1. Leo says

    Was gonna start a long(er) post on the “desensitization of society”, etc. etc…but didn’t have the energy or patience.

    This whole thing’s just sad. There – done.

  2. Bill_HB says

    “The bullies ran from the dance when they realized they were going to get in trouble.”

    If they had been in enough trouble for their unceasing abuse of Jamey he would surely still be alive today. It is reasonable to assume that faculty members were aware to some degree of the harassment. It is time to start holding schools and parents accountable when they fail to discipline junior sociopaths such as these.

  3. Jim says

    An additional heart-wrenching fact is that Anderson Cooper’s brother committed suicide by jumping off of their family’s New York apartment to his death a number of year’s ago. A sad, ironic fact of life here.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Anderson revealed the method of suicide. He said the sister had found Jamey “hanging in the backyard”.

    I wonder if Anderson will track down the kid at the prom who videoed the bullies and their taunts.

  5. Bart says

    Names and faces. Out these kids, let their parents, their classmates, their school officials (who should be ashamed already…), and everyone else know who these kids are.

    These kids know what they are doing. Why shouldn’t they be held responsible. If there’s a video, show it, with the names of the kids.

    If they want to do dispicable things, let them do it publicly and stand by their words.

  6. Francis says

    Like a typical bully, they run away from those they know will stand up to them. Run away from trouble and run away from responsibility. Bullies are almost always cowards, who seek to bring down those who they view as inferior, or bring those down who threaten them. Jamie fits both descriptions in their eyes.

    Very sad. We can only hope that those who harassed Alyssa will suffer stiff consequences for their behavior.

  7. says

    We should also keep in mind that many bullies are still children themselves and may not even appreciate the full significance of their actions. While that certainly isn’t an excuse for their actions, we should all strive to rehabilitate them rather than just punish them. After all, we are a product of our parents and/or our environment more than ourselves at that age.

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Josh, a young man is dead, and the bullies had something to do with it. They need to punished if for no other reason than to send a message that bullying is wrong. Otherwise, what will be the deterrent to future bullies trying to push another kid into suicide, the threat of “rehabilitation”?

  9. john patrick says

    As I was watching this video and listening, I wondered first of all what their parents are like and what they learned from their parents. Then I thought of the right wing christians who preach discrimination and hate, and the republicant debaters who have stood in silence when audience members have cheered for executions, for the death of a man without health insurance and booed the gay soldier. I also wondered how the bullies could keep jeering without any teachers at the dance stopping them. Something serious needs to happen at this school and the bullies need to be dealt with. But what if their parents support the bullying?

  10. justinw says

    “We should also keep in mind that many bullies are still children themselves and may not even appreciate the full significance of their actions.”

    If they are of the same age group as the poor young man, they are not children, they are young adults who are more than old enough to know what they have done is wrong. We may not be able to treat them as full adults, but they need to be treated as something more than children in this. They knew *exactly* what they were doing.

  11. Francis says

    Probably because the parents of these animals are trying to protect them, or because the police doesn’t want names of the kids released for safety reasons, ousslander. It’s going to take other students/adults/Jamie’s family, especially his sister, to identify exactly who is doing what. Their names need to be known around that community so it is known who needs to be held accountable and responsible for this suicide (really, it’s a murder. He’s dead because of the harassment from these bullies).

    As for rehabilition, Josh, these boys will realize the wrongness of their deeds when they’re in juveline detention. I think at that point, they’ll learn what they did was wrong and why and understand that when you do something wrong, there are consequences.

  12. Sethboy says

    Sick sick sick. I can only hope that, if you believe in Hell, they will surely burn there one day.

    Originally I thought “I hope someone throws them in front of a moving bus” but realize that responding to hatred with more violence is not the answer. (That being said, I hope they get hit by a moving bus after stepping off the curb themselves).

    Will education work? Possibly. Will it change the minds of these “children” – who know damn well exactly what they are doing – and cause them to feel remorse? Probably not.

    Maybe the only “good” thing that will come out of this is more publicity, more exposure for other people – of how terrible bullying and hatred can be.

  13. newcityspot says

    Gosh, so brave. I couldn’t imagine going on national television at such a young age to talk about such a painful experience. I probably wouldn’t be able to speak.

    I’m so angry, I wish we could expose who the bullies are, to give them a face and never let them live in peace. I want to see that video! It’s so shockingly clear that NOTHING was done in the days after Jamey’s death to the bullies which means, they are getting away with the horrific consequences of their behavior. How is it that this is going unpunished!?

    We need to see these bullies to know where to direct our anger.

  14. Rin says

    Watch the news to see where they get it from. I’m realizing the the world is a cruel, sick place filled with self-absorbed people and business who would let someone die to earn a penny profit that day.

    What can you expect from children in a world where they are met day to day with apathy and disregard, where compassion and kindness are weaknesses? Call it right wing Christians, but that doesn’t explain that this goes on in China. People are just generally awful.

    You want to stop bullying? Change the world.

    I’m so depressed today…so depressed.

  15. spatula says

    Kids this depraved should be institutionalized. Clearly they have no sense of right and wrong, no conscience, no empathy. They need to be kept away from decent people so their sociopathy won’t harm others.

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