1. Gay American says

    why Im sure it will be beautiful – WHEN its done…..american cant seem to do anything anymore…the Hoover Dam was Built in 6yrs and Changed the Direction of the CO.River & the USA forever

  2. Tonez says

    I agree with @gay american. That should have taken 2yrs tops after clean up. But once again most of the time was spend talking about who can get their greedy fingers in on it. When completed I’m sure it will be beautiful though.

  3. MikeBoston says

    I still think it is ridiculous that 10 acres of the site and a couple of billion dollars were spent on the memorial.

  4. anon says

    NY is run by old-money real estate developers determined to keep monopoly rent levels as high as possible. Slowing down the competition is part of the system.

  5. Dave J says

    Memorials take a long, long time and rightly so. It’s better to take a step back and breathe before you rush into something ill-conceived.

    I would have preferred to wait even longer.

    The Lincoln Memorial was completed in 1922 more than 50 yrs after Lincoln was assassinated.

  6. wtf says

    You’re comparing this to the Lincoln Memorial Dave? Really? How so, exactly?

    Frankly, this should have been completed about 8 years ago. We should have cleaned it up, rebuilt and dedicated the entire plaza.

    Watching that video made me want to scream; it’s the perfect embodiment of our culture: stuck, accomplishing very little of substance.

  7. NY2.0 says

    The twin towers should have been rebuilt even taller and stronger. The new One World Trade center is not even going to be among the tallest in the world when completed. New York’s skyline as been rendered insignificant by the likes of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

  8. Dave J says


    I compare it to the Lincoln Memorial as timeless memorial of another national tragedy. Not such a stretch in the long run.

    Cleaned up, rebuilt, dedicated 8 years ago? I’m not a fan of a tacky memorial thrown up with cheap sentiment and tiresome flag-waving.

    I would have preferred to leave it empty for a few more years. That represents the empty feeling that people like me had watching the towers collapse.