1. tweedle says

    Imagine having to be inside the skin of Scott Toomey. Imagine the tremendous rush of guilt and uncleanliness that “Scoot” (as he is playfully known around the office)experiences as he falls wanking to the floor in front of his bathroom full length mirror; Colt brand XL dildo, model #XL10 inserted fully into his rectum.
    As he wipes the santorum off, he begins weeping a little, thinking about what a filthy, disgusting faggot he is.
    Then he sucks it up and goes off to work as a republican.

  2. Pete n SFO says

    Wouldn’t it be great if the court could respond, “What are you an idiot? You work for a man that openly reviles you, & now you want compensation when it didn’t work out??”

    The guy couldn’t have really thought this jerk would be Prez, so seriously, who’s kiddin’ who here?

    A parade of idiots. I especially love the quote: “(Hall’s) credibility would have suffered” LOL, a little late for that, don’cha think???

  3. scott says

    I had a similar thought about Toomey’s self-loathing (although not as vivid as Tweedle’s!), but then I wondered, maybe he was sabotaging Cain’s campaign from the inside. Perhaps he’s a double agent, and he’s really on our side. Cain’s campaign is going nowhere, and maybe we have Toomey to thank for that.

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