1. jason says

    Yet another bandwagon jumper. I’m sick of the music industry and its phony concern for the bullying of people, gay or otherwise.

    In an overall sense – and a far better indication of acceptance – it would be nice to have an openly gay or bisexual male singer from America hit number 1 but, of course, the industry won’t allow it.

  2. RONTEX says

    Song is fun and if this song helps ONE girl struggling with bullying then she’s a hero. Holy F*&k, why is there so much bitterness in the gay community?

  3. reality says

    There’s not a lot of bitterness in the gay community, just a few hardheads like @jason who insist on spilling their dried old opinions on the internet in order to feel superior. Boooring. No one cares, @jason. So what if you’re bitter and angry?

  4. Tonez says

    @Jason I’m pretty sure Adam Labert had a #1 hit. And I think Queen had multiple #1 hits. And no one should be #1 because they are gay. Thats almost as bad as not being number #1 for being gay. Anyway, being #1 doesn’t mean anything. Everyone is #1 for like a 2 seconds and then thats it.
    I’m not really a fan of her music but I liked this one and the video. What was with that pervy janitor though????

  5. jjq says

    I really love Jessie J’s voice, it’s so raw and full of power. As much as I like her studio stuff I much prefer her live versions or improves of her songs. They have so much more life than her cleaned up stuff.

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