1. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    Fun! Back in college, I was Spidermanning in the dorms. Plant hands and feet on opposite walls and walk down the hallway without touching the floor. Getting over doorways and transom windows was always fun.

    Yeah… probably had too much free time and caffeine.

  2. says

    That video was actually kind of adorable. It’s such a silly idea — this and planking for that matter — but it’s just a bunch of guys shaving fun, little different than ImprovEverywhere. Nothing wrong with that — and I’ll pretty much always get a kick out of people doing silly things to have fun.

  3. ravewulf says


    Why is it all the guys that age that are in porn are baby-faced twinks? Why can’t the young guys in porn be decently hot like these guys?

  4. ChrisQRN says

    Just proves the old ER saying, ya can’t cure stupid, but you can medicate the hell out of it!!!

  5. Marcito says

    This video may go viral & give Ben
    what he’s always wanted…to become
    the Kim Kardashian of YouTube. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏ )۶

  6. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    The two on the gate remind me of my last garden party…except mine where tied there naked, gagged and face-out.

  7. says

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  8. Jeb Goodcarver says

    As an alum of Purdue Univ. I am delighted to see that it still leads the way in things to do when studying is such a bore. All hail to the Old Gold and Black!

  9. Jeb Goodcarver says

    After some research and laughter, I’d reccomend Googling Linsbrothers, to get a free subscription to some great videos like the Batmanning one.