1. TonyJ says

    Good for Whoopi for calling out the nutcases. (I would vote for Whoopi any day over any of the candidates running for president….)

  2. says

    how can anyone watch this show? they cackle and talk over each other. no one can get a full sentence out. this gives me a headache.

  3. Gregoire says

    Whoopi is just as nuts as Michele Bachmann. Just because she happens to be right on occasion does not make this fact less so.

  4. paul says

    I am sorry Whoopi Goldberg is no where near on the level of Bachmann. Goldberg is an entertainer who doesn’t seek to affect peoples lives by changing the constitution, she doesn’t want to take away anyone’s rights, she also isn’t running for the top job in American politics. She is a tv entertainer. Goldberg can be as crazy as she likes. Bachman’s craziness will have a direct impact on the world at large. Totally different thing.

  5. gr8guyca says

    The question shouldn’t be, “Why is Michelle Bachman running for President?” The question is, why shouldn’t she? She has nothing to lose and everything to gain. She gets free media attention which boosts her visibility and influence. She cements her status as the leader of the Tea Party/wingnut side of the Republican party. And she builds a nationwide support base that will contribute to her future House or Senate races. No one really thinks that she will get the nomination, so she has nothing to lose.

  6. Andalusian Dog says

    And then…and then…there was yelling…and…then…more yelling…and then Joy Behar told a pretty good joke…and then…yelling…

    And then my head exploded.

    Good for the ladies of The View, nonetheless.

  7. AJ says

    Why aren’t more people enraged by this? That slavery quote is one of the most patently offensive pieces of idiocy I have read in a LONG time. WAY more offensive than the stuff religious kooks say about us gays. It is so outrageously offensive the people I told about it had to be shown it in writing before they believed me. And whether they removed it or not, Bachmann and Pawlenty signed it BEFORE it was removed. Let us NEVER forget that.

  8. petrof says

    Racism is at the heart of much of the rightwing/tea party movement, it’s just surprising how blatant and offensive they were by including that. My only qualm with the outrage, is where is the same rage against all of the vile claims and veiled threats against gays in the same document? Not only does it condemn gay marriage, it basically condemns ALL homosexuals as disease-ridden sociopaths. Why is this always given a pass in the media?

  9. Joey Y says

    EO there’s this magical concept going around. It’s called “Mind your own business.” Here’s how it works:
    1. You don’t like something, you can change the channel. That’s your business.
    2. Others may not want to change the channel, so they don’t. That’s called THEIR business. See the difference? There’s YOU, and THEM. Again…. YOU!!!….. (points at you) ….and THEM!!! (points over there).
    3. They are doing what is THEIR business, which is not YOUR business. So, rather than waste your time chiming in (and wasting their time too), how about you mind YOU OWN BUSINESS instead. Cool eh?

  10. AJ says

    @PETROF: Because it’s more of the same. When they say those things, it’s not a shock. When they attack accepted facts in grade school textbooks about the Civil War, it’s different and gets more notice.

  11. Gregv says

    AJ: What they said about slaves was not only offensive but also grossly inaccurate (though perhaps no more so than everything they say about gay people.).
    But I disagree that it is “more offensive” than the vile things they say about gays. If they had used their statements about blacks to conclude that “therefore we vow to change the constitution to once again take away the right of black people to obtain a marriage license,” then it would have been on par with what they said about gays.

  12. walter says

    one quick thing this pledge will be the end of newt in iowa. how can he promise to be faithful and respect marriage. if he signs it shows him for the liar he is.

  13. pete N SFO says

    “Dammit, I am sick of this crap!”

    Yeah, walk with me, talk with me, girl. I’m sick of this crap too…

    I’m glad you made the commercial for Marriage Equality, but there seems to be a disconnect happening… you sit there day after day, while your co-hosts spout all kinds of bullshiz w/o sayin’ a word, but NOW you’re sick of it.

    Yes, Whoopi, I do know what you mean.

  14. THE QUEEN says


  15. Oliver says

    Why must she dress the way you want her to dress and not the way she wants to dress?
    How ’bout I tell you how to dress?

  16. dizzy spins says

    If the statement were TRUE, I don’t know that it would automatically be racist. The main fallacy is that Obama is in any way responsible for the rise in single-parent families in the African American community. That’s been a fact of life well before he was elected.

    The breakdown in families is a well-documented problem acknowledged by people of all political affiliations. A liberal could easily make that statement and then blame the situation on prejudicial prison sentencing, job discrimination and other factors. IF it were true, which I highly doubt.

  17. LAX/JFK says

    Even Elizabeth thinks Bachmann and “Frothy Mix” are nuts…that speaks volumes!

  18. ChadSF says

    Okay, on a somewhat related note. Did anyone catch the fact that Sherri Shepherd said that she follows the teachings of Pastor Rick Warren. The infamous Saddleback Church pastor who publicly endorsed Prop 8?! Really, Sherri? You have proven yourself to be a total sheep, not to mention a flat-earth believer. Sheesh!!!

  19. Scott says

    Would someone please read a history book for a change. Slaves did not have the right to marry and they were sold at the will of their owners regardless of family bonds. INTEGRITY – Please ignore these idiots and vote for someone with a head on their shoulders.

  20. NY2.0 says

    @CHADSF, yes that definitely grabbed my attention as well. Sherri Shepherd is a Jesus freak in her own right and quite dogmatic in her beliefs.

  21. Mark says

    Say what you want about Whoopi but she does have some good points on this video. The best point is that the teabaggers who craft these “value pledges” generally don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.

    They think they know what values are but not really: it’s not a value to treat people with disrespect and animus just because they’re different (gays).

    They think they know the true nature of homosexuality but have no idea: they’ve just believed what was regurgitated to them by their parents/grandparents; namely, that homosexuality is just a choice of life style and not a genuine sexual orientation.

    They think they know what kind of family is best for raising a child but again, they’re deluded: quite frankly given the choice between a well-educated single parent family and a family with two ignorant homophobic parents a rational person would place a child with the former.

  22. msbets says

    whoopie goldberg comes off at times as a racial loon herself……….this entire show is an utter complete travesty.

  23. says

    It’s great that Whoopi is so outraged over the pledge’s slavery section, and well she should be. But it would be nice if she were just as outraged over the anti-gay section, which is equally offensive.

    At the end of the clip, she basically says, “Being against gay marriage is one thing, but leave the racial stuff out.”

    How about we all just agree that hate is hate?

  24. jen says

    @Mark – Excuse me for a moment but the TeaPARTIERS did not write that pledge that was signed by Ms. Bachmann and Mr. Pawlenty. It was written by a group called The Family Value. As much as the media wants you to believe that the TeaParty is full of a bunch of racist homophobes, let me just say that I am a member of the Tea Party and in all of the rallies I have attended and all the other members I have spoken to and communicated with nationwide, not one time have I ever come across a member that was against homosexuals or blacks. Those are falsehoods that the media has been pushing since we formed our groups. Michelle Bachmann is a little on the ultra-conservative side but she is not the leader of the Tea Party as some articles claim her to be. That is very frustrating to the Tea Party. Rick Santelli is the man that really got us going, no one else. We are tired of being told what to do in all facets of our lives – including who to marry. I have had many gay friends in my life and loved them very much and I miss them. I have had many black friends and have supported black candidates as has almost all of the Tea Partiers. I really hope you can look past the freaks because ALL PARTIES HAVE THEM. One more thing, please try and remember the church Obama attended for 25 years. You know, the one where the Reverend Jeremiah Wright consistently and continually bashed all white people and gays, too. There’s an old saying….”birds of a feather, flock together” and we need to run these cuckoos out of our lives!

  25. NY2.0 says

    @JEN,”You know, the one where the Reverend Jeremiah Wright consistently and continually bashed all white people and gays, too. There’s an old saying….”birds of a feather, flock together” and we need to run these cuckoos out of our lives!”

    You obviously have never heard the words spoken by Jeremiah Wright and are just regurgitating right-wing talking points. Jeremiah Wright’s church is actually one of the most pro-gay rights black churches you will find.

    The tea party is racist because the only reason for its existence is Barack Obama. You all started protesting him just a few days after his inauguration while sitting quietly for 8 years under Bush. The tea party is just a bunch of disgruntled Republican hypocrites!

  26. NY2.0 says

    @JEN, BTW, since the tea party hasn’t spoken out against this pledge it can be inferred that they support it, after all Michelle Bachmann (the tea party darling) signed it!

  27. jen says

    Sorry, NY2, you have it wrong again. Bo won by a landslide…it wasn’t until that summer that people started protesting, especially when the dow tanked and they started taking over banks and auto companies and then took our healthcare. After seeing just how socialist/fascist this man is, THEN we got pissed and started protesting. That’s not America and that’s not what our soldiers fought and died for, they fought and died while fighting against the likes of these guys. This is not a war on Obama, it’s a war on those in Congress who have ruined our country. RINOs and Democrats – the ultra left wing freaks. The main stream media isn’t going to show anyone from the Tea Party trashing this “pledge” because they want you to think of us exactly how you do. If that church is so pro-gay, why won’t BO support gay marriage? Michelle Bachmann isn’t the TP darling, again, that’s what the media is portraying her as. I do admit that during the Bush years, we should have been paying attention but we are now and if you listened to what the Tea Party actually says, we don’t like Bush, either. I’m sorry you have been mislead but you have the power to take your head out of the sand and look at what all of these idiots have done to us and are in the process of doing now.

  28. Henry Zecher says

    Goldberg is totally wrong. A Black child born into slavery in 1860 had a 75 to 90 percent chance of growing up in a two-parent home. A Black child born today has perhaps a 30 percent chance. Goldberg, like many others, turns her brain off when she hears “slavery” and becomes a ranting loon. She needs to sober up and pay attention.

  29. NY2.0 says

    @JEN, honey your beloved tea party is being funded by the billionaire Koch brothers. And they are using the anxiety of ignorant people on the right who have anxiety about Obama’s skin color as a means to forward their agenda.

    You lost all credibility with the socialist/fascist name calling? Do you teabaggers even know the meaning of those words? They are contradictory, you can’t be a socialist and fascist at the same time, find a dictionary. And then you go on to admit that you started protesting six months into Obama’s presidency when in fact the bailouts started under Bush.

    You claim that Bachmann is not the tea party darling but she most certainly is welcomed at their rallies isn’t she? She and Cruella from Alaska! Who needs to get their heads out of the sand now?

    “Thats not what America and thats not what our soldiers fought and died for'” Oh spare me the false patriotism, again where was your outrage when Bush launched the illegal war in Iraq and started the economic slide?

    As I said before, you and the teaparty are just a bunch of disgruntled hypocritical Repugs!

  30. Mark says


    You don’t need to get started with the “I know you hate the Tea Party but I am a Tea Partier and look at how nice I am.” I stopped reading right after the sentence where u said you’re a tea partier. Have I ever met a vampire? No Jen, and I don’t care to. Just like I don’t need to jump out the window of my sixth floor office to know what the experience will be. I think NY2.0 put it rather well: the only reason for the tea party’s existence is the fact that Barack Obama is in the White House. If you believe otherwise, you’re not worthy of my time.

  31. TampaZeke says

    It was clear to me that the same-sex marriage issue was the absolute least of any of their worries. Whoopi was mainly pissed about the racial statement and the diss on single mothers. And Sherri Brown, who has never been a supporter of gay rights or same-sex marriage was ONLY upset about the racial issue. They hardly even mentioned the MAIN purpose of the document; to attack same-sex marriage and to demand that Republican candidates pledge to fight gay rights and gay marriage.

    I don’t see Whoopi or any of the others coming off as big heroes here.