News: Dharun Ravi, ISS, Zachary Quinto, New Mexico, Sean Penn

Road Jack Layton, Canada's opposition leader and LGBT ally, honored at state funeral.

RoadCongrats to SiriusXM host and outing pioneer Michelangelo Signorile, on being inducted into the LGBT Journalists Hall of Fame over the weekend.

New_mexico RoadNew Mexico has the fifth-highest proportion of same-sex couples in the nation. (Williams Institute)

RoadDavid Beckham finds himself hypnotized by a dude in a Speedo.

RoadChris Cillizza: Tea Party has backed Republicans into a corner on same-sex marriage.

RoadResearchers find planet with potential to support life.

RoadReal World housemate to bare all for Playgirl.

RoadMexico City sees first national march against anti-LGBT hate crimes. "Mexicans gay and straight marched 13 August from the office of the Attorney General (PGR), Marisela Morales, to Mexico City's main square (the Zocolo) to demand justice for Christian Sánchez and over 700 people killed in the country in 2011 so far for their sexual orientation."

RoadBravo to air 'suicide edition' of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to focus on Russell Armstrong.

RoadHugh Jackman in his favorite outfit.

Hardy RoadTom Hardy opens up about P-nut to Dazed and Confused.

RoadDharun Ravi's "apology" text to Tyler Clementi, sent 14 minutes after Clementi jumped off the GW bridge, was "cynical attempt" to avoid punishment, say prosecutors: "'This was just one of many attempts by [the] defendant to dilute, cover up and explain, in other words to tamper with the facts and to fabricate evidence that could be looked on as favorable to him,' Middlesex County first assistant prosecutor Julia McClure wrote in response to a motion filed by Ravi's attorney to dismiss the charges against him."

RoadProsecutors: ID of man seen on webcam with Tyler Clementi should be kept secret: "'Fearing further victimization and in a request for privacy, he asks that his name not be turned over at this time,' prosecutors wrote in their motion."

RoadRick Perry hides all his records.

RoadSean Penn is looking stacked.

Iss RoadCrew could be forced to abandon the ISS: "Astronauts will abandon the International Space Station, probably in mid-November, if rocket engine problems that doomed a Russian cargo ship last week are not diagnosed and fixed."

RoadMexican Presbyterian Church cuts ties with U.S. Presbyterians over gay clergy: "The vote by the Mexican church was announced as a group of theologically conservative U.S. Presbyterians meet in Minnesota to debate whether they should break with the denomination, which is based in Louisville."

RoadVIDEO: Samuel Steward's artifacts on exhibit at NYC's Museum of Sex.

RoadZachary Quinto to play gay in FX's American Horror Story: "American Horror Story, which stars Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton and Jessica Lange, is described as a psychosexual thriller. It centers on therapist Ben Harmon (McDermott) and his wife Vivien (Britton) who, dealing with the aftermath of Ben’s adultery, move along with their kids into a new house that seems to know all about their fears and plays on them. Quinto, who will appear in at least four episodes, will play Chad, the gay former owner of the house who becomes friends with Vivien."


  1. Nat says

    Andy, I think the piece you attributed to Cilizza is actually by Aaron Blake.

    Anyways, the argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, because – like every other person – tea partiers will be selective in how their values system operates. They are not going to discount someone like Bachmann – who parrots so many of their popular views – simply because she favours the amendment. Either because of pre-existing opposition to marriage equality or because they simply don’t care that much, they won’t discount their favoured candidates.

  2. ohplease says

    Dharun Ravi is an utterly despicable piece of sub-human garbage. What kind of people raise a son like this and then stand by him as he cuts his sociopathic way through the lives of those better than him? If he is properly punished, good. If he is not, he must be hounded by this for the rest of his life.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Grover – I’m crazy about Hugh, but I wish I were the one being treated as well as his family. I could certainly make it worth his effort.

  4. says

    I do hope the Museum of Sex will create a road show version of the Steward show. The curator’s right about the lack of documentation and knowledge of this era, so it would be gret to spread that around more of the US. And, hint, hint, Seattle’s a pretty sexy city.

  5. says

    The Tea Party is a right-wing “think tank” invention.

    Nothing more

    Actual people — actual voters LOATHE AND DESPISE THEM. (The stats are easily found.) But the Media, being in thrall to the Right, continues to pretend that the Teatards mean something.

    They don’t.

  6. lessthan says

    Hi people saying that there is no warning as to which site a link will take you to. This is NOT true. No matter what you are using, in the bottom bar, when you put your mouse over a link(without clicking), the link address will show up. If you don’t want to go to Dlisted or whatever other site, check the link before you click!

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