1. walter says

    michelle and marcus had a rough day a 17 year old asked her a tough question. of course they were upset. where was someone from fox news to the softballs that were predetermined? she and palin both need time to prep their answer so they don’t look like more of jackasses than they are/

  2. Brian says

    “Common thugs” is being polite, Neverstops.

    The Bachmanns are little more than bigoted bullies with delusions of grandeur. As recently as the 1990’s, a person as loony and dangerous as Bachmann would have been relegated to the “fringe candidate” category and dismissed by Democrats and Republicans, alike. It scares me that people actually seem willing to let the lunatics run the asylum. The lesson here is: Vote to keep Bachmann and her ilk out of office. Vote like your lives depend on it. Because they do.

  3. Bart says

    Hey Don, next time Pop ‘n Fresh shoves you, shove his fat ass back. You need a little less respect and a little more Geraldo.

  4. Rarl Kove says

    Notice to all political reporters covering Bachmann campaign: You are hereby authorized to defend yourselves, with force if necessary, against physical assault by Bachmann’s campaign staff, her so-called security staff, and her man-groping husband. Punch the hell out of ’em next time.

  5. says

    Marcus is getting a ‘little testy’ (tee-hee) which could be a side effect of taking androgenic steroids to try and butch-up his act. So it’s either ‘roid rage, or hemorrhoid rage because Michelle doesn’t use enough lube when she tops him.

  6. TampaZeke says

    If you’re going to get pushed around and roughed up anyway you may as well ask a “gotcha question” or two!!!

  7. Derek Wain says

    Nothing in the video supports Dom Lemon. Actually it looks like Michele Bachmann was the one being pushed.

  8. says

    I don’t think Jesus would approve of the Bachmann’s methods of phsycial contact. I also know any woman who runs at the president of the United States and bestows a near tongue kiss on a married man, bestowed by a married woman, is a woman of questionable virtues. The Bachmann’s need to learn “personal space” goes both ways. Stay out of my bedroom you Bush kissin trollop.

  9. says

    Since when are “gotcha” questions beneath the dignity of the press? Isn’t that the point of investigative journalism- to find out why people believe and act as they do (esp. when it’s contrary to the public good)?

  10. says

    America WAKE UP! Where is Harold Stassen when we need him? I believe he was from Minnesota too. The bad 1950 “D” movies are back, but they are not movies. Please, I lived through the Eisenhower,Nixon,Reagan and the Bush’s Presidencies… But this batch of Right Wing,Christian Zealots scare me. Fight back now while we can. Did you see the big crowd
    in the background… like I said It’s Scary!

  11. GEG says

    Am in agreement with one of the earlier “posters.” I can’t see a thing here.

    Likewise, I’m not impressed by Michele or Marcus, but if Don Lemon is going to stand his ground, have some ground.

  12. Matt26 says

    Dear handsome Don, the questions simple to you are very difficult for Bachmanns, they don’t have the knowledge and they have too much to hide.

  13. Paul in Honolulu says

    This is fun, but only because anyone with three cents worth of brains knows that Michele has less than a zero chance of winning the Republican nomination.

    Lemon will make hay out of this, as will anyone even remotely connected to the Dems. And I’m looking forward to the anti-gay melt-down.

    Look for more fun ahead!

  14. says

    Watching that video, and I am no fan of Michele Bachmann and despise the ground she walks on, but I have to say, the press and everyone else pushes their way in to get to ‘whoever’ (politician, celebrity, etc.). The press is becoming as bad as the paps. Looks to me as a lot of pushing was going in both directions. If it was a clean passageway and Lemon, et al was pushed, that would be a different story, but watching that video, it looked like a mob scene.

  15. Fair Question says

    People don’t go to Iowa in August. Those must all be locals, mainly farmers, on support money from tax payers, like the Bachmanns.

    I can just see the bumper stickers now: Better a Bach-mann than a black man.

  16. john patrick says

    Typical response from bullies and these right wing antigay folks – “you did it.” They didn’t push Don Lemon, they didn’t beat up the gay kids, they didn’t take away marriage rights from gay people in Maine and California, they aren’t the mean ones. They are always the martyrs, even when they are the ones pushing, and beating, and killing and lying. Don has more class in his little finger than Michelle and Marcus and their pushy followers have in their whole entourage.

  17. Terra says

    @ Derek: I agree with you. That was a mob scene. I think Don Lemon should pick his battles. Those two blonde women kept saying stop pushing and Lemon or whoever he was with shoved the microphone past the blond with women into Michelle’s face. If he got pushed he probably deserved it.

  18. says

    @Rodney Wollam

    I was thinking that very same thing.

    They only become “gotcha” questions when the candidate is not prepared with an answer, or is caught in an out right lie or fabrication of the truth. It’s just another attempt to silence criticism, and to avoid being held accountable for one’s words and actions.

    Unfortunately, it works.

  19. says

    They are just “ugly” people through and through. They would have shoved anyone in this manner, I doubt they even knew Don Lemon is gay nor did that even factor into the equation.

  20. says

    Oh they know Don is gay alright. The RUN from gay people. Remember when a couple of lesbians began to ask her questions and she screamed that she was being “kidnapped”?

  21. Matthew says

    I was at a concert with far fewer people last night, and I got shoved quite a few times. It happens in tight spaces.

  22. WorkersUnite says

    Alternate Captions:
    1. Marcus Bachmann cannot keep hands off other man.
    2. Marcus Bachmann tries to pray away the gay reporter; when it fails, tries shoving.

  23. Madambomb says

    Puhleez! That’s not “shoving”, that’s normal campaign scrum. These reporters now are such wimps about this, adding to the “us vs. them” mentality in this country. If you really want to see shoving and punching, let’s go back to 19th century campaigns where riots often broke out. Get over yourselves!

  24. ohplease says

    I believe Don Lemon, of course. But the thing that disturbs me most about this story isn’t that Missy Marcus is a flailing, out-of-control queeen afraid of her own shadow and wildly pushing the scary little people out of her way, it’s that Don Lemon acutally used the phrase “gotcha questions”.

    Sarah Palin’s handlers coined that phrase for Palin to parrot endlessly on the air as an excuse for why she doesn’t know the answer to anything she’s asked.

    It is VERY disturbing to hear Don Lemon use it as if it were a thing that actually existed. It is not. Don Lemon, please strike that phrase from your vocabulary. Journalists ask questions their subject don’t want asked. At least theoretically, that’s exactly what journalists do. Or did once, anyway.

  25. anon says

    Campaigners risk their lives in the spotlight, so security tends to error on the side of caution, but tact dictates that you coddle the press instead of manhandle them.

  26. Derek Pearce says

    @OHPLEASE: thank you. That needed to be said. This idea that any question a politician finds uncomfortable is a “gotcha” is complete BS designed by politicians to protect themselves from scrutiny. The media MUST resist this trend.

  27. walter says

    maybe michelle and marcus can get fox news to follow them around and ask questions we wouldn’t want michelle to suffer brain freeze .where is katie couric when you really need her? the best picture of the day is marcus chewing a large corn dog.

  28. Sean says

    I’m not trying to sound stupid but I honestly have no idea what I’m supposed to be looking at in this video. I don’t see anything wrong.

  29. Derek Wain says

    The two videos show that Lennon is a liar. They do not show him being elbowed, only a very dense crowd. Reporters like Lennon of CNN and Brian Ross of ABC may ask questions of a candidate. But they cannot demand an answer and invade the physical space of the candidate.
    If the Team Obama media jackals like Lennon want to be embarrassed, they can keep up this desperate campaign of slander against Bachmann. The ad hominem attacks against Bachmann by the media jackals have boomeranged against the Left and hugely helped Bachmann.