1. sparks says

    I liked the music and was actually enthusiastic when I saw the title for his upcoming video, but Gary is right: these guys look like they were borrowed from a porn studio and given a bag of Halloween ‘nerd’ glasses.

    I mean real nerds come in all shapes and sizes but not many of them spend time enough in a gym to look so chiseled. Give me nerd of the ‘Jim Parsons’ type anyday….

  2. Dback says

    I thought it was cute, funny, and clever. (And interesting that all those self-righteous, demanding diva skanks on “Undateable” are so adamant that tighty-whities aren’t sexy–gay men sure seem to like them.) The only thing that didn’t ring true: the sexiest moment is when a guy finally takes OFF his glasses (preferably after everything else)–think Christopher Reeve in “Superman.” (Speaking of super, who was that hot redhead on the bass fiddle with the cool blue eyes?)

  3. Kenzbeard says

    What’s with all the twinks? Those guys look as if they couldn’t write code to get themselves out of a paper bag. Wasted opportunity. What could have been a very funny video is just sad. I will not be re-posting.

  4. Craig in Portland says

    Couldn’t finish the video. ugh.
    At least his meth message was good. Now if only he’d write a LOVE song, and stop doing all the vain sex songs all the time.

  5. Kevin says

    So I guess the message I should take away from this is, “Black guys are neither smart nor hot. Ever.”

    Got it.

    (someone please tell me I’m just being dramatic and that there was at least one black nerd in the video, who I happened to miss…)

  6. Bryan says

    It’s my life! It’s my life! I’m in tears… Thank you, thank you…

    But I can’t believe the adolescent seriousness of these comments. It isn’t art! It isn’t a love song! He is sooooo a stereotype!

    I’m all for discrimination, but isn’t that a little like debating the social and artistic merit of two different episodes of Wheel of Fortune?

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