1. AedanCloud says

    I think the most offensive thing about this is the fact that this singer literally has nothing that works for me. He’s not a terribly good singer (average at best, genuinely poor at worst) and he’s not terribly good looking to compensate for lack of ability. Overall it’s just a dud for me. I couldn’t make it 45 seconds in before it got to be too much.

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Whoop-ti-doo! Moments from now a female country crooner counterpart will release “He Doesn’t Know His Wife is Gay” (Maybe it will say “Lesbian” but that’s a lot harder to rhyme.)

  3. Rick says

    It was hilarious in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way…..and I am sure that if the singer had been a woman rather than a man, you would all see it that way……but because the singer is male rather than female, you all, quite naturally, hate it…..

  4. ESA says

    The topic is very real, but the art and creative direction were dismal. A bar of soap in the shower? Really? Tired. Tired. Tired.

    Well, I give it an C for effort, but hey, at least they got it on video. What has everyone else done?

  5. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Cute idea, but the execution not-so.

    Disliked the rap-segment, it was jarring, totally out of place. And dude, if your going to do the urban cowboy, faux-country western schitck…drop the “auto-tune”.

  6. chad says

    WHY IS THIS ON HERE? Because it showed up on a search for the word “gay”? Because it’s bad? Because it’s good? It’s horrible, a waste of bandwidth. Come on. What’s goin’ on guys?

  7. Zlick says

    I guess I got more of a kick out of it because my boyfriend’s ex is currently sexing it with a married guy who tells his wife he’s at the gym. Yeah, he’s working out alright!

  8. Brian in Texas says

    This falls into the awesomely bad category. Not in a “its so bad its good” way, but my God how could they manage to hit every cliche in the book. Cliches as tired as that 1997 circuit party beat they used. Ugh.

    No Rick, if the lead singer were female it would still be terrible.

  9. Tom in Long Beach says

    I thought it was funny, but the soap in the shower thing would make me not forward or recommend it. What a tired stereotype. That said I feel very sorry for real people in this situation..

  10. says

    I loved the video, it is a sad fact of life that closeted gay men get married and carry on secret affairs. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, then we can’t laugh at straight people’s sad facts of life either.

  11. Willbesurfing says

    No joke, I’m crying from laughing so hard. The “twisting strike a pose” moments during the “gay gay gay gay” chorus….I might need adult diapers after this!

  12. baroque obama says

    embarrassing. husband is a cutie. lyrics abysmal. vocoder? really? you’re gay and the best vid you could produce was rebecca black level? looks like a mall vanity production. fail (except for cute hubby who prob could sing better). and agreed, soap in the shower? srsly?

  13. Gabe R L says

    Hmm… I will say that there have been plenty of occasions when I have been chevked out by a guy with his wife/fiance/girlfriend right next to him. I have also have had guys come up to me and flirt with me with his wife/girlfriend/fiance right in the same room. I have even then been introduced to the lady in question. So fascinating and confusing. Most of these guys are very straight-seeming, but some are clearly gay. Yet without these men a lot of gay men would never have a boyfriend or even get laid.

  14. just_a_guy says

    Ok, FUNNY!!! With a hint of tragic. This is real life still for some guys, folks.

    Obvi amateur. But since when has TR posted only uptight well-made sh**. While not something I’d play on repeat, it’s a good laugh and good post.

    The why-he-goes-to-the-gym / it’s-not-to-say-trim rhyme is kinda catchy, even playful epic.

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