Towleroad Guide to the Tube #956

THE YOUNGEST EVANGELIST: A pre-school preacher.

EAST HAMPTON: Trees ripped from the ground by Hurricane Irene.


MARRIAGE NEWS: Matt Baume on the Prop 8 tapes hearing, and Boehner's DOMA defense.

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  1. saywaht says

    that is some freaky sh@t

    watch out parents because your little robot kid is going to break loose and rebel when puberty hits

    All the worse/ most criminal/ setting fires etc kids in any town are always preachers’ kids.

  2. nodnarb says

    I’m surprised the Foo Fighters’ bizarre new video featuring gay shower sex and all of their bare asses hasn’t been featured on Towleroad today.

  3. Jason 2 says

    I just think that it’s funny how phobes are always using the language of conversion and brainwashing when discussing the “homosexual lifestyle,” especially when it comes to children, when the reality is that passing on your religion to your kids (in any manner, crazy or not so crazy) is much more “brainwashing” than anything that has to do with the gay community.

    It’s always that way, though. People who know best about certain faults are the first to accuse others of them.

  4. gregory brown says

    Exploitation of “child evangelists” is nothing new. there’s a great older documentary called MARJOE. Marjoe gortner was on the circuit as a tiny wonder but got out of it and maybe survived intact. I’m always surprised at the way people flock to these sideshows. but, then, I’ve talked with people who are into child “pageants’, and “Tom thumb weddings”. Perhaps nothing should surprise me at this part of my life.

  5. Brian says

    That child has no actual concept of the words and actions he’s parroting from his father. This is quite a disturbing trend. I’m so grateful my parents taught me about all religions and let me decide for myself that they are all B.S.

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