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Road Calls for conscience vote in Australia on same-sex marriage. Outlook bleak... MPs split...

Levy RoadWilliam Levy opts out of Channing Tatum/Steven Soderbergh stripper film.

RoadGlenn Beck brings anti-gay friends to Israel Prayer Rally.

RoadMonroe Township Schools in Williamstown pulls Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood from reading list over lesbian sex scene. "'I don't think that's relevant for any teenager,' parent Robin Myers told the newspaper. Her daughter was assigned to read the book. 'I was just kind of in shock,' she said."

RoadBoyfriend arrested in murder of transgender woman in East Harlem: "Equan Southall was charged with murder in the Aug. 1 death of Camila Guzman. They had been in a relationship for four months, police said."

 road Baz Luhrmann film adaptation of great American novel Australia.

RoadAnderson Cooper on his viral giggle video: “I’m a little stunned by how many people have seen that video. I went to bed telling myself, ‘I doubt anyone will notice the giggle fit.’ I woke up and in the elevator the first thing my building super said to me was, ‘What’s wrong with your laugh?’”

RoadBethenny Frankel gets her own talk show.

Rainbow_coud RoadRainbow cloud brightens Ethiopia.

RoadTrain pigs. (via kenneth)

RoadGLSEN forces Family Research Council to edit fraudulent video: "Last week, GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) issued a cease-and-desist letter via its attorneys to the Family Research Council 'demanding that FRC cease distribution and publication of a video clip containing false and defamatory statements about GLSEN, as well as any other similar false and defamatory statements that may be contained in a longer video associated with that video clip.'"

RoadJoe Manganiello's derriere (not sfw obvs).

RoadFacebook makes privacy settings more like Google+. "The world's largest social network on Tuesday announced changes to its privacy settings that allow users to choose who will see a photo or status update right when they post it..."

RoadPassenger bill of rights takes effect.

Mlk RoadAs the MLK Memorial prepares to open, the Washington Post takes a look at out March on Washington organizer Bayard Rustin: “When the anniversary comes around, frankly I think of Bayard as much as I think of King,” says Eleanor Holmes Norton. “King could hardly have given the speech if the march had not been so well attended and so well organized. If there had been any kind of disturbance, that would have been the story.”

RoadThe Speedo runway show in Sydney.

RoadAircraft carrier commander Owen Honors fights to stay in Navy, tells board of inquiry he wishes he never made the raunchy videos that cost him his job: "I wish I had been smarter." Late update: Honors keeps job...

RoadCircumstance, a film which opens Friday, sheds light on gay life in Iran.

RoadAre books dead, and can authors survive? "Yes, absolutely, within 25 years the digital revolution will bring about the end of paper books. But more importantly, ebooks and e-publishing will mean the end of "the writer" as a profession. Ebooks, in the future, will be written by first-timers, by teams, by speciality subject enthusiasts and by those who were already established in the era of the paper book. The digital revolution will not emancipate writers or open up a new era of creativity, it will mean that writers offer up their work for next to nothing or for free. Writing, as a profession, will cease to exist."

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  1. Wish I could take credit for this, but some guy named Kevin posted this on Joe.My.God a couple of days ago... Alcide's butt in all it's nekkid glory...

    Posted by: MikeInSanJose | Aug 24, 2011 4:07:05 PM

  2. Trainpigs? How about, privileged people taking photos of unsuspecting train riders trying to get in a bite while going where ever it is they have to go.

    Because, you know, we don't all have the time to sit down at a flippin' table for our meals, especially if, you know, we don't have one. What's vile is not these people eating on trains, but the snobbish privilege that these "disgusted" bloggers flaunt about on this page. It's like People of Walmart. "Hey, look at these people who aren't like us! Imagine having to eat on the run and not being afforded the time or privilege of sitting down to eat?! Why isn't everyone else like me?!?"

    It's enough to make me vomit.

    Posted by: Jesus | Aug 24, 2011 4:35:19 PM

  3. Some guys are just beautiful, William Levy seems to be one of them. My all time fav. of beautiful guys is Montgomery Clift.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Aug 24, 2011 4:39:33 PM

  4. Who cares if The Great Gatsby is filmed in Australia? Half of everything is filmed in Canada and Hollywood films "European" scenes in the US all the time.

    Posted by: FernLaPlante | Aug 24, 2011 4:51:51 PM

  5. smart of Levy to drop out of that future flop. Hollywood stripper movies never do well

    glenn beck was a flop in Israel

    only hundreds showed up when he claimed thousands would and most of the "entertainment" bailed

    Posted by: say what | Aug 24, 2011 5:18:22 PM

  6. The idea that writing as a profession will disappear is ridiculous- professional chefs still make a lot of money, and most people know how to cook a meal. Of course you can find hundreds of similar situations- I've been hearing the same thing about software engineering and computer programming for over 30 years since I started my career.

    Posted by: Mike | Aug 24, 2011 5:22:28 PM

  7. Levy is beautiful but he can barely act...people who eat in all public transportation should be fined just try tolerating the stink on greasy spicy food in a bus...why would writers bother to write if they are not going to be paid?

    Posted by: jaragon | Aug 24, 2011 5:34:27 PM

  8. @JARAGON: Where to begin...

    Posted by: Brian | Aug 24, 2011 6:24:11 PM

  9. Sadly, I remember (and miss) the time when the term "Speedo" conjured up one thing: a hot man in a tiny, clinging, bulge-enhancing bikini. I didn't see a single one of those in the entire gallery associated with the Speedo runway show. When did "Speedo" come to mean boardshorts/jams? Stinko. "Speedo" has been reduced from icon back to simple brand name. Another one bites the dust.

    Posted by: jim | Aug 24, 2011 6:42:45 PM

  10. The amount of films Hollywood has taken upon itself to Americanize and the amount of great TV shows that have to be remade in America for the American audience, are you kidding me with your outrage at Gatsby being filmed in Australia. 

    Posted by: Theo | Aug 24, 2011 6:55:19 PM

  11. Why is it daily news lately that AC giggles. Hope this is not reflective of a new reality show or his next gig.

    Posted by: PSGuy92262 in PS | Aug 24, 2011 8:14:06 PM

  12. There are 4 unfinished Michelangelo statues where the partially finished figures seem to be straining to free themselves from the marble blocks. They are sometimes called the chained figures or the slaves. Is this MLK monument a deliberate reference to these?

    Posted by: Chris | Aug 25, 2011 12:23:04 AM

  13. Ewan Morrison is full of crap about the future for books. Think about it, not everyone on this planet has access to an electrical outlet, or batteries. With paper books, you only pay for them once. With an electronic book you pay for the title once, and then you pay for batteries to read it, plus the electricity to charge the batteries. And another thing, as long as mankind has imagination, or an experience to share, there will ALWAYS be writers to express all these thoughts, images, and experiences. It doesn't stop because of a stripped down iPad!

    Posted by: Beau | Aug 25, 2011 6:02:12 AM

  14. @jesus: the people who took those photos on trainpigs are immature cowards. instead of telling these people to stop eating in public, they secretly take photos and post them online with snide comments.

    Posted by: raphinou | Aug 25, 2011 6:50:42 AM

  15. Why does Martin Luther King, Jr. look like Mr. T?

    Posted by: JonBenet | Aug 25, 2011 10:12:43 AM

  16. @BEAU Kindles and iPads do not require batteries. A Kindle stays charged for about two weeks, and in general you sound like my dad trying to stem change and it isnt going to work. The book thing is happening, get on board.

    Posted by: MrJ | Aug 25, 2011 10:48:39 AM

  17. I guess I better sell as many of my books now as I can!!!

    Posted by: John Simpson | Aug 25, 2011 5:55:44 PM

  18. @MRJ: Bite my ass, kid.

    Posted by: BEAU | Aug 25, 2011 8:11:20 PM

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