1. OMNOMNOM says

    Everybody in Dallas at the time of Troy Aikman’s reign with the Cowboys knows that he is gay (or at least curious). It’s not speculation. It’s well-known common knowledge, and nobody cares except Troy.

  2. anon says

    Welcome to the uber-masculine world of the NFL! Aikman should be better aware that this is the only kind of thing that will get him any press anymore, so it’s horrible PR.

  3. MikeInSanJose says

    Typical republican thinking. Being gay is so bad that you need to assault (or worse) anyone who might pull the curtains back and expose you for what you are (or may be).

    If Aikman were a man, he would appreciate that his fans like him, for whatever reason it might be, and move on with his life. I’m sure he wouldn’t publicly have a problem if women liked him not because of his prowess as a quarterback but just cuz they thought he was cute and may even have a penis and be sexually available. Why is it a problem for this person if some men might have similar attractions to and fantasies about him?

  4. Married in MA says

    I really don’t like people in the media outing people that would rather remain in the closet. It’s a personal decision. But really, this was 15 years ago and he’s still whining about it? Something tells me that there must be something to it.

  5. FernLaPlante says

    I really don’t care about Troy Aikman one way or another. That being said the only reason I can imagine him still being upset about this 15 years later is if he is so deeply in the closet and hates himself that he can’t let it go.

  6. TANK says

    Well, well, well. So the usual array of pathetic, aging queens who frequent this sorry site have their fingernails out for Troy Aikman. Look, the guy says he’s not gay so methinks we’d best leave it at that. That Skip Bayless guy just likes to run off his mouth about things he knows nothing about and start trouble and get attention. Aikman should have just ignored that media lowlife. The best way to deal with mindless idiots, I’ve found, is to just leave them alone and not feed their sorry need for attention. Now, I know some of you bitches are going to jump all over me for sticking up for Troy, but Tank has to keep it real!

  7. ohplease says

    @Married in MA, first you say it’s wrong to “out” someone (whatever that means in a world that knows and accepts that gay people exist and anyone could be one and everyone is free to talk about who is or might be), and then you speculate about Aikman. How dare you “out” someone!

    Sexual orientation is as public as skin color. There’s nothing to “out”. I’m sure Marcus Bachmann is still shocked that anyone has figured him out. Lance Bass couldn’t believe it when people called him gay just because he was constantly at gay venues with his boyfriend. People either know or suspect and are free to talk about it either way.

    If you don’t want people to think you’re gay and you are, 1) that’s just pathetic and 2) you’re fighting a losing battle. If you’re not gay and people think you are, so what? You and your romantic partners can have a big laugh about that in bed.

    And Aikman is obviously gay. And an idiot. Time to grow up, Troy.

  8. Donald says

    Remember that Ms. Aikman is among the “brain fried from too many concussions” NFL set. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s recalls this so vividly, he probably can’t remember anything that’s happened since.
    What a loser!

  9. anon says

    Let’s just say, Tank, that commentators on TR have been right in the past about closet cases. And they’ve been grateful after coming out that at least some people cared enough to notice. How sad would it be to have no one to come out to?

  10. dukie0822 says

    As a gay texan and cowboys fan I can see Aikman’s point of view on this one. I mean being outed as gay in 1995 is not the same as being gay in 2011- so when judging his anger level you have to remember what it was like then and not focus on how life is now.

    He was a huge sports star, his team was nearing the end of their super bowl runs, his new coach was openly questioning him in the locker room, and then this book comes out. He was also being bombarded by questions regarding his sexuality- in fact he walked off the Jay Leno show when Jay threw it out there. This book was out of line for it’s time, the rumors were unsubstantiated, and had the potential to hurt his career and earning potential.

    If he was gay though, he could call me anytime.

  11. Rick says

    Is there a male celebrity in creation that some of you queens do’t believe is gay?

    a) Troy Aikman does not need “publicity”–he is the color man opposite Joe Buck for the #1 broadcast duo on FOX’s NFL broadcasts

    b) Why should he not be angry at someone who is spreading lies about him? That does not mean he is covering anything up, any more than it would if the lies was that he was cheating on his wife, if he wasn’t….which would also make him angry, understandably so. It doesn’t automatically brand him either a homophobe or a closet case

    c) He was married for ten years and has two children and there has never been a single shred of evidence put forth to support the claim that he is gay, not one–no sightings in gay bars, no guy who claims with any credibility that he had an affair with him, nothing….

    d) All this being the case, the bitterness in these comments is obviously due to some rather frustrated libidos and deflated fantasies…..

    Par for the course…..

    (By the way, I would love it if Troy were gay and think he and Joe Buck would make the perfect couple–LOL)

  12. says

    what are you so butthurt about, RICK? you spend a whole post criticizing the “fantasies” of others, and then cap it off with our own “fantasty” of Aikman. hilarious

    your jacking off to a straight dude won’t change the fact that your dad wishes you weren’t his son, Rick.


  13. busytimmy says

    Could Towleroad have just one day where all the stories were about happy gay folks who are making a positive difference in their communities? Troy Aikman, really? Gay folks are having a great time out there in the world, in some areas the best time in human history. Let’s read about that for a day.

  14. says

    Maybe Bayless was an ass 15 years ago and still is today, or maybe not. Um…that was 15 years ago and I don’t know any straight man who would be as petty and hung-up over something like this so many years later. Give it a rest, Aikman. You’re either a self-loathing closet case or a real petty person who is unable to be a better man than his critics.

  15. TANK says

    @LITTLEKIWI: Wow, your response to RICK sets a new high, or I guess I should say, a new low, in the Towleroad “Most Bitchy, Most Catty, and Most Cartoonishly Queenish Response In A Comment Section.” Now, Tank doesn’t necessarily agree with Rick’s tirade (it was a bit over the top and melodramatic) but your response was just too much, I think. A little suggestion from Tank: instead of you middle-aged, dumpy, in-denial-about-aging old queens saved some of your venom for the gay community’s true enemies, instead of flaming each other, my, oh my, what a different world it would be. Just keeping it real, guys!

  16. Candy Cooch says

    There were always gay rumors about Troy going back to his college transfer. Then his failed relationships with country music starlets and actresses, “not being able to find the one” despite being gorgeous and a pro athlete. Finally his marriage to his agent’s secretary Debbie who already had kids and was quite a few years older than Troy. His HoF speech where he thanks his “golf buddy” while sobbing. The standard ten year beard marriage contract. I ain’t saying it’s quacking but some people might think there’s a duck about.

  17. Glenn says

    Pretty amusing that someone who refers to himself in the third person is lecturing the rest of us about “keeping it real.” Not to mention the really strange obsession with calling everyone out as “middle-aged” or “aging.” Some serious projection going on, I’d say.

  18. JC says

    I thought I was the only gay man on the planet that listened to The Ticket… And no, Troy Aikman does not need publicity. He is probably one of the most powerful people working for Fox Sports for those out of touch with anything sports related.

    I don’t know if he is gay or has tendencies or whatever, nor do I care. I was listening to this live and my eyes popped out when I heard all this. The bottom line of this story is that Skip Bayliss is a c*nt and that is not speculation. Anyone in sports media will tell you that. Why would he put something like that in a book? Its malicious to out someone for the sake of selling a book and if I were Aikman I would be furious too.

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