth the wait!

  9. chica63 says

    Love this song. SO much! So raw, honest and emotional. I cant wait for the album version.. wonder if he’s keeping it a ballad or scuffing it up a bit?

    Nodnarb… Monte Pittman (Adam’s musical director) is not only Madonna’s guitar teacher but he’s also her guitar player. Performs on tv appearances and goes on tour with her. He has a new CD coming out soon too.

  10. zus says

    hes style is edgy as rocker as him but hes music very old fashioned kareoke,sorry.
    the song very boring sorry.

    i wish adam stick to hes rocker,punkish side for hes 2album like hes edgy style he more boring song,i dont know whats happend to him,

  11. says

    I am so sick of trolls who insist on coming on Adam artiocles pretending to be his fans just so they can trash whatever he does! Ya, you, NODNARB! And oh please, don’t come back just to tell us how much you love Adam but not his song or his clothes or whatever else you insist on trashing! Sick of the jealousy!This song is beautful! Such heartwrenching lyrics and his vocals melt you at the core! Gorgeous! Can’t wait for the album version! But for now, I have this video on repeat! I can feel Adam’s pain in this song, it breaks my heart that anyone should be made to feel like this just cuz they want to love! Love you Adam!

  12. Nancy says

    I think most people realize Adam is gay so why do articles insist on adding the “openly gay singer” can’t you just say “current popular singer” there must be another description because this one is really getting old. Oh and I love Outlaws Of Love. Some people like rock and some like ballads, I am sure Adam will make both happy with his new album. In the meantime this ballad lover has the song on repeat.

  13. sastenio says

    Hey Brandon… I mean, NODNARB, Monte also is Madonna’s tour guitarist, not just her guitar instructor.

    This is ONE SONG, by the way, in its most stripped down form, not the album version. I love Led Zep and I love rock wails, but not everything has to be about that. This is an emotionally tectonic song with powerful, meaningful lyrics, not just something to hang guitar riffs on.

  14. says

    Also you should use the link to the TALC Vid @ This is a much better version that has less noise in the background while Adam is singing (thanks to people sushing the audience). Also the sound quality is much better. Support for Adam would really be great or does every song have to be a dance song sung by Gaga. Don’t you have room for something a little more meaningful and real and sung by such an exquisite voice!! This was acoustical. The version that will end up on the album will most likely be different.

  15. nodnarb says

    Gawd, the Adam Lambert fans are nearly as bad as the Clay Aiken fans. Few things are as pathetic as idolatry.

  16. kris says

    Except maybe bitchy comments made by person’s who have little appreciation for the superlative talent that has dropped in their midst. Amazing how many in this community will not support a gay artist. You don’t have to be a raving Glambert to appreciate this voice, even if the ballad is not your favorite genre.

  17. Mals says

    A true artist can do it all and that is Adam Lambert. He certainly can do the rocker vibe–have you looked at his Whole Lotta Love and 20th Century Boy covers? He always says he like to do all genre so why not? Why does everyone have to be in a box of some sort? This is obviously a heartfelt personal and lovely ballad showing another side of him. And yes, it’s about time to leave off the “openly gay” intro of him–we all know that by now. Looking forward to the album and all that it will offer.

  18. says

    The BEST video so far, audio-wise is THIS one, not the previous two.

    And I wish people would STOP bitching about whether he’s wailing or doing a f**king ballad.He does ALL kinds of genres & he does them BETTER than any male alive, period.
    And Nodnarb? You sound like your “narbs”have been nodding quite a long while. Try dangling them in your fishtank. Maybe you’ll stop being such a B**CH.
    And I might have to rip your head off if you DARE put that Clay AZZWIPE’S name in the SAME sentence with THIS star again.
    Adam Lambert does MORE for GLBT rights in ONE day than you have done in your miserable life. Get a clue.
    He rocks better than the best but his ballads are tender, meaningful and absolute PERFECTION, emotionally and vocally. You don’t like him? Fine. STFU and let those who do comment. He gets enough hate-filled comments from homophobic asses without YOU adding your own crap to the mix.
    For those who MUST have ROCK:

    He KICKS ASS with ROCK too!

    So IF you are gay or lesbian, STOP eating your own and be thankful you have such an OPEN, accepted talent on YOUR side. If you’re just a hetero trouble maker, GO AWAY.
    Peace~Out People.

  19. Ben says


    “And I might have to rip your head off”

    Uhh, really?

    Oh, and yeah, people never shut up at Top 40 concerts.

  20. kat23 says

    Troll announcement…those who are posting here…Broadwayish! is a troll …posted ugly comments on Youtube and other sites in re to Adam…Yo….grow some ears or something…Adam is beautiful on this song…Those posting he is bleh…you obviously did not buy his cd…FYE…or listen to the whole thing…especially the International version…Huge variety of sounds..from ballads like Soaked to rock in Sleepwalker…He is amazing.

  21. Lynn says

    Tough love is honest love. And sometimes honest love has to be tough. There are no trolls here; just people who want Adam to be the success he could be if he makes good business decisions. Maybe many of you and Adam are satisfied with the level of success he’s had–fine. I am concerned that he will not go much higher if he doesn’t focus on what sells and insists on putting his personal life out there all the time. We all know and accept who he is. That doesn’t mean we have to like every song he does and agree with every decision he makes.

  22. Sue says

    Gee, I don’t think Adam puts “his personal life out there all the time”! I think it’s dragged out incessantly by media, some fans, writers, bloggers,…
    This song, “Outlaws of Love”,has meaning for many. Yes, it comes from a personal place, but it is a timely, expressive statement. Adam is showing that he cares about a problem that exists in our country, and he’s not going to shut up about it. I think many people will respect him for the insight, honesty, and boldness that is expressed in this song. More fans = more success. I think he’ll get there!

  23. Lil says

    Please, please stop limiting your audience to gays, lesbians, etc. You announced early on that your next album would not be a gay one. I said a little “thank you God” prayer because I love you and your voice and desperately want you to sell millions of albums and win many, many awards. Now I’m afraid for you. You would not be betraying your gay following by making an album geared to the general public.