1. says

    The FDA recommends at least 4 daily servings of homosexuality, although it warns that sources like “Glee” may be high in sugary sweetness. Experts suggest, instead, getting your daily gay from literature, art films, and Dave Franco comedy sketches.

  2. Mona says

    When will these people learn that not everyone is (or aspires to be) white, straight, privileged, and Christian? And that “normal” is in the eye of the beholder?

  3. Chadd says

    Here is a novel idea Mr Philvin: Rather than try to dictate or censor what EVERYONE sees, how about you just stop watching the TV shows you find objectionable? Further, you can instruct your followers to also stop watching objectionable TV shows. Rather than try to change everybody else, just change yourself. See? Problem solved.

  4. candideinnc says

    They are right. Because their bigotry makes these religious fanatics unapproachable, their gay relatives (I seriously doubt they have gay friends) would avoid coming out to them. So they live their lives in blissful ignorance of the real world. Typically, I avoid intolerant people whenever I can, too.

  5. stevenelliot says

    ever wonder why homosexuality is such an issue with the religious when there are a gazillion people alive on this planet?? Looks to me like there is plenty of heterosexual coupling going on.

  6. luminum says

    I was going to care about this story until I saw the CBN logo. Seriously, does anyone really listen to them? And the people who do are probably way too far gone to accept anything else as reality.

  7. Houndentenor says

    It’s not that no one cares about what CBN has to say, it’s that no one under 75 cares what CBN has to say. They would be broke if it wasn’t for their decades act of scaring seniors into sending a portion of their Social Security check to them to stop the “radical homosexual agenda” (always pairing a gay rights story with a report on molested children for an extra dose of scare tactic). Basically, Pat Robertson is a welfare queen. Without those SS checks he’s be a pauper.

  8. johnny says

    Hate to break it to you, dude, but it pretty much IS the normal world. Almost everyone has a family member who is either gay or bi.

    Or, in other words:
    We’re Everywhere, We’re Everywhere!

  9. Mark says

    ‘Glee’ is feeding kids a ‘steady diet’
    of homosexuality? Here’s another piece of breaking news: The kids don’t seem to mind it that much, or they would have stopped watching (you don’t want to eat what you don’t like).

    And besides, what exactly does he want the parents to do about it? Get the show off their subscription? The kids will go watch it at their friends’. In fact, they’ll hunt it down even more just because their parents forbade it.

    You want to warn parents about something? How about warning them that KFC is feeding their kids a ‘steady (and highly addictive) diet’ of artery-clogging fat. Funny how no-one seems to have a problem with THAT. It might have something to do with the fact that there’s profit at stake, and in this country profit is just another name for God.

  10. ohplease says

    I swear — so many of today’s articles seem to be coming from an alternate dimension. How determined do you have to be in order to avoid the real world like these people do? And the real world is so much more fun!

  11. says

    It makes me very happy to see the Christian Right squirm like this. They know their bigoted views are on the wane and within a few years, guys like Matt Philbin (above) will be gone and such opinions and attitudes not tolerated. Keep it up America. We are winning each and every day!

  12. Bart says

    The Christian Broadcasting Network is the network that has a steady stream of gay. They talk about it every day, they rail about it, gnash their teeth about it, cry about it, it’s gay, gay, gay all day, all the time.

    We’re the guy in the motorcycle jacket with the cigarette tucked behind our ear that your mother warned you about on the Christian Broadcast Network.

    Thank you for making gay so appealing and popular with your viewers, because as we all know, everyone loves the bad boy.

    Especially when the good boys look like the men who appear on this network: bloated, wrinkled, usually white, balding and pasty with voices that usually pitched in the soprano range.

    CBN, the network with the MOST gay coverage of any network on the air.

  13. Paul says

    He said “the romp is really in the bedroom”.
    So, I guess I’ve been missing that part of the show every week because I haven’t seen any “romping” at all. In fact, a kiss is as much as I’ve ever seen…although I have missed a few episodes…mea culpa!
    These are folks preaching to the choir and if “Pastor so & so” says it happened…well, hell…it sure must have happened. Braindead and probably loveless, sexless excuses for human beings.

  14. says

    Maybe the media is just sensitizing kids to bigotry and that it is a bad thing and what their parents spout at home and what they are taught by their religious leaders is nothing more than sanctioned hate towards fellow human beings.

  15. Dback says

    Notice how he claims that these shows are all about “sex” and “bedrooms.” God forbid that “Glee” be considered as a show about gay boys and girls falling in love. (Kurt and Blaine have yet to have a bedroom scene/storyline.)

  16. Mark says

    Why isn’t there a GBN (Gay Broadcasting Network) where some super hot guy (in his early 20s) comes out in a tight t-shirt and says that network like Christian Broadcasting Network are feeding parents a ‘steady diet’ of homophobia?

  17. Brad says

    Sex, sex, sex. They are always obsessed with sex. Why are none of the other shows that teach bad morals on the list? There are tons of shows I wouldn’t let my kids watch cause they actually promote bad habits. Glee is harmless. There’s few primetime shows with less sex on them than Glee. Your average primetime comedy has tons of straight, promiscuous sex, but apparently that’s not the problem. There is an actual gay guy in a school in Glee. Unbelievable.

    I agree with the fast food analogies. Why aren’t they cautioning parents against the dangers of gluttony and a bad diet? Or greed? Just beware the gays, then your children will be fine, fat, greedy jerks. Just like their parents.

  18. BillyW says

    Religiouss sickos, our own talibangelicals.

    the same people whose religion gave us slavery, the kkk, and segregation. They now just have a new victim.

    Amazing how some people hate people for loving each other, which is exactly what Jesus told us to do in his 2nd of only two commandments – love thy neighbor as thyself.

    Soon they will be outed, as have an endless line of secretly gay self loathing people, eg Ted Haggard.

    (actually now TOP 15 outed creeps)

    We have at least 3 of them in the MD legislature. The lead hater – I knew kids who knew his kids . His kids think he’s “nuts”

    I also knew him as an engineer or tech long ago when he worked in the electronics industry. His coworkers called him “strange”

    Rumors abound about his dancing half naked at the atlantis bar in baltimore. then a gay bar.

    And there is another one I’ll skip.

    The second its an open secret he’s gay.

    The third has that somewhat different walk that some of my gay friends have, almost like they glide along.

  19. billmiller says

    Like she says, we all need to put our blinders on and pretend that morons like this really do not exist. They must have been recruited by the televangelists. This crap is about as much news as faux is. We must fear the queers!

  20. Will says

    Bigotry and ignorance are still alive! It’s alive, It’s alive…My God doesn’t judge..sorry that their god does…must be hard being so moral all the time…

    If you don’t like it…don’t watch it…what are you afraid of…being honest about your own feelings perhaps?

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