1. says

    hmmmmm,not liking the hats AT ALL on the guys… Please don’t tell me this style of hat will be all the rage this fall/winter

  2. says

    Hideous? Are you insane? Pure genius! Very well done and the clothes are to die for. I love the guys and true, they can’t dance but neither can the girls. That fact was surely intentional – had Alber used pretty professional dancers the viewers attention would not have captured the whole concept but on the dancing. Again, very well done. Sumptuous.

  3. new-new says

    Not a fan of Lanvin. The clothes just don’t work in terms of cut and fit on me. And in terms of style. I will keep my Rick Owens apparel. Kthnx.

  4. justme says

    The women’s clothes are nothing short of genius. The men look like clown versions of Argentine cowboys in drag.

    But Elbaz obviously has a sense of humor, so I can’t imagine even he would want us to take any of this too seriously.

  5. NorthoftheBorder says

    the women’s clothes are great. the men look like Abe Lincoln resurrected. no thanks.

  6. says

    Any other gaming geeks out there? You probably know where they got the dance moves from…

    Dance Central for the Xbox. The models are playing with the Kinect!

  7. ladycaca says

    relax people it’s a joke. how can it not be, remember it’s pitbull’s “music” they’re using.

  8. Derek Pearce says

    The menswear outfits are some seriously dandy-fied clothes! I could’ve pulled them off from the ages of about 15 to 23-24, but no way could I wear that kind of look now. Great ad.

  9. Derek Pearce says

    BTW I agree the women’s clothes are gorgeous. The men’s remind me more of Quentin Crisp than Abe Lincoln, and I can see how people might not wish to look like Mr. Crisp. Although those velvet jackets are pretty luxe, I’d wear one.

  10. Clayton Moore says

    this is pure genius and the clothes look AMAZING both for guys and girls.

    Tall lanky people look so awkward when they dance… LOL

  11. larry says

    Didn’t need Meisel for this, but I love it — it is perfect that the models can’t really dance, makes them all the more charming. The clothes look great too, thanks to the truly likable Elbaz. Hope that others follow (take that, LVMH!)

  12. Scrufff says

    one of the females is supermodel Raquel Zimmermann who’s Brazilian. And one thing Brazilians do right, is dance. It’s in our blood;-) I’m sure she was asked to do the white girl bad dance thing.

  13. Bill says

    Don’t judge their dance moves. They’re playing Dance Central on the Xbox 360. It’s hard to look like you can dance while playing that game.