1. rodolfo says

    Headline is misleading. From what I understand, Hinkle attempted to pay for sex, but the sex never happened and money was never actually exchanged. Hinkle (and his family) then piled on the bribes, which were not accepted.

  2. dattexas says

    Ugh. That “edge” rears its ugly head again. I think it would help to place a painted, yellow stripe near the “edge” like in parking lots. Just as a warning not to get too close. I mean, you could fall over!

  3. JoyZeeBoy says

    And another self-loathing closet-case tries to slink back into oblivion.

    How soon will we see him along with the long-suffering Mrs. Phil standing stoically beside him as he vows to fight this “slander” to the bitter end?

    Sorry, Phil. But you already *did* fall over the edge the second you picked up that kid on Craigslist.

  4. Mike says

    Yes because ‘gay’ is a ‘lifestyle’. And he lives a ‘heterosexual’ lifestyle. With a wife who doesn’t mind her husband going on craigslist, paying someone who could be his grand-son, for sex… He’s prayed to Jesus so this problem is behind him.(until he gets horny again next month).

  5. Rick in Cincinnati says

    Gotta love the Roy Cohn approach. “I’m not gay, I just have sex with other men.”

  6. Michael says

    Remember “straight” dudes’ motto: as long as you didn’t stick it in, you’re not gay.

  7. Michael says

    Let me correct myself–the actual motto is “As long as _I_ didn’t stick it in, I’m not gay, but if _you_ so much as look at another dude twice, you’re a homo.”

  8. Mike in the Tundra says

    He’s probably convinced himself that he’s not gay. He thinks he’s straight but just likes to have sex with men. People can really be delusional.

  9. HadenoughBS says

    Closeted Rethuggie homophobe Hinkle (yes, two for the price of one) puts “delusion” in “delusional”. This sickness seems to be rampant among male GOPers. I’d like to know how (and why) so many of their heterosexual spouses put up with this BS.

  10. jason says

    A lot of you are extremely naive about male sexuality. Why can’t you just accept that there are many straight-identifying men who will sometimes dabble with other men? They might do this for several reasons: the easy availability of men relative to women, the disinhibition that comes with alcohol consumption, the desire to break out of a stifling marriage to a woman who will have sex with a man once every blue moon….these are all factors.

    Of course, the said politician is still a hypocrite but you gays are just as bad with your rabid ignorance.

  11. Dastius-Krazitauc says

    Hadenoughbs, I get the feeling the wives put up with it because of the elevated status they have as Mrs. Senator/Representative/Governor.

  12. Reggie says

    He didn’t “fall over the edge” because the person he was soliciting decided not to go through with it. Not because he decided not to, or in some way saved himself. Hypocrite, thy name is republican.

  13. Hodzer says

    Wow, I guess I am ignorant — especially as one of “you gays.” (Thanks for bunching us up as one bloc who can only be identified as “you gays.”) I guess if you’re trying, as a lawmaker, to take away my rights and freedoms and deny me everything simply because I’m gay, and then you try to solicit sex from a male, you are a hypocrite and no fluid definition of male sexuality is going to make a difference to me. All excuses.

    Of course, if this was meant as parody, I apologize.

  14. HadenoughBS says


    Yes, but just how “elevated” must these wives feel after such hypocritcal incidents involving their husbands come to light? That’s my question. Perhaps they do put up with it for the reason you state while their husbands play on the “down low” (or the wives simply don’t know what’s going on) but why do so after it becomes public?? I’d think it’d be extremely embarrassing for the spouse to be associated with such a bigoted hypocrite.

  15. Matt26 says

    Not gay, a victim??
    @Jason, if one does what you wrote, then why the same person is anti-gay in public?

  16. Rick says

    You know, I have to say that some of you are really a little harsh on guys like this. He is 70 years old and grew up in an era when being attracted sexually to other men was considered a form of mental illness and when men were routinely entrapped and had their lives ruined as a consequence. His generation had no choice but to get married and live a double life if they wanted to have any status in the world at all. Yes, the world has changed somewhat, but all people are to a large extent the product of their formative experience, so you might show a little sympathy in addition to the piling on. You cannot expect men who grew up in that environment to just throw away the lives they built and wrap themselves in the rainbow flag….

    If this were a 30-year-old, it would be a different story, but it is not…..

    I really think part of the viciousness on display here is the consequence of those of you who are young having zero sensitivity to the severity of homophobia that your elders faced and the lack of options they had…..and you would be in the same boat if some of that generation had not made huge personal sacrifices of the sort that I doubt many of you would have been prepared to make…….

  17. Hodzer says

    So, because he’s old (I’m 50) he gets a “kind-of free” pass? He’s still voting anti-gay. He can do what he wants in private, but don’t vote on things that have consequences or take away what I want to do in private or public. That’s hypocritical no matter how old or young.

  18. Stephen says

    Guys, he’s on the edge of glory, and he’s hanging on a moment of truth. Out on the edge of glory, and he’s hanging on a moment with you.

    I’m pretty sure that song was written for moments just like this.

  19. says

    Rick, we’re harsh? You are confusing things. I (and I imagine many other gay men) have sympathy for the men of his generation who could only lead open gay lives with great difficulty and consequences. It’s indeed understandable that they chose to conform to the “heterosexual lifestyle.” Such men harmed no one but themselves and their wives, and their dishonesty is understandable.

    But that is not the issue here. This guy is an anti-gay lawmaker who chose to vote in favor of writing discrimination against all gay people into his state constitution. No one forced him to do that. It is possible to be closeted without working to harm other gay people. His harm towards his gay constituents far outweighs any negativity towards him here in blog comments!

    Furthermore, others of his generation who did lead open lives and who did advance gay rights for the benefit of younger generations deserve our respect and support. He wasn’t one of them. He is a hypocrite who is trying to save his political as$ at our expense. Creeps like this do not deserve our “sensitivity”, sorry.

  20. Josh says

    Rick, we aren’t piling on him for being closeted but for being a hypocritical politician whose discriminatory views affect public policy. He was born in 1946. Gay men with political ambition in that generation or earlier may have felt greater stigma but didn’t enter a fake lavender marriage. Barney Frank and Harvey Milk did not. Hundreds of prominent men in other fields (especially the arts) lived discreetly with their partners even in the 1930’s.

  21. Skooter McGoo says

    @Rick so all the votes he cast to make second class citizens of all gay people should just be ignored and forgiven? He gets a free ride? We should throw him a party? Maybe Bachman and husband can pray the gay out of him? He lies to himself and others suffer from his hate filled politics. Reality, what a concept.

  22. Rick says

    I am not defending his anti-gay votes, but, again, for people of his generation, such actions were absolutely necessary to maintain the support of their constituency AND to keep themselves free of suspicion. It was a survival strategy, the alternative to which was to lose everything.

    I am not saying that he does not deserve to be held somewhat accountable, but there should also be some allowance made for the actions of men in that age group–but only for men in that age group–for the reasons I gave……You need not worry about him being destroyed politically–the right-wingers in his own party will see to that–so, in an odd way, you are in cahoots with them for hammering him the way you are.

  23. walter says

    no sympathy he votes antigay and then picks up men what does age have to do with it. he should if anything know better. maybe he just has a wide stance like larry craig. he and his family all knew better because they tried to bribe the kid. bull he made his bed now he can lie in it. want to bet he would be the first one screaming for execution if it was anyone else but him?

  24. Hodzer says

    Really still not understanding the logic. You are still defending it. Is it “You Have to Be This Old” to be a hypocritical lawmaker? Age has nothing to do with it. What if he still held and voted for anti-civil rights for blacks (or whatever)? Is that okay, because he’s old and that’s how it was? He willingly chose a career in politics; it was not forced on him. He’s not giving us the the same benefit of “being born in a different generation and having different ideas and that’s why I do thing like I do.”

  25. Christopher Lines says

    Let him finish his term. Then a Dem. can run for the office and win. Otherwise. Replacing him with another rethug, will only give that rethug a chance to run and win. Granted. The people that were interviewed in this segment probably wouldn’t vote for a Dem. if their lives depended upon it and . . . . . well need I say more. A SHOUT OUT TO RICK FROM CINN FOR THE REFERENCE TO ROY COHN.

  26. TampaZeke says

    Rick, do you offer the same compassion and passes to old Southern racists or is it just homophobes who we should feel so badly for and whose bigoted voting records we should go easy on?

  27. says

    Rick, let’s try once more to break it down clearly for you:

    Older men who, against all societal pressures, bravely lived open gay existences and helped advance gay civil rights: Huge praise and respect deserved.

    Older men who, because they were justifiably frightened by the consequences of living open gay lives, took a heterosexual lifestyle path that affects no one but them and their families: Empathy deserved.

    Older men, who may or may not be gay but certainly do not identify as such and who secretly and hypocritically hire teens for sex, never mind the harm it cause their families, and who have voted to enshrine our discrimination in the constitution: Condemnation without sympathy deserved.

    Is the fog lifting yet?

  28. says

    I’m gay and I’ve never paid a teenager for sex….

    it’s like my Mum says: “he’s not gay. he’s a homosexual. he’s not man enough to actually be gay.”

  29. Rick says

    Yeah, OK, Ernie. And of course, the fact that you voted no doubt for Barack Obama and/or for Hillary Clinton despite their opposition to same-sex marriage (which is doubtless a reflection in part of their generation’s mores) makes them bigots and makesx you a self-hating hypocrite for supporting them despite their obvious homophobic attitudes, right?

    See how simple things become when you just apply a black-or-white standard to everything without considering the whole picture?

  30. Rick says

    @Tampazeke Again with the naive simplicity. You do know that Jimmy Carter once advocated for segregated schools, don’t you? And that Robert Byrd was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Black folks for the most part forgave them for that, understanding that they had little choice but to practice racism in the times and places they came of age if they wanted to be a part of society at that time…..and that if they had tried to do otherwise, they would only have destroyed themselves in the process.

    Get it?

  31. says

    No, Rick, I voted for Barack Obama in spite of his opposition to marriage equality and because he was a far better alternative than the McCain/Palin ticket. (And, I don’t let him off because of his generation, which is my generation. That same generation passed marriage equality in my home state. He’s wrong on marriage equality, but much less wrong than all feasible Republican opponents.) Obama does not support a constitutional same-sex marriage amendment and, as far as we know, isn’t hiring teen boys for sex on the sly while claiming he isn’t gay.

    There is no indication that Mr. Hinkle, amid his hypocrisy, would ever cast a pro-gay vote. Sen. Mikulsky and Pres. Obama, on the other hand, have cast pro-gay votes and have taken pro-gay actions (without hiring rent boys and girls), so our job with them is to lobby them as smartly and effectively as possible.

    If you’re going to make simplistic comparisons, at least make semi-rational ones.

  32. Wren says

    This self-loathing, hypocritical, civil-rights busting sorry excuse for a man gets no sympathy from me regardless of the era he grew up in. When he votes to amend us out of a constitution, all gloves come off. I hope this f*ckwad is shunned by the Republican party, the Democratic party, his family, his friends, and the gay community, and that he commits suicide by drowning in a puddle of his own vomit, b/c frankly, that is his actual worth.

  33. Beau says

    The House Speaker has already asked for him to resign, he’s also been removed from several committees. His credibility as a person, never mind politician, has been shot to hell. He was right, he has been ruined. But, by his own hand. He is ultimately responsible for his actions. Hinkle screwed himself, now he needs to own it!

  34. BobN says

    “@Tampazeke Again with the naive simplicity. You do know that Jimmy Carter once advocated for segregated schools, don’t you? And that Robert Byrd was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Black folks for the most part forgave them for that, understanding that they had little choice but to practice racism in the times and places they came of age if they wanted to be a part of society at that time…..and that if they had tried to do otherwise, they would only have destroyed themselves in the process.”

    You’re citing two cases of racist Dems who repudiated their old ways and became champions of equality. Of course they were “forgiven”. They repented and, more important, attempted to make restitution.

    You expect this guy, who will probably vote anti-gay until his term ends, to get the same treatment?

  35. DJ says

    WTF? Does he he SERIOUSLY think he is being asked to step down for being Gay?? There are Gay politicians all over the place, in and out of the closet. Wake up Hinkie-dink! You’re another Republican nut-job just playing politics and obviously you only make decisions (while at work) based on what will get you votes. You should be concerned about what is right or wrong, not what is right or left – for f**k sake!!

  36. Alfy says

    I have 3 friends that married and lived the 2nd life… they all finally came out in their 30’s in the late 1990’s. So he’s old? Doesn’t matter. My piano teacher was married twice and had sex with guys until he came out at 55. This guy votes antigay. Why are you defending him? He chose to be a politician; he could change careers. He didn’t need support of his constituency if he is a hypocrite. I don’t think he should resign though; he should admit what he did and try to negate his homophobic policies. I hope I could survive sex with an younger guy when I’m his age!