1. John Haggard says

    Sorry – not cute at all…. sad and stupid. I understand that the whale died and that this can be a valuable opportunity to examine a relatively foreign species – but it degrading to any species to play with the corpse and make a mockery. I would rather see a video of Joy getting her mouth sewn shut – perhaps she would enjoy being degraded.

  2. Rob M says

    @ John HAGGARD, no need to be a Bitter Betty about nature (or about someone who clearly loves her job). There’s no mockery in this video but I can see how it could massage a puritanical mind into an uncomfortable corner.

  3. luminum says

    @John Haggard It’s sad that you saw her enthusiasm, wonder, and awe for the sperm whale as a magnificent creature and thought she was mocking it.

    She is clearly educated about whales and saw an opportunity to teach others about one aspect, of many, that makes them fascinating creatures. She provided a lesson about their anatomy and mating behaviors. I certainly didn’t know that a whale’s penis is prehensile or that they mate belly to belly.

    I guess being appreciative and excited about biological diversity and form and how cool whales are as creatures is a bad thing.

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