1. Brian in Texas says

    The fact that they refer to themselves as “LADS” in the credits definitely says they aren’t American troops.

    Sweet video, I especially liked “AB”.

  2. WindReader says

    so why do the British troops appear to be more fit than many/most of the American troops I have seen?

  3. Rick says

    Wow! I am speechless. I don’t even begin to know what to make of this.

    Is it a case of…

    a) making fun of Glee and the characters in it and therefore mildly homophobic

    b) an example of the effects that being under constant severe stress can have on straight (?) men that allows them to loosen up when they would never dream of doing so under normal life circumstances

    c) an indicator of real change in the male culture and the military culture that is a subset of it, signaling a new masculinity in which men are able to be more emotionally expressive towards each other and open to sexual expression, as well

    It could be any or none of those, but it sure is an interesting “sociological document.”

  4. Matt26 says

    Nice looking guys. Having fun. Much better acting than those on Glee (which is like Fame back in the 80s).

  5. Sebastian says

    Oh and yes these lads are Brits…7 CDO BTY is 7th Commando Regiment of the British Army


  6. Mel says

    Love it, thanks lads.

    What’s with all the gay comments. And Rick you need to chill out, it’s some soldiers on there down time having a bit of laugh. The hours are no doubt long over there, I’m sure they have to think of creative ways to have fun.

  7. john leddy says

    thanks for this video. in the midst of all the horrors of war and poilitics,we see the triumph of the human spirit. these healthy, happy young guys make me feel positive about our future. they make their parents, girlfriends and mabye some boyfriends proud.

  8. Pinkie says

    @ Rick. Usually when someone says they are speechless, they don’t continue on with a giant know it all speech and try to ruin everything.

  9. David Jarrett says

    They are British. One can see the British flag, sans color, on one of the guy’s shirts. Britain permits gays to serve. I wonder if they need any extra relief, as I would be happy to accommodate several of them. My patriotic duty……even though I am an American!

  10. TJ says

    @Rick – There’s nothing in here that’s even mildly homophobic. I can’t help but think your comments are based on stereotypes of both gay men and straight men. The troops weren’t doing anything that seemed odd for straight men in an all-male environment – they’re dancing and lip-synching to make a video. Fraternities, college teams, and other groups of men have done this. It’s not that strange. Let the guys have fun and enjoy the video.

  11. mike says

    I watched this with the idea of seeing some beautiful boys but in the end it just broke my heart. Such innocent fun and any one of them could go home in a body bag. Sigh.

  12. Charles Lemos says

    Yes they are British.

    Here’s another courtesy of the Royal Navy’s HMS Albion. The song is Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce.

  13. ryan says

    To be fair, that wasn’t straight dancing, that was british straight dancing, whole other ballgame.

  14. David in Long Beach says

    It’s fun, and I hope there’s more of this kind of thing to keep their spirits up… but it brought tears to my eyes thinking of the guys we just lost there.

  15. Charlie says

    These posting of the military having a break and some fun are always entertaining and fun to watch. When I see a posting of one of these I typically watch on YouTube and then check out some of the related videos they suggest. Like this one of the Field Artillery Gleeks (FAGs)

  16. says

    Well, at least DADT has not been a part of British or any European army for decades !

    Catch up USA dudes and post your own version of this song !!!!