1. steven says

    He is so adorable. There is something so sexy to me about watching a man eat like that. So sensual. And the second film shows what life should be; experience, learning, living. These little videos were wonderful. Thanks!

  2. says

    Handsome little devil, Aussie Actor, appeared in three episodes of Spielberg’s “Pacific”, 26 years old, a Gemini. Keeps his size (height) out of his online published bios. A cutey for sure.

  3. says

    So arrogant and off-putting.

    Is it really experiencing the world, learning and living, to march all over the world just to have yourself photographed? It’s imperialistic and in no way humble.

  4. Carl says

    It’s too self promoting for my tastes. Yes the guy is attractive, but that isn’t what the messaging is about – and the message gets lost due to the focus being on “candid” shots of a ‘just so happens to be gorgeous’ type of guy. It’s manipulating and next to being advertised to, being manipulated into feeling something is BOGUS!

  5. jaragon says

    I would watch that guy do almost anything… yeah he can be as imperialistic as he wants to be! But seriously now- nice photography and editing and yeah his sweet face is just adorable as he encounters the world.

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