1. Rick says

    Stale message.

    We are neither “born gay”, nor do we choose our sexual orientation–that orientation develops in early childhood and does, for most people, involve some degree of bisexual attraction–so we do, in fact, have a degree of choice in our sexual expression, albeit not in the combination of attractions that constitutes our orientation.

    Can we get on with the 21st century, please, acknowledge this, do away with the artificial “gay”/”straight” construct, and proceed to truly liberate all people sexually?

    It would be nice, but this kind of last-century approach certainly gets us no closer to that…..

  2. Craig in Portland says

    @Rick. Your ideas are interesting to me and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Please include the non-biased scientific data to back up your claim.

  3. Razor says

    I think most people are straight. a small (10) percent of them are not straight. Of that 10 percent, most are gay or lesbian and of that 10 percent, a small percent are bisexual. That’s my personal observation of 30 years of being out and living in both big cities and small towns all over the U.S.

  4. Rick says

    “I think most people are straight. a small (10) percent of them are not straight. Of that 10 percent, most are gay or lesbian and of that 10 percent, a small percent are bisexual. That’s my personal observation of 30 years of being out and living in both big cities and small towns all over the U.S.”

    Far more men are bisexual in the sense of having some attraction to the same sex than are exclusively homosexual. In fact, far more men have had an occasional sexual experience with another man than are exclusively homosexual.

    Most of the objective data suggests that only 3% or so of the male population is more or less exclusively homosexual, another 10% or so (a MUCH larger group) engage in sex with other men on a regular or semi-regular basis–but also have sex with women on a regular basis, and an even larger number, 15-20% have had at least one homosexual experience in their lifetimes, although they don’t do so on a regular basis.

    And I imagine that there is an even larger group still that occasionally fantasizes about sex with another man but never acts on it.

    So “gay” is, in fact, nothing but a construct, except for a tiny proportion of the population.

  5. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    @Max F. Grump: don’t feel bad. I’m on speed (legal-like for ADD) and I still feel like I was just hit by a hyperactive train-sized strobe light with a potty mouth.

  6. Rick says

    “Ok, so let me get this right, a new generation of gay youth is proclaiming their pride and this is a “stale message” ?”

    Why would anybody be proud that the group they belong to commits suicide at a rate that is 10 times the national average? Why would they be proud of being hated and beaten up?

    They are not proclaiming “pride”–they are proclaiming victimhood and being intellectually dishonest in the process….

    Look, if these tired old arguments were going to work, they would have by now, having been resorted to for nearly 50 years as they have been.

    The fact that they are still being made just underscores how ineffective and misdirected they are……

  7. Jexer says

    This video missed the point.

    When Hater’s say “It’s a choice” they’re talking about THE ACT, not THE ATTRACTION.

    Hater’s have lumped us in with bestialists, pedophiles, kleptomaniacs, … people who are criminals because they lack poor self-control, who ACT upon their attraction to commit crimes.

    Most hater’s, especially those crafting the ‘hate message’ know that attraction is not a choice. The video might open the eyes of some of the dumber haters, but frankly… if they’re that dumb don’t count on getting through to them.

    Logic, reason, facts, evidence, … none of these things work when trying to fight mob mentality. Strength of numbers and fear of consequence is the only thing that speaks to bullies.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    I see no problem with this video. It has a positive message and is obviously aimed at young people who are either in the “community”, our allies, and those on the fence. It’s a rallying cry for the base, not the bigots.

  9. Zlick says

    It’s called humor. They are making a satiric point. It’s a good point. Tried and true. Why would anyone “choose” to be gay and subject themselves to all the crap that gay people get from cradle to grave? I personally don’t agree with their assessment of how fast they have to deliver the message in today’s attention-deficit society, but it’s a good message told with a sense of humor you may or may not share. That is all. Relax.

  10. Glenn says

    I’m always torn about this type of message — i.e., why would anyone choose to be gay when it sucks so bad? I get the point, obviously, and while I don’t think I chose to be gay, I certainly wouldn’t choose anything else now. But, whatever, it will get the right point across to some people so I’m OK with it.

    I really do wish, however, they had restrained themselves from having the little girl flip us off at the end and say, “suck it, haters.”

  11. says

    The sarcasm of this video clip is perfect, especially when ridiculing the claim that homosexuality is a choice. Because it is merely a choice, 100% of humans must be born as heterosexuals, which makes them the only creatures on the planet who are born that way.

  12. says

    If this is getting up the noses of those whom identify as being non-heterosexual, it will surely give (a certain demographic of) heterosexuals an actual nosebleed. What’s not to love? :-)

    And I passed being surprised at how many people don’t understand satire YEARS ago.

    Yes, the whole FCKH8 (advertising?) campaign is coarse, brash and verging on annoyance; but it insults my intelligence a lot less than those in positions in power whom purport to speak for “God.”

  13. says

    Crude, exploitative and profoundly homophobic! Same-sex intimacy should never be played for shock value. Nor should children be depicted doing anything profane. Why do Gay websites love Luke Montgomery’s dirty drawers? There’s no media-whoring scheme of his that’s too juvenile, too vulgar or too retrograde for them to publicize. Whatever happened to good judgment?

  14. Bears are fat says

    Does this organization have any transparency or accountability? Has Luke Montgomery — I mean, ‘Luke Sissyfag’ — released any financial information showing that organizations supposedly supported by his company have actually received any funds? FCKH8 is NOT a registered charity. As with Montgomery’s other ’causes’ (Google ’cause commandos’), this looks like a cash grab posing as progressive politics.

  15. Paul R says

    Wow, I had no idea this had anything to do with Luke Sissyfag. He lived in DC when I did, back in the 90s, and was one of the most profoundly annoying people I’ve ever met. Sadly desperate for attention. I had no idea he was still active.

    That said, I have some qualms about the video, but I really don’t care enough to get riled up about it either way. It will be seen by very few people. And if the participants were on speed, I’d not be remotely surprised.

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