Bravo’s Andy Cohen Scores Seven-Figure Advance for Memoir About Career, Coming Out


Bravo Executive VP and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is penning a memoir, and has scored a huge advance for it.

Andy_cohen Here's the book's synopsis, from its publisher, Henry Holt and Company:

"Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Mo., Cohen knew two things about himself: that he loved popular culture and that, around the age of 12, he was gay. He suppressed the latter and fed the former. His media diet was a steady stream of 70s shows like 'The Brady Bunch,' 'Laverne & Shirley,' and 'Donny & Marie.' He had a passion too for the medium's stars like Farrah Fawcett, Mary Tyler Moore and Susan Lucci, many of whom he would later meet. By his twenties, he was out of the closet and out of St. Louis.  In 1989, his life changed forever when he landed an internship at CBS News in New York. With his irrepressible personality and sky's-the-limit attitude, over time he went from intern to producer, absorbing everything he could about the industry and the guest stars on the network’s morning show. His book will include many hilarious moments of mishaps on the set and while on assignment, and tell of his coming-of-age social life filled with antics and mayhem."

Cohen writes: "This is something I've always wanted to do and, if you've read this blog much over the past seven years, you know that writing is something I enjoy. And, yes, I will write every word of it, I don't know how I could settle for anything less than writing it myself. I started last weekend and have much work to do (understatement) before it comes out next summer."

The Hollywood Reporter adds: "Cohen is repped by CAA. Terms of the deal were not announced, though Cohen reportedly received a six-figure advance for the book."

UPDATE: "Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Cohen, the rare Hollywood executive who pulls double-duty as on-air talent, received a low seven-figure advance for his untitled memoir announced earlier Monday by Henry Holt for publication in summer 2012."


  1. Dignan says

    Instead of writing a memoir, Cohen should just hijack some other C-list celebrity memoir and make it all about himself. He’s an expert at that!

    Also, a title suggestion: “Andy Cohen: The Worst.”

  2. Rick says

    I never even heard of this guy, but the first two comments in the thread display the usual tendency of this board (and other gay discussion forums): Rip to shreds any gay man who accomplishes anything of significance, gloss over or ignore any pro-gay action if it is taken by a straight man, but worship bitchy straight women for even the lamest of accomplishments.

  3. LincolnLounger says

    Andy Cohen has accomplished much, but I wish he would stay behind the camera. His constant presence as a television host and “personality” are making Bravo nearly unwatchable.

  4. say what says



    If running a tv channel is significant then Western civilization is truly dead

    If he was a scientist, artist, or something actually significant then there would be a reason for a memoir

    This is just cohen not being able to get off on masturbating alone anymore and he needs a crowd to ejaculate

  5. Joey Y says

    Accomplished something of significance, Rick? He came out of the closet (big whoop), and turned Bravo into the taco bell of networks, by recombining the same 3-4 ingredients and calling it something new each time. Exhibit A: Project Runway (clothes), Work of Art (painting), Top Chef (food), Top Chef Just Desserts (cakes), Top Chef Masters (professional tacos), Top Design (end tables), Shear Genius (haircuts), Step it up and Dance (copying music videos), Platinum Hit (writing a song). Exhibit B: Real Housewives of OC/BH/NJ/ATL/NYC/Wasilla. If you call that a full life, then I don’t envy you.

  6. johnny says

    I don’t have a problem with whatever his accomplishments are

    (except for the Housewives series which are entirely unwatchable)

    …but aren’t memoirs usually written when one is a bit longer in the tooth?

    Who’s up next, Justin Bieber?

  7. Marty says

    Nothing gets gay men in a “tizzy” more than seeing an out, accomplished, successful good looking gay man. For those of you questioning his accomplishment, I’d love to hear what you’ve done with your lives…besides watch Cohen’s shows. lol

  8. nodnarb says

    The funniest thing about Rick’s comment is that “worship[ing] bitchy straight women” is exactly all that Andy Cohen has “accomplished.”

  9. Jesse says

    Andy Cohen is brilliant. He’s accomplished more in his years than any of the bitter queens that pounced to post. Seriously, the posts reveal so much about so little you are.

  10. Jim says

    There are more accomplished people than him, gay or straight.

    I mean he produces TV. He doesn’t save lives, is not an educator, scientist, etc

    He is not someone that makes a difference.

    Writing a memoir, it is a high probability that it will be in the discount been the day it is released.

  11. david says

    I wonder when the word “accomplishment” has become a representation of the few selected fields, namely fields that usually don’t have the majority of the population participate in.

    Naturally there is a reason why professions such as scientists and doctors have a lot of respect from most, including people who are on this board and do not know a thing about being a scientist or a doctor. Mainly because these are hard to get into and they take forever to really become accomplished. The impact in those professions can be significant for human as one race. Of course, these are important. But if being accomplished has to equate being a part of these professions for you, then all I can say is how narrow minded how conservative you are! It really has nothing to do with any individual but your own dismay toward today’s society in general. Maybe that is why you come off as bitchy and tired.

    I think he is a smart and driven gay guy who has accomplished a lot in today’s TV world. If millions watch more whatever is considered crap for you, then he has produced something valuable. Whether or not it is more valuable than scripted TV, it is completely up to people’s personal tastes.

    But criticizing him for not being accomplished just because he is in TV and not saving a life everyday, that is just pathetic. It doesn’t reflect well on you either.

    I can only imagine what you say about philanthropists. Oh those old rich “your favorite insult”, who just have too much money to throw anyway and all they do is to throw parties and look pretty. Whatever they are doing is just a tax break. Honestly, constantly discrediting your own community doesn’t make you unique.

  12. Marty says

    Agreed David. According to that logic, the lives of MOST people are empty and not accomplished since MOST people are not doctors or scientists, including the BULK of gay men.

    self loathing has MANY forms.

  13. FernLaPlante says

    @Marty. If Ian Mckellan or Elton John or Neil Patrick Harris etc. wanted to write a memoir no one would be in a tizzy. The fact is that Cohen has done nothing than “invent” the Real Housewives franchise. If he were to stay behind the camera that’d be one thing but he sticks himself out there in every capacity. He is, like the housewives, a complete fame whore. Don’t assume that gay men get upset when another accomplishes something. The dislike is specifically for Cohen not gay men in general.

  14. JeffNYC says

    I’d like to see the bitter things who rush to post Masturbatory Venom on Towleroad come up with a multi-million-dollar television franchise, run a cable network, host an out-gay talk show or get a book deal.

    Nope. Not a chance. None of you have the imagination or the creativity or the drive.

    So while you all sit here and spew that endless stream of Masturbatory Venom, Andy will produce his shows and run his network and write a book that will be dishy and fun and entertaining and hit the bestseller list. No, not the discount “been”–or did you mean “bin”?

    And when it does, where will all you bitter things be?



  15. say what says



    Cohen came up with squat. He is the spokesperson to keep you and max interested because the pasty execs of NBC UNIVERSAL owned by GE couldn’t sell a gay friendly channel to anybody

    you sheep bahhhh bahhhhh bahhhhh LOL

  16. say what says

    Oh and if you didn’t know

    Bravo was created and owned by NBC Universal which was controlled by GE and some sauids till 51% controlling shares were sold off to comcast

  17. Nyrkr says

    I have watched a few episodes of some of his shows, sort of like a train wreck, you can’t help but watch. I think he should wait until he branches out and tries something really creative like Tom Ford did with A Single Man, before he pens his memoirs. He could be a really talneted, creative producer but so far he has only shown an innate ability to exploit cheap, inane, TV formulae that exploit stereotypes with scripted “real life” drama.
    I’ll pass on his memoirs

  18. says

    All Andy Cohen has done is give vapid, rich, heterosexual, affluent, lazy white women (and a few women of color who fit the same bill) a platform to show off just how vapid, rich, heterosexual, affluent, and lazy they are. (Bethenny Frankel doesn’t count.) I like a good trashy reality show as much as the next person, but the Fake Housewives franchises are appalling as hell. These women are an affront to real housewives across the world whose lives aren’t as glamorous because they don’t have tits as big as blimps, hair as processed as individual cheese slices, kids named after a dead supermodel and the Donald’s 10,000th wife, bank accounts that most people would never see in ten lifetimes, and houses ripped out of Architectural Digest.

  19. Paul says

    If people like Bristol Palin can write a memoir and Justin Bieber then why the hell shouldn’t he ? He actually has a really interesting career and if i was 13 and growing up gay id find it quite inspiring…Andy is a good looking, successful, sane. These are the things that you need to know at an impressionable age when you are told that being gay you will grow up unhappy and a freak. i had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions. He has great manners is utterly charming, and as much as it sounds like many of you here would be disappointed to hear, very down to earth. Good for you Andy. If you haven’t got anything nice to say about someone keep it to yourself.

  20. Italian Guy says

    I love this guy and I am happy for all his success.

    I wish Bravo would let us watch WWHL from Italy but until than I have to settle for the few videos of him I can find on Youtube.

    I really think he is adorable and can’t fathom how he is still single.

    He has the best smile ever.
    It puts me in a good mood just to look at him smile and he smiles a lot.

    And yes I know I sound silly but please let me. :)

    ANDY in an interview on YT you mentioned this blog (that’s how I found it) so if you are still reading it PLEASE don’t block videos on Bravo for people outside the US. :)

  21. nodnarb says

    The people on this thread are killing me! Especially JeffNYC who seems to think that working at a TV network is some sort of amazing feat. As a matter of fact, I HAVE worked at a TV network (one that gets higher ratings than Bravo at that), and I was the co-creator of a network property (none of these things are created by an individual). It’s just a job. There’s nothing remotely special about the people who work there, and most of the execs are corporate a-holes and celebrity hanger-ons.

    Andy Cohen is just narcissistic enough that he placed himself on-air. And now he’s penning a memoir. Honestly, if you think any of those things are enough to get excited about, you have extremely low expectations of people.

  22. B-rod says

    Who the hell watches Bravo? I couldn’t even name a show on that network. I think the last time I watched anything on it was Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

    Seriously, who is Cohen, why is he important, and why would anyone want to read his memoir?

    Those who sit around watching Bravo are a bunch of self-absorbed navel-gazers. Get a life.

  23. Daniel says

    This sounds really fishy. A million dollar advance for a book with utterly narrow appeal? How will they recoup? Or is this a quid pro quo for some other kind of deal?

    I mean, seriously, who is going to buy this book? I’m a big homo who watches all the Housewives shows and I wouldn’t get it on Kindle, let alone hardback.

  24. tc says

    Some people run networks, host late night TV shows and write books. Others post comments on towleroad.
    The whole unbelievable “artists and scientists deserve to write memoirs and media types don’t” concept is absurd. Can’t wait to read My Life as a Whiney Commenter on Towleroad.

  25. bob says

    He’s writing a book. A book that people will buy. And while I’m sure he is many of these things, you don’t have to be smart, memorable, influential, lifesaving, important to write a memoir. You just need to sell a book that people will read. Cohen can do that. The publishers know that, thus the huge advance. Strike while the iron is hot, I say. Make your bank when and where you can. Good for him. And incidentally, Andy Cohen has been nothing but nice to me. I’ll buy his book.

  26. Kurt says

    It doesn’t matter if he is straight or gay, he has put whiny, materialistic pathetic people (at leat in his Housewives series) and showcased them. Some people actually look up to them. They showcase materialism, and poor values. This guy has made money — and achieved success but at the cost of more sleazy TV– that is what people dont like about him.
    For the record, I have built three highly successful businesses and am certainly not jealous of this guy or would want to be like him in any way.

  27. Grover Underwood says

    I don’t think this is a book I would even pick up and look through. He’s just not that interesting. It’s not me being bitter-it’s me being truthful. I’ve tried to watch his show on Bravo and frankly, it’s boring.

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